Warriors Don’t Cry
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Dec 18th, 2019

Warriors Don’t Cry

Throughout her autobiography I discovered many new themes one such as never give up. The theme, never give up shows up many times through Melba’s actions in school and outside of school Melba wanted to give up many times but she, kept her word by praying to God and talking to her grandma. Whenever students beat up Melba, she would say I am never going to that school but the next day she would get up and go back to school. When she was bullied, she reported to the staff but no one would believe her. Even though they did not believe what she said, Melba continued to do her best in school and outside of school.

She never gave up on the things she did outside of the school either. She still cherished her friendship and tried to make her life as normal instead of just giving in. If she gave in the segregationist would win, and if she did not make her life as normal as possible she would have never made it through the year.

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Despite the difficulties, she never gave up. In Warriors Don’t Cry, Melba had both internal and external problems, which caused her to have the idea of giving up. Some internal problems that Melba faced were staying strong, trying to stay alive, and her best friend moving away.

Melba had to stay strong because everyone was trying to get her kicked out. Students in Central High blamed and caused commotions to get her tempted to fight back and get kicked our of school. She stayed strong and overcame the taunts. Melba also had problems staying alive in Central High. The students spilled acid in her eyes and she almost went blind. Everyday big mobs would attack her and she would have to run for her life. The last internal conflict Melba faced was when her friend Minnijean moved away. Minnijean was her best friend who she always confronted with.

They always shared everything and played together throughout their childhood. When Minnijean moved away, Melba was almost all alone and had to lift the weigh of integrating Central High alone. Melba also faced external conflict in Central High. Some external conflict Melba faced throughout her year was bullying, name-calling, and physical abuse. Melba’s classmates bullied her but she did not have much power to fight back. Students would hurt her by hitting her like in the gym when no one was around and when she reported they did not do anything.

Teachers would join students on the name-calling and call her mean things. One of the most horrifying external conflicts she went through was that she was about to be raped. When she went outside this white man was following her and he got her and ripped her clothes Melba’s enemy helped her out and she made it safe home. Melba’s story has meant a lot to me because I see people being bullied by others and I have been a victim of bullying. I have bullied some of my friends playfully not for real and I know how bad it gets after awhile. Being a spectator of bullying has showed me that it is wrong.

Melba story shows me that the bullies will pay their consequences at the end. By looking at Melba’s life, I see that you should never give up but instead doing the opposite. She has showed me that if you give in they will make it worse for you. If you go with what they say by saying thank you whenever they insult you, the pain will not go through and they will give up eventually. I learn that the enemies want you to give up so they get the satisfaction. I think that Melba wrote the story for both the future generations and for her generation.

She wrote it for her generation so people in the future would not have to go through the things she went through. She wants to show the future that there is a way to overcome those conflicts that she has faced. Melba shows that other kids have the same problem in their life. I think she wrote it for her generation to show the people that bullied her and made her feel bad what she had to go through alone in Central High. She wants to show the world so the same things will not happen to others. In our school, community, and nation we do many things to make a positive things to stop bullying and hate.

Today we have the power to speak up in school and the school staff will be able to take things under matter. We need to stop bullying in schools and make it safer grounds for education. Schools should have anti-bullying clubs and programs that kids could join to learn more about being safe from bullies and how to stop bullies. We as citizens can stand together as one to stop the hatred of bullies. When bullies bully you, they are the one that need help and not you. They are doing it to make there problems seem better but only not being about to understand that it is not right.

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