What is Child Friendly School Model?
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Dec 16th, 2019

What is Child Friendly School Model?

We all observe that when a child comes home with the kind of result that not only mocks the efforts of the teachers at school but also sends a message that investing in the child’s education is totally a waste of time and resources, the child’s parents either rain curses on the child with starvation threats, spank the child to stupor with lists of restrictions or they simply pat the child’s head advising him to work seriously on their grades next time.

Parents do all these and more hoping that it will help their child do well at school, sometimes it works, other times it only results to academic pressure on the child, thereby causing more harm than good.

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What is Child Friendly School Model?
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The best and most efficacious way to help a child achieve success in his/her academic pursuit is to provide an extra help besides the regular school lessons, get a qualified tutor if you think your child needs one.

But sometimes it is very difficult to discern whether your child needs extra help, although generally speaking every child could improve with extra help, we are talking about when it becomes a necessity. Here are some factors that will help you discern whether your kid needs a tutor badly or not.

1. Lack of concentration

Maybe it is time to sit your child down and find out what takes most of his/her attention when in class, true they won’t give you a straight answer, then you may have to find out yourself. How?, You can ask your kid’s school teacher(make sure it’s a secret) to provide you with feedback on what goes on with your kid during lessons. It could be hatred for a particular subject or even hatred for the teacher.

Here a tutor should be provided for the kid to help with loss lessons. But it is also wise to eliminate the source of distraction, once the source of distraction is eliminated then improvement will be noticed surely.

2. Teacher’s recommendations

If your kid’s school teacher recommends a tutor for your child, it doesn’t mean that the teacher is not competent enough to handle your child, but the teacher has well noticed that your kid needs extra help and attention from the ones given at school for reasons you should find out from the teacher.

3. Poor time management

When your child begins to put off home works and projects for later, it becomes very difficult for the child to keep up with other things being taught at school. So it is left for the parents to help remind their children to do their home works every day. And another thing with time management when it comes to academic pursuit is the fact that a child puts in loads of efforts in learning but unfortunately spends a lot of time trying to understand one subject or topic due to lack of clear understanding of the subject. Here a tutor should be provided for the child in order to speed up learning and help the child follow up.

4. Lack of motivation

You know as an employer or an employee how important positive motivation is in helping achieve success, same applies to your child. If your child lacks motivation and consequently interest in learning, then an extra help is needed not only to magically improve grades but to also help in motivating your child to face all school challenges and thus increase the desire to do, learn and finally achieve success.

5. The teacher is not competent

This is very possible especially if a particular subject demands an expert in the field to handle it. While some teachers are great, some are just not up to standard or qualified to impact knowledge. Here a qualified tutor is needed to help fill the gap.

6. Exam phobia and anxiety

This could be as a result of parents’ expectations and pressure on the child who now becomes terrified of getting low grades and thus becomes so afraid of exams, not that the child has not really prepared at all for the exam, but lacks the right approach towards sitting for an exam. A tutor is needed to prepare such minds on the right way to deal with exam phobia.

7. The teaching approach doesn’t just work for them

Not everyone learns in the same way, this is why a teacher to be employed should be well trained really as a teacher. A child may absorb better when the teacher becomes more interactive and engaging than when lecturing. A good tutor will find out the best method to impact knowledge efficiently.

8. Decline in performance

When a child’s performance gradually begins to fall, it is a good indicator that the child is struggling with something, and a tutor should be sought for to help identify what the problem could be and address it properly.

9. Learning disabilities

Children with certain disabilities need to put in extra efforts to help them stay on track with other students. A special tutor would be of great help in making things easier and interesting. If a child is diagnosed with disabilities like visual disability, the necessary materials needed for learning should be provided, and if the regular school wouldn’t work out well for the child, there are special schools for people with disabilities.

10. Difficulty in remembering

People usually say that having a retentive memory is a gift, yes but the art can also be mastered. A guide will help the child learn the best method to employ in order to help them recall past lessons easily. It could be making short notes or recording the lessons and listening to it later, whatever works best a good tutor should find out.

All parents would want their child to be the best academically in school, but surely they need the parents help to achieve this. They will perform tremendously well only if they are provided with an extra help.

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