What to write in an Essay on College Life
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Dec 16th, 2019

What to write in an Essay on College Life

Essay on college life is a first task you need to complete when you go to the admission office of a college. You can ask why it is necessary to write an essay on college life before getting an admission in a college. The simplest answer is that the colleges’ admissions committee want to know about you. They are already aware of the picture of you as a student, athlete or as an artist. They want to know you at some personal level. They want to have a glimpse of your future endeavors, your life story, your ambitions, your dreams, and your ideals. Your essay on college life will also describe to them the story of your desires and hopes about the future accomplishments.

Once you come to this end of thinking you will find writing an essay on college life significantly easier.

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What to write in an Essay on College Life
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Your essay on college life is a picture of your skills. The admission officers at colleges would want to know beyond the basics of you. They would want to know about what is important to you. This essay on college life will also tell about your writing skills. Your essay on college life would also let admission committee know that how well you can structure a meaningful essay. The essay that interests reader and conveys your individual message in a flowing manner.

If you feel that personal or life essay is a difficult thing, in fact, it is the most dreaded part of the college application. You can tackle with SAT by studying a bit hard. You easily can win some juicy recommendation letters by playing your cards right. Scoring a healthy GPA is quite an easy task if you put your head down and apply yourself rightly. But writing an essay on college life is totally a different disposition. What personal experiences a 17-year-old can write when all the great adventures are still a few years away from you?

Having said that all there is a good news for you. Writing an essay on college life is not a big game to play. Rather it is easier than you think. The below lines will act as essential pointers towards some easy-to-remember tips on how to write an essay on my college life or English paper on this topic.

As you already know that essays on college life do not need from you to explain a strange personal anecdote. A story of immeasurable personal sacrifices and efforts can impress the admission officers but they are more interested in finding honesty, authenticity and an easy to understand everyday personal life story.

During your college life you are going to study to write a report of your findings in a lab report format, if you are learning physics, chemistry or biology etc. as majors. You will also learn how to make a thesis statement impressive for an argumentative essay. You will also hit upon dissertation introduction writing tasks. Your college professor will also teach you how to ace your case study interview. But before all these bigger successes to achieve they want to assess your writing abilities. And for this they give all of you a task of writing an essay on college life.

How to make my college life essay a success

As we already wrote that this sort of an essay is a personal narrative and this is all about YOU. So, before writing it, sit back and relax and think about yourself. As your essay would be a self-reflection, therefore, talk about your values. What is important in your life to you? And what ambitions and hopes do you have in your forthcoming years of life? Talk about the challenges that you have faced in your life. Write about your family traditions, your ethnic background, and cultural beliefs. Speak about your life-changing experiences that straightened your thoughts and brought about a change in your standpoints. Explain how you deal with failures by telling about any obstacle that you have faced. Describe your academics, career goals, arts, sports, hobbies and your passions.

Illustrate about your traveling experiences and what did you get from that and how will you apply that you learned in your college life. Express your financial struggles, learning disabilities and health concerns. Try to keep your 17-year-old tone. Over edits from parents, teachers or friends can take your perspective and authenticity away. Inserting literary devices, for example, similes, metaphors, allusions and good characterization can make your essay vivid. Always establish a voice that reflects your own personality.

Some additional success tips are as follows:

    • Communicate your personal life story in a thought-provoking and interesting manner.
    • Avoid stories related to sports injuries. These are already overused. Use a fastener to grab your reader by using some quotations.
    • Always stay away from the controversial topics or that are too personal. Try not to offend your reader.

Write your first draft, read it twice and put it away for some time. Then come back to it, rewrite it and read it out loud to your mother or father or a friend. Proofread it twice and submit.

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