Writing an Essay Intro Paragraph
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Dec 16th, 2019

Writing an Essay Intro Paragraph

When writing an essay, it is very important to pay due attention to the creation of essay intro paragraph in order to keep the reader interested in reading your project. Professional writers know that and use very original first sentences in order to keep the attention. They choose the right pace, tone, and strategies that help them to get the reader’s attention. A lot of professors recommend students to write introduction part of custom paper or essay in the end, because sometimes this is the hardest part to create.

It can be difficult to write them because at first a student should consider what information about your project to give to a reader, before explaining the whole essence of an essay. Therefore, it is recommended to write intro paragraph essay when you finish working on your project and even after you write the summary. During the process of writing, you can make some important notes and highlight certain phrases that might be used in the introduction. If you are having some problems with writing the intro for your essay, we advise you to use our service, where you will find experienced authors who will be happy to help with writing an opinion essay and other student projects.

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Writing an Essay Intro Paragraph
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When you finish writing the body of your essay and its conclusion, you can start making an interesting introduction, which should have the following features:

  • It introduces the topic of your project.
  • It starts with a statement that draw’s a reader’s attention or satisfies its ideas.
  • It sets the background for the discussion.
  • It builds the essay statement.
  • It gets a reader ready for the essay statement, but doesn’t specify the points of the statement.
  • It ends with the thesis statement.

The following tips will help you to attract a reader’s attention:

  • Begin your introduction with an attention grabber. There can be various kinds of attention grabber (anecdote, startling facts, dialogue, and summary facts). You can use any of these kinds for your engineering paper. If you decide to use an anecdote, make sure it is brief, relates to your project and its topic. The startling facts should be true and certifiable. It doesn’t have to be new for the readers. It can be some fact that perfectly illustrates the point you are making. If use a startling fact, follow it with a couple of sentences of detailed description. A dialogue doesn’t need to identify the speakers, but it should be clear what point you want to make with it. Use only two or three replicas to make your point. Summary facts should represent a few sentences with the explanation of your topic in general terms. It will lead a reader to the understanding of your project.
  • Add a couple of sentences after the attention grabber. The sentences will help you lead a reader from the introduction of your essay to its main statement. Here, you can provide some historical background, define the present situation, state the parameters of your essay, define terms, discuss assumptions, and present a problem. You can find some interesting intro paragraph essay example online that will help you figure out how to write the introduction part correctly.
  • End the intro paragraph with a thesis statement.

As it is seen from these statements, the introduction part of your thesis proposal or essay plays an important role, as it contains a few of specific functions in the relation to the whole project. In the introduction you should create interest by introducing your ideas and set the tone for the rest of the narration. A well-written introduction will darken not only the main argument you are making in the main part of your essay, but also the writing style itself.

What to Avoid When Writing an Introduction?

  • Do not start with the cosmic statement. Don’t let your intro part be far out from understanding, i.e. do not start the introduction with generalizations. Professional writers say that the first two sentences are very important – if they are bad written, a reader stops reading. The common essay intro example mistake is the use of such statement, as Ever since the dawn of time; From the beginning of time; There are two sides to every problem; Since man first walked the Earth, etc. These statements are very broad that is why they will lead a reader to an incorrect point.
  • Do not start with the dictionary definition. It is also important to remember not to use dictionary definitions when making an intro part for your case study template or essay. If you write about drugs, it is not necessary to include the definition of what drugs are. You should apply a broader idea that will lead the audience to the understanding of your project.
  • Do not use a lot of examples. The common mistake students make in the introduction is when they try to insert as many examples of the issue as possible. You can use just one main example, the rest of them can be presented in the main part.
  • Don’t start with a phrase «I will be writing…» or «My essay will be…» You should try and avoid these general phrases in your entire essay. Let your audience know the essence of an essay by making descriptions and explanations, not by listing.
  • Don’t just list examples. Use examples in your essay in order to project your own experience into broader ideas and concepts. It is better to make your introduction more specific than to make it full of vague ideas that will confuse a reader about the rest of an essay.

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