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Dec 18th, 2019


An recognition into volcanoes – what they are, what lava is and how they erupt.

This paper discusses the phenomena of the volcano. It describes the voter elements of lava and the divergent kinds of lava that consist. It analyzes how the lava is ejected from the volcano and the consequence it has on the enclosing environment.
“The makeup of magma determines how it moves, and magma delay hither than 55 percent silica (basalt) flows easily, suitableness magma delay over than 70 percent silica (rhyolite) flows delay greater inaptitude. Low-viscosity basaltic lava involves the flying flee of gas which produces fountains of incandescent lava in blobs and drops. Such magma is repeatedly smooth plenty when it reaches the basis to blend and fashion lava flows. The over high-viscosity rhyolite lava is such that gas cannot preparedly flee unhither there is ample constraining. ”
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