Robbery is the taking or wanting to take something of value from someone else by risks of violence or by violence itself. Robbery can be determined against an individual person, a business like a loan provider or even businesses. Robbery is a felony in every state governments of the world. There are two varieties of robberies which were happening inside our organization specifically: Violent robbery where one uses weapons and aggravated robbery (use of toy pistols) where one runs on the very fatal weapon or an imitation of your deadly weapon.

It has been great concern that the company has sustained to loose a lot of its possessions and employees through robbery which is therefore with this matter in mind that we have to create out the ways to reduce this vice.

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Our Company lost three employees and close to 30000 dollars last year as a result of robbery with assault. Hence, it is in this accord which i decided to talk to a great deal of organizations and stakeholders in the security sector to find the possible advice of how exactly we can be able to reduce this vice. On the list of people I consulted will be the Police units of the country and the many dominant security companies in this region. I got the relevant information that i do wholly consider will be of help to our organization.

My survey has handled the initial classification of the term Robbery and I have outlined the targets of my record. The conclusions and results of my research are also tackled as well as the very sensitive places/areas we have to lead our security manpower to.

Lastly I’ve given crucial suggestions which I wish the most notable management of our company will choose and lastly, I have given my personal reflection towards the complete subject of robbery.

Findings and results:

It was known that in order to reduce equipped robberies inside our organization, we should be able to train our personnel with some of the best techniques which can help us reduce them. It had been noted that folks who deal with cash should observe the following:

Cash managing:

Large levels of cash shouldn’t be kept at hand and that our business should only keep little cash on the premises.

Conspicuous bags should be used instead of the bank handbags when taking cash.

The staff included should always be on the alert when taking cash.

Cash should never be left lying down around and it should never be counted because of the public.

Cash handling procedures shouldn’t be discussed in public.

Office safety measures:

For us to help reduce the chance of equipped robberies in our premises, I suggest that:

Staff should be on the lookout for dubious activities near our premises. The description of dubious people and the subscription of vehicles should be known and the authorities enlightened immediately.

The windows and doors guiding our organization should always be secured with pubs and deadlocks.

Electronic beepers and other security devices should be placed in location to signify when our personnel are joining or leaving the business when we are available for business.

The office frontage should always be uncluttered to give a view of the street the service area should also be placed in the pub frontage.

A silent alarm should be connected to a security Company or the authorities such that it can be triggered from near our cash drawers or registers.

Security cameras should also be installed so that offenders can be photographed while committing the armed robbery.

Victims of robbery with violence:

If one in our staff land a victim of armed robbery, then it is my advice that you remain calm. Regardless the armed robbery is being dedicated; useful information like the explanation of the offenders and vehicles can assist in the first arrest of the offenders. However, the following should be remembered:

Don’t be heroic by putting your life in peril. No sum of money is worthy a life lost. Always obey the offenders’ instructions and do what they tell you firmly to do and nothing else. Don’t volunteer to provide any information.

Always avoid eyesight contact with offenders and their weapons and instead focus on the top features of the offenders.

If you aren’t directly included, stay out of threat by giving the building safely and raising an security alarm.

A victim should be deliberate in his/her actions. Lower denomination notes should he handed to the offenders if you are ordered to hand over money, but one’s protection should always be considered first.

If one of you or another responsible member of staff is able, the authorities emergency quantity should be phoned immediately and the lines kept wide open.

The registration amount, type and color of the vehicles used in the robbery should be carefully observed. Slight details assist the police in faster apprehension of the culprits. Appearance details such as get older, level, build and hair color should be well observed and behavioral details like mannerisms, talk, clothing, tattoos and scars should be considered.

The type of weapon used, the method and path of escape also needs to be observed.

All witnesses should be requested to stay before police come since they would want to speak to them. Assure them that their information could be of importance when come up with with other research and don’t allow witnesses to talk about the occurrence.

Victims of armed robbery suffer from trauma and then the company should seek professional sufferer liaison officers to provide advice in contacting required firms.

Preventive techniques that needs to be implemented to prevent armed robbery:

Armed robbery is one of the most potentially serious offenses determined all around the globe. Hence, it is important that organizations including ours must try by all means to avoid these robberies. To be able to do this, the next opening and closing procedures should always be observed:

Two employees should be present during the starting and shutting of the premises.

When opening the premise, detailed inspection should be done to discover any indications of forcible entrance before anyone gets into the business.

At final time, the security officials should ensure that no person is hiding available or loitering inside the compound prior to leaving the business.

A well preserved and light interior and exterior should be place.

Security steps which allow the workers to truly have a complete view of the environment such as elevated vantage items, convex mirrors and the keeping the customer service and cash area should be noticeable the counter or work area should be regularly cleaned to eliminate old fingerprints.

Make public the idea that the business uses good cash protection skills and uses high security monitoring machines.

Employees should be trained to report and watch for suspicious people outside and inside the organization. Law enforcement officials should be called if the employees are worried in regards to a potential risk.

Lunch hours and breaks should always be mixed so that some employees are always visible in the business.

Our group should cut back and maintain trees and shrubbery which criminals might use to cover.

Employees should be educated to ask for id from repair people, staff, guards e. t. c before they are simply allowed to enter constrained areas.

Our organization should think about having an automatic silent security alarm with a stress alarm system.

Our organization should consider using entrance doors that lock automatically upon closing in the secure areas.

Drop or postpone action time lock safe that use a dual key should be utilized by our company.

Use of higher unlawful prosecution in Robbery conditions:

We as an organization wholly think that unlawful prosecution is a very effective tool in working with the robbery with assault situations. We also firmly think that by enforcing greater legal prosecution for suspected robbery suspects, we will be demonstrating the society’s opprobrium of an extremely offensive persona in way that some methods cannot.

Greater legal prosecution should be utilized to be able to set criminalization much apart from the regulatory sanctions which if set properly can have the ability to deter and punish criminals somewhat than deterrence and penalty. However, functional and circumstantial use of increased legal prosecution cannot always be the best for our organization and it can lead limit its performance as a musical instrument for fixing regulatory offences because:

It always inhibits the use of more adaptable and alternate sanctions.

It will brand our company with criminality when circumstances leading to these prosecutions may well not be of direct consequence of our own actions.

It always requires a long time to come to the courts and the respondent concerned may at last be acquitted.

Use of increased criminal prosecution will always fail to correct the harm already induced by that offence.

It may cause the high cost in relation to the proper charges for the offender.


I recommend that the very best management should be holding security meetings with all the current employees and inform them that the security of our company is key to the rest. We therefore recommend that all our staff should be taken through all the necessary security trainings so that they can be enlightened that the security of an organization does not entirely rely upon the security personnel alone but on everyone.

I will advise that the very best management to allocate a certain ratio of the income in this financial 12 months so that sophisticated security systems and cameras are purchased and installed in the business. This will likely ensure that possible robbery dangers in our firm are dealt with.

My personal Representation:

I have professionally heard many friends tell me about how their homes, organizations, businesses have robbed and the associated injury they have suffered consequently of the robbery. In some instances, many subjects have lived to share with the story however in some other unlucky incidences, the victims have fallen patients of this inhuman behavior and in that way succumbed to death. I personally attempted to interview some security workers and at most times, almost all of them have blankly told me that their companies are hardly ever well equipped to cope with the robbers. They claim the most notable management is very uncooperative as far as security concerns are worried. I therefore realized that the increased loss of assets and individuals life could be greatly reduced if all the stakeholders in an organization performed as a team and devote strong security mechanisms to deter robbery with violence.

I could therefore like to urge everyone almost everywhere to realize that security doesn’t entail the security workers or the authorities alone but is a collective responsibility for each and every specific. We must all join hands towards preventing robbery.