Why is an abstract essay example important for you?
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Dec 16th, 2019

Why is an abstract essay example important for you?

Basically speaking, an abstract is a short description of a written document, an essay in this case. Before actually writing one, you should think about the abstract’s purpose. This is something the essay abstract examples could help you with. The main purpose of the abstract is to offer the readers some information regarding the content of the essay. Another important purpose is to help the reader evaluate the document and choose only those documents that are important for them. It should help the readers form an image regarding the essay without having to read all of it. Keep in mind that the abstract isn’t a summary or a critique of the writing assignments.

When looking for abstract essay example keep in mind that this is a description of the essay so you can write it only if you already finished your assignment. As interesting as it may sound, the rules of writing a good abstract are described by the ABCs. This acronym stands for accuracy (the abstract contains only information that can be found in the essay as well), brevity (the abstract needs to be concise without adjectives that aren’t absolutely necessary), and clarity (there should be no colloquialisms, acronyms, or jargons that the readers might not understand).

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Why is an abstract essay example important for you?
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The best abstract essay examples follow some simple guidelines. For instance, it is best not to refer to an author. Also make sure you won’t make reference to the kind of document you are writing the abstract for. Express your thoughts in complete sentences and choose active verbs if possible. Opt for easy to understand terminology to ensure that the average reader will understand the abstract as well, not only specialized readers.

Abstract Essay Examples: Different kinds of abstracts

Regardless whether you’re writing an expository essay or an engineering paper, you will need an informative abstract. This kind of abstract is made of four parts: purpose, methodology, results, and conclusions. In the purpose section you should write about the reasons or the objectives of the essay. This could also contain the hypothesis of the essay. When it comes to methodology, you should describe the techniques used to conduct your experiment (if you had any). Don’t describe it in much detail; stick only to the most necessary pieces of information. As results you should describe the collected data or observations. In the end, as a conclusion, evaluate the results you reached. You could also write about whether or not the hypothesis is correct.

The second kind of abstract you can write is an indicative abstract. Most probably you will use this kind when writing an essay. It is commonly used in case of less-structured documents. If you take a look at an essay abstract example, you will notice that it is made of three parts: scope, the arguments used, and the conclusions. As the scope, you should write about the starting premise of the essay and the range of material you are dealing with. When it comes to the arguments used, you should focus on the arguments and counterarguments found in the body of the essay. These should appear in the same order as they appear in the body. The conclusions include the closing arguments of the essay and the implications they might have. If the topic of the essay is fictional, the conclusions might include the plot resolution.

Although it isn’t very common in the case of school assignments, you might have to write an abstract for a document not written by you. If this is the case, you have to make sure you also add the bibliographic information of the document. When thinking about essay editing, you may also wonder about the length of the abstract. Simply put, this depends on the length of the document. If the document is an editorial, the abstract shouldn’t be longer than 30 words. A short note should have an abstract of about 100 words. A short article or paper needs an abstract of 150-200 words. A long article, paper or book chapter usually requires 250 words while an entire book or a thesis needs 300 words. Although you could follow these guidelines, you should also think about what feels right for the document in question. If you have to write numerous abstracts, you will develop a sense regarding the proper length for a given abstract.

Once you think you are done with your abstract and you went through some abstract essay examples to make sure you got it right, you might want to check the ABCs again. Is your abstract accurate? Does it present the same information as the essay? Is it brief? Could it be shorter and still present the same information? Is it clear? Is there a need for specialty knowledge for the readers to understand? If you think that the answer to all these questions is yes, it means you are done with your abstract and you are ready to present your work to your teacher. However, if there is any aspect you’re not sure about at this stage, go over your writing again and edit it or you could ask someone to help you with this aspect.

It’s not difficult to find an abstract essay example even when you are writing a custom paper. You should think about what kind of abstract you would like your essay to have. Naturally, it’s not only about what you write in your abstract, but also about how you write it. This means that you need to proofread it, no matter how short it is. Make sure there are no grammatical errors or misspellings. If the reader finds a mistake in the abstract, they will already form an opinion about your essay without even reading it, which would be a pity.

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