With every movie there come a CD
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Dec 18th, 2019

With every movie there come a CD

The Twilight phenomenon of Stephenie Meyer’s romance-vampire saga keeps spreading to almost every teen in America. Now, next to their Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers poster, there is a Twilight Poster.
Now that the Twilight movie came out on Friday, Nov. 21, it is accompanied with a soundtrack as well.
On the Twilight Soundtrack there are various songs and artists. It starts out with an up-beat song called “Super Massive Black Hole ” by Muse and ends with a beautiful lullaby by Carter Burwell. Muse was mentioned in the acknowledgements of Meyer’s books.
In the movie, when Edward falls in love with Bella he writes a lullaby especially for her. He named it “Bella’s Lullaby”, of course.
“Bella’s Lullaby” is such a heartwarming song that made me feel the love between Edward and Bella. As well, the exquisite lullaby really gets me in the mood to simply make up some romantic lyrics to go along with the lullaby.

Originally, the actor who plays Edward, Robert Pattinson, was supposed to create “Bella’s Lullaby” for the movie. The director Catherine Hardwicke had it cut from the movie, though, because Burwell’s version was more relevant to the movie then Pattinson’s was.
Pattinson was not upset about his song being cut but understood why. He still was able to get one of his composed songs on the soundtrack called “Never Think”. This acoustic song, “Never Think” is a slow and picturesque song and goes perfectly with the movie.
While watching the movie, the songs put me in the mood to sing along with the ones I already knew. It brought that dramatic affect to the movie, which was the mood that was intended to put on the audience.
I really think that they picked the right music for Twilight, and it would not be the same without it. Also, it probably would have not had as a magnificent of an out come as it did.

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With every movie there come a CD
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