Why writing a good essay is important
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College application essay
Dec 16th, 2019

Why writing a good essay is important

An essay is the reflection of thoughts. In every phase of life one person needs to know how to write the best essay. The essay shows the dexterity and the flow of thoughts of a particular person on a subject. Today in each and every discipline of life, be it in political strata, or the academic field one has to write a good essay. The essay is the best way to prove the polemics in society. One cannot always express everything in words by saying. The task of writing them down makes expression better. Yet writing an essay is not so easy. There are several intricacies in the task. Thus, the essay writing skill must be learnt to earn precision in the fields of life.

There are many intricacies involved in the essay. The use of language comes firstly. The essay must be very languid and expressive. The language use must be simple yet persuasive. Jugglery of sentences and playing with the words make an essay unresponsive and unattractive. There are many styles of writing an essay. apa essay or the American Psychological Association framework is one of the most widely used styles. The APA format implies to the writing or print which has double spaced sentences in a 12 points standard font like Times New Roman that is easy to read. There is a paper specification of the APA. They include 8.5’ X 11’ with a one-inch margin on all four sides. There are several other styles like the Harvard and the MLA format. The essayist needs to learn these styles to cope with any environment and fend the needs of any format.

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Why writing a good essay is important
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case study formatmust be learnt well to achieve the ability to procure the best quality of essay. The format of a five paragraph essay includes introduction, body 1, body 2, body 3 and conclusion. The essay must contain the most relevant of the information. The introduction must be cryptic and well placed. The opening line of the introduction is a thing that needs special attention. The opening line is the provocation to the reader to read on. The writer must train himself or herself in the art of how to write the best persuasive essay. The first paragraph of the essay or the introduction is actually the first impression of the essay on the minds of the readers. Thus, it is of great importance as this holds the attention of the readers. The language of the introduction must be given a special attention. An active voice must be used largely and the passive voice must be avoided.


The body must be the elaboration of the thoughts, theorems and ideas expressed in the introduction. While writing a descriptive essay one must keep in mind that the topic must be looked over a personal approach. Too much generalized writings spoil the broth. The body must have the strong arguments for the theorem or idea proposed. It must be seen that all the points are well enumerated. Incomplete points and undone essays are unsoiled by the teachers. The grammar in the body must be absolutely proper. There is no use of writing elaborate sentences. Write short sentences and stick to the use of the simple sentences. If the writer writes the complex sentences then he or she must have super confidence over the same. Transitory words like “furthermore,” “moreover,” but also “by contrast” and “on the other hand” aggravate the quality of the essay. The conclusion is the summation and the summarization of the points thus said. The conclusion proves that the person can also talk about the whole subject in a nutshell. The conclusion gives the notions that how much basic knowledge does the person have on the subject.

How to write a college application essay

The knowledge of how to write a coursework is important. The coursework is also the essay of a different order. There the student has to be very much pinned to the subject. It is very important to know how to write the best college application essay. While writing a course work essay, the student must have inculcated sound awareness on the subject. He or she must be able to express his or her views in the proper manner. The course work essays are divided into many sub groups. For the coursework essay,it is improper to write everything under one head. The essay must be very much to the point. There must be sub headings and the total subject must be described under the different heads. This shall facilitate the easy learning. One of the basic requisites of the course work essays is the sound knowledge of the English language. The writer must look to it that the language is absolutely error free. The course work has different types of referencing and citation input tasks. There are many styles of writing as discussed earlier. The styles of writing are MLA and APA, Chicago and Harvard etc. The student must have the full learning of the requisite style to get the best marks.

For writing the coursework it is important to have the idea of how to critique an article. The literary articles must have a literature review. In the literature review of the course work module the writer has to analyze a book in the light of the theorem proposed as the heading of the course work. The writer must know the procedure. Generally, the reviews are light of the thesis paper. The reviews are generally not too big and elaborate. These are short papers which test the analytical eye of the reader. In the big institutions, it is a mandate that the person should learn the art critical analysis. There are some important writing agencies that shall do the task with precision as well.

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