Where the Thesis Statement in a Research Essay Should Be
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Strong thesis statement
Dec 16th, 2019

Where the Thesis Statement in a Research Essay Should Be

All students should be familiar with a thesis statement because it’s an important part of any successful academic paper. Its basic purpose is to control the subject matter of your essay and state something really important to the targeted audience. Besides, a thesis summarizes the major point of any 1000 words essay and states why it’s important to read. If your paper lacks a strong statement, it will be unprofessional, inadequate, and lack its focus. A thesis is a brief and concise sentence that states your main idea or argument and helps you control other major points, but you shouldn’t confuse it with a topic. Make sure that it reflects your personal judgment or opinion on the chosen subject. If developing a strong thesis statement seems a bit hard to you for any reason, you can always count on the professional services offered by credible freelance writers who will provide you with helpful how to write a philosophy paper guidelines at quite reasonable rates.

The most common practice is to put it in the last sentence of the introduction, as this is what allows you to use it as an efficient transition to the main body of your essay. Another benefit of this practice is that it leads up to a strong thesis instead of diving into the chosen topic directly. If you write it at the very beginning, your readers will be confused about the main argument. Keep in mind that a good essay introduction must anticipate and conceptualize your statement.

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Where the Thesis Statement in a Research Essay Should Be
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The Basic Purposes of a Thesis Statement

  • Telling the audience how you’re going to interpret the importance of the topic discussed in your essay.
  • Serving as a helpful road map for the rest of your paper because it tells readers what to expect in other paragraphs.
  • Answering the question asked in academic assignments. Remember that any thesis statement is a certain interpretation of this question, not a subject or a topic.
  • Making a strong claim that other people may want to dispute.
  • It’s one sentence written in the first paragraph that presents the main idea to the audience. Where is a thesis statement in an essay ? Now, you know the answer to this question! Other paragraphs should organize and gather the evidence necessary to persuade readers of the argument and logic of your interpretation.

How to Write a Strong Thesis Statement

  • A strong thesis should give the right direction to your essay and limit the things that you must write about. It also informs readers about other major ideas discussed in this paper because all other paragraphs of your book report or other academic assignments should support, explain, and argue it.
  • It requires a solid proof because it’s not your statement of an obvious fact. Be sure to support your thesis with the strong evidence that may interest and motivate your audience to keep reading your essay.
  • It mentions supporting points. This is what will help your readers to learn more about important themes discussed. It’s advisable to write at least one paragraph about these ideas to keep control of all thoughts and facts.

Effective Tips on Writing a Thesis

  • Know your chosen topic. It should be something that you’re interesting in or want to learn about. It’s hard to develop a strong statement on a topic that means nothing to you. If you have certain difficulties, you should use an effective and reliable thesis generator, but developing a thesis by yourself is a good idea. Be sure to reflect your personal experiences and research to find out more about the chosen topic and some up with a solid thesis.
  • Narrow your topic. Take into consideration the required work count to limit it to a specific area. That’s because a broader scope requires a longer essay, while the narrow one can be discussed in a shorter academic paper.
  • Brainstorm possible ideas. If you have problems with developing a thesis, write down all ideas that come to your mind about the chosen topic and answer a few basic questions. Can you discover new thoughts and connections? Are they easy to separate into specific groups? Can you notice any major theme? Pay attention to the ideas generated during this process because they can help you to make a strong thesis statement. Once everything is done, don’t forget about essay proofreading because this process will help you fix all grammar and other mistakes while improving the quality of your content.

Basic Thesis Statement Types

  • They are used in analytical essays that analyze a certain issue. As a student, you need to choose a good topic to break it down and evaluate the most important aspects. Your thesis should state a particular subject that will be analyzed and show how you will evaluate and break it down in your paper.
  • Interested in learning what a thesis statement in a narrative essay is all about? When writing this academic paper, you need to explain the chosen topic to the targeted audience. Another task that should be completed is choosing the most meaningful or significant aspects of this topic to explain them in the main body. Be sure to list important aspects in your thesis statement that must be developed in the right order.
  • As its name suggests, an argumentative paper is all about making a strong argument by taking a certain stand on the chosen topic. This stand is referred as your claim, and the main body should defend it. An argumentative thesis should state this claim and show readers how your essay will support it. You need to defend two important elements of the argument that you present in your thesis.

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