Your attitude to the subject in an essay about reading
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Dec 16th, 2019

Your attitude to the subject in an essay about reading

With this rapidly increasing tempo of life, we often even don’t have enough time to have breakfast, to say nothing of reading. Indeed, no one is surprised today that we aren’t able to allocate a sufficient amount of time to one of the most important intellectual activity typical only to human beings – reading, of course. That’s so sad all of us have forgotten about the whole importance of reading. It’s apparent we keep missing out something really valuable or even sacred. Of course, we’re missing and let’s tell more about it in this essay about reading.

There’s an ancient wise saying that the worst crime ever is burning books. However, there’s another no less bad sin – staying away from reading. Reading should be regarded as the basic foundation on which any academic skill arises and thrives. The vast majority of subjects we study at school are built around a very simple concept – a person needs to read, synthesize, analyze and then process information.

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Your attitude to the subject in an essay about reading
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No one denies that reading is an absolutely priceless activity. Unfortunately, for the last time its importance has been significantly deteriorated. One of the most evident causes of it is today’s technology boom, owning to which many of us end up spending endless hours in front of the television or computer monitor.

In this sample essay about reading, we’ll try to prove the undisputable importance of reading. Even today’s educational system takes for granted that reading is crucial for the development of any personality. That’s why it’s considered to be a number one priority in primary education. As an individual, interested in your further personal development, you should clearly realize that reading doesn’t necessarily mean just looking through your school textbooks in order to get prepared for the upcoming tests. So, it can’t be restricted only to educational purposes. Apart from textbooks, you’re welcome to read anything, including novels, encyclopedias, magazines, dailies and so on.

Unfortunately, these days people seem to have completely lost interest in reading. Kids get stuck with their video games and TV, while adults keep spending most of their time on social networking websites. Reading can hardly find huge crowds of fans today. It’s crucial for modern people to realize the whole importance of reading and get back to this useful activity as soon as possible.

The most important benefit of reading books and that’s mentioned in many essays about reading, is that it drastically improves your vocabulary, communication skills, not to mention command on the language. Reading books on a variety of subjects will considerably improve your knowledge, thus helping you in different aspects of life.

Regular reading boosts creativity and helps to think out of the box, so you’ll be able to take a look at the things from another perspective. The recent studies have already unveiled that kids, reading on a regular basis, boast a better concentration ability compared to those who don’t.

Without solid reading skills, good writing skills are impossible. A person, who neglect reading, will always fall into a stupor when it comes to writing. Obviously, reading non-fiction is important, because it helps you to gain the long-awaited knowledge. However, you shouldn’t neglect fiction – as a reader, you’ll benefit from it too.

There’s an enormous difference between reading a book and watching a movie. Unlike a movie, a book provides you with a scope to unleash your creativity. In movies, the main concept is worked out by a scriptwriter in tandem with a director and then the ready-made stuff is offered to you in a specific form. As for books, the author creates the concept, but you’re given the unbelievable freedom to use the whole power of your imagination. Additionally, reading a book is a perfect exercise, enabling you to drastically sharpen your creative thinking skills. As an author, you’ll greatly broaden your horizons. By the way, some film directors refuse making movies based on books. From their point of view, it can only spoil the whole impression of the authentic idea.

Importance of reading for kids

Though there isn’t a particular age to start reading, nevertheless, as a parent you’ll reward yourself in the long term if you instill reading as a habit in your kids. The earlier you instill this in your kid, the better results you’ll obtain. Thus, you’ll significantly enhance your kid’s ability to comprehend a variety of concepts. Furthermore, it’s a good way to develop critical thinking – one of the must-have qualities for schooling.

Perhaps, the best way to instill reading in your child is to keep reading by yourself all the time. If you neglect this tip, it’s going to be harder for you to take him or her into the magic world of reading. Kids often copy their parents in many regards, so give your kid the right example, show him or her that reading is really cool.

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