The long journey of Macbeth and the struggle shown in the story towards possession of the throne amidst high hurdles has become one of the most popular topics for narrative essays in colleges. Macbeth ambition essay has many twists and turns which have been debated by scholars for ages and the hurdles which eventually lead to the gruesome murder of King Duncan. Initially, the essay shows that the main reason behind the murder of the king was the prophecy that a few witches came up with. As per the prophecy, it is said that Macbeth was supposed to become the king and this is something which ends up making Macbeth more ambitious. But as it turns out, the only reason why the prophecy actually turned true was not because of Macbeth only, but more because of his lady. This is owing to the fact that in Macbeth ambition essay, his wife is the one who gets King Duncan murdered.

There have been various interpretations of Macbeth, and one of them says that Lady Macbeth was the one who dominated her husband and eventually plans out the murder of Duncan. Not only was Macbeth gripped with ambitiousness, but same happened to his wife who wanted it even more. Going through any book report will give you an idea how Macbeth’s mindset changed as soon as he came to know about the prophecy. But on the other side, Macbeth’s wife is cautious as she knows that her husband would get into trouble for murdering King Duncan since according to her, he has been mentioned in Macbeth ambition essay as a person who is full of kindness. Because of this, she knows that her husband will never have the courage to commit a murder and hence, starts planning the murder herself. She goes on to congregate everything inside her that is evil in order to gain the courage to murder Duncan. Hence, without the presence of Lady Macbeth, Duncan would not have been murdered and there is a high possibility that Macbeth would not have become the king. The reason why she had to take the step is because Macbeth always had second thoughts about taking the life of a king, just so that he could fulfill his lust for power. This reason has been stated by lots of prominent college paper writing service agencies all over the world.

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How Macbeth was convinced by his wife to accept King Duncan’s murder

In Macbeth essay ambition, the lead character despite questioning his conscience whether murdering Duncan was the right move or not, ends up believing in his wife and deems the murder as appropriate. The way the story unfolds gives a clear impression that Macbeth’s wife took advantage of his weakness and used it to coax him into murdering Duncan so that she could become a queen. There are lots of points that we have to consider while writing a synthesis essay on Macbeth since his personality was quite complex. Only when his wife started getting more aggressive, he decided to go ahead and accept the murder of a king who was considered as a good leader.

The depiction of ambition in Macbeth essay has been portrayed brilliantly by Shakespeare. Macbeth’s wife questions a lot of things about Macbeth including his masculinity, love for her and goes on to criticize him for not being ambitious enough to become the king. All of these statements have a deep impact on Macbeth who gets delusional and eventually agrees to end King Duncan’s life. Furthermore, once the murder has taken place, Macbeth gets gripped with guilt and Lady Macbeth stays calm. Moreover, she insists that he should wash his filthy guilt and instructs him to look forward to becoming a king.

Towards the end of Macbeth ambition essay, Macbeth comes under the influence of witches and he is motivated to become the king according to the prophecies that the witches revealed. The witches start addressing Macbeth by different names such as “Thane of Cawdor”, “King Hereafter” and “Thane of Glamis”. This drives him to madness and he desperately wishes to become the king and blindly instigates faith in the prophecies made by the witches. He believes that witches have supernatural powers and their prophecies always turned out to be true. Hence, possessing special powers enables them to perform certain deeds which cannot be performed by human beings. Thus, the dissertation conclusion should definitely highlight the fact that the influence of the witches had a vital role to play in the murder of King Duncan and triggering the greed among Macbeth and his wife.

Macbeth has always been debated because of its characters and their personalities. It is considered as one of the most brilliant creations of William Shakespeare and has been studied throughout the world. There are lots of instances in Macbeth ambition essay which can be written upon and these serve as perfect essay topics for university students. But framing the expressions in appropriate words is immensely important since it helps in comprehending the plot of Macbeth better.