Who You Are by Jessie J
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Dec 18th, 2019

Who You Are by Jessie J

Well, well, well, Jessica. Someone’s burst out of nowhere. 6 months ago Jessica Cornish was nothing more than an unknown, a nobody. Now, as Jessie J, she brandishes two top 3 singles – including an illusive number 1 – a Brit Award, and a bright – looking future on the horizon.

Who You Are is an uplifting debut album, boasting an array of could-be successful singles. Each is sung beautifully, with a gusto you can really feel; you know Jessie is singing from the heart. The title track, Who You Are, is a definite highlight. It expresses the painful journey of coming to accept what you really are, and the lyrics are emotive and powerful: “there’s nothing wrong with who you are”.

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Who You Are by Jessie J
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Unfortunately, not every track is able to maintain this high standard. Mamma Knows Best and I Need This aren’t terrible songs… but they’re hardly inspiring. An album can’t always be judged by its best songs, but its worst.

Half a dozen good songs is fair enough, but if the rest are simply average then the triumph can be dampened.

The Best – Who You Are

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The Worst- Mamma Knows Best

I Need This


Although not perfect, 6 or 7 great songs can be found on Who You Are. A purchase you won’t regret.

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