When writing any kind of paper, the ability to find good transition words for essays and to use them appropriately is very important. Good transition words for essays serve to glue your thoughts, ideas and viewpoints together and are helpful in employing them in the most effective way. Whether you are dealing with an academic, professional writing or just need to accomplish a writing assignment for high school, you definitely need to know how to make links between separate pieces of information that you provide in order to make your writing clear, coherent and understandable. In other words, good transitions help establish connections between phrases and sentences and guide your reader through the whole paper to the logical conclusion. They serve as special signs directing your potential reader to the right course of thinking and help them react to the information that you provide correctly. In this article, you will learn good transition words for essays and find out how to use them in order to make your paper written at a high level.

You have probably faced such situations when your professor argues that you paper is not coherent enough, that it has no logic or that it is too jumpy. As a matter of fact, these are quite comments that students usually receive from their instructors, especially if they are not very experienced in the area of accomplishing writing assignments yet. Below, there are several clues that students often hear in regard to their research papers, essays and other kinds of paper. Read them thoroughly and think whether you hear them often, too. If yes, you probably have difficulties with coming up with good transition words for essays and applying them to your papers.

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  • The readers of your papers (your professor, instructor or your college/high school friends) argue that it is hard for them to follow your point because of a weak organization and structure of your paper.
  • You find it difficult to concentrate on one idea, your brain generates a number of ideas at once and, as a result, you tend to jump from one thought to another within your paper.
  • Your paper is usually divided into lots of paragraphs, each of which presents different idea but they are not connected to each other logically or chronologically.
  • You are often told that your paper looks like several papers mixed up in a one piece of writing.

If at least one of the above mentioned statements looks like your personal experience, it means that you really have problems with organizing your paper and you need to learn good transition words for essays as soon as possible if you want to improve your writing skills and get high marks in the future.

How to make a paper clear using good transition words for essays

As a matter of fact, the coherence, clarity and effectiveness of your paper depends on where and how you use good transition words for an essay. They have to follow your main idea, first of all, but also, they need to follow the logic of your thinking. Therefore, your thinking also has to be organized appropriately. If you begin to discuss certain issue or a particular aspect of your topic, don’t stop until it is completely enlightened. Each idea should take a separate paragraph. As for the paragraph, it has to begin with an opening sentence, continue with the body of the paragraph (usually three or four sentences) and end up with a conclusion sentence. As you can see, it is very similar to the essay itself. Within your paragraph, there have to be good transitions for an essay. When choosing which transition words to apply to your paper, you need to take into consideration that there are two aspects of a paper organization, each of which requires using of different transitions. These aspects are:

  • The order. It deals with presenting different sections of your paper in accordance with their characteristics: if you are presenting discussion of a historical issue, you need to use the chronological order; if your goal is to present facts in accordance with their relevance, start with the most important and finish with supporting facts.
  • The relationship. It shows the links that you made between different arguments or viewpoints within your paper. You have to construct these relationships on your own because they show the logic of your research and thinking.

Apart from all the above mentioned, it is important that you can see the difference between various kinds of transition words. There are three kinds of transition, each of which is used with a particular purpose:

  • Transition words between the chapters. These transitions are used in case if you are writing a very long research paper, where there is a number of chapters. Here, transition words help the reader conclude one chapter while getting ready to reading the next chapter.
  • Transition words within the paragraphs of the paper. Such transitions help formulate your idea, while connecting it to the already stated ideas. You can use these transitions in the opening sentence, in one of the body sentences and in the conclusion sentence. Here, it is important to not overuse transitions and keep writing to the point.
  • Transition words between the paragraphs. In this case, transition words serve to show the connection between the previous paragraph and the following one. They help summarizing, on the one hand, and introducing the new idea to the reader, on the other.

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