Woods 5: Grey Skies and Electic Light by Woods of Ypres
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Dec 18th, 2019

Woods 5: Grey Skies and Electic Light by Woods of Ypres

Arguably the saddest metal album ever made we have Canadian Doom Metal band Woods of Ypres’s last album Woods 5: Grey Skies and Electric Light. Before the album was released the lead singer David Gold died in a terrible car crash. It feels like he predicted his own death, uuh, weird. This is the album that got me into WoY. If you like Type O Negitive you will love these guys.

Tracklist:1, Lightning and Snow, the first track starts off with a gloomy atmosphere and rightfully so. This sets the tone for the album perfectly and one of my favorite songs ever being in my top 30.

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Woods 5: Grey Skies and Electic Light by Woods of Ypres
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2, Death Is Not An Exit, equally sad but has more of an upbeat rythem to it. This is a fun song to listen to and a simple but nice solo to boot. David’s deep voice suprisingly works for this song archetype. Check it out you might like it.

3, Keeper of The Ledger, this anouther upbeat-ish song that has more screamo in the song. Very depressing as well might I add. This album just hits you with the emotional roller coaster, My GOD! It isn’t very long either which is kind of bad but it gets the job done.

4, Traveling Alone, this is where the emotion really starts to shine. This song starts of with a heavily distorted guitar intro and leads into the obvious depressing song that is here. 5 minutes not long at all. But it is truely marvolous.

5, Adora Vivos, this is more of a reference back to Lightning and Snow but a good one at that. The only problem is they were a little lazy. It’s a bit faster than the previous few songs though and I love fast and heavy like Thrash Metal is.

6, Silver, this starts out kind of well, cliched but it then goes into complete overdrive. This has to be my least favorite of the album, it just isn’t interesting for me. It feels empty you know. It isnt too long but this still brings it down a little bit.

7, Career Suicide (Is Not Real Suicide), well this speaks for its self. This is the shortest song in the album as well and is really fast for the most part. It has a very catchy chorus as well and a very nice solo that would work for Guitar hero if they kept up the games.

8, Modern Life Archtecture, The slowest song on here so far and the most doomy and gloomy. This is also 8 minutes long with good reason too it is slow as a snail. This is true Doom Metal right here. Very sad and gloomy too.

9, Kiss My Ashes (Goodbye), the longest song on the album and this is the turning point for the album. 11 minutes is alot. They even split it into two parts. Part 1, this is the more speedy part and the one thats less sad. Part 2, this is the Gloomy side of the song and it says it all right there. read the lyrics and your almost gaurenteed to shed a tear after it’s all over.

10, Finality, a poetic song and mostly consisting of the piano. This is the hight of sadness and it doesn’t get better than this. David has voice for this sort of thing.

11, Alternate Ending, this is when you feel that David didn’t deserve to pass away. As the name suggests, it is the final ending to WoY career and even David’s life. What a way to go out too. I have to give it a high score for grabbing you from beginning to end. Metal Fans, you will love this. My next review is Meshuggah’s Koloss.


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