Variants of Topics for Your Essay on Government:
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Dec 16th, 2019

Variants of Topics for Your Essay on Government:

Students of political science often have to write essays on government and other topics connected with politics. However, students of other specialties might be also asked to write an essay about government, where they have to share their opinion on the government in their country or abroad, its role in our lives, its functions and regulations, or why we need to have such an authority. If you need help in writing your essay on the political or any other subject, we recommend you to use our service, where there is a huge database of professional authors who have a lot of experience in implementing various student projects, including business plan.

  • Economic role of government. In this topic you can write about how important the government’s role is in the economy of any country. Government is one of the active market participants. It uses various methods on regulation of economic life. This economic role lies in the fact that the government passes laws designed to regulate relations between the participants of the market game. The laws aimed at supporting small and medium-sized businesses are very important, because they support a diverse structure of production. Here, you can also mention taxes – by increasing or decreasing the amount of taxes, the government either contributes to the development of production, or inhibits it. It has a definite impact on the economy when conducting its monetary policy as well. Various thesis methodology can help you express your opinion in this matter more clearly.
  • Government’s influence on the businesses. This topic will perfectly match an essay on corporate governance, as here you can describe the roles of government in business development. Corporate government is a term used to refer to one of the state form of authoritarianism, in which the main collegial bodies are formed of representatives of professional corporations, strictly selected by the government. Government has all the power to change laws and make new ones, which has a direct impact on the development of businesses. As an example, you can use the classic form of corporate governance that was represented in Fascist Italy from 1926 until 1943.
  • The only natural and the oldest form of government – family. This topic is also can be used as a research proposal for your future diploma or dissertation. Here, you can talk about a family – a complex government system with its own laws, where all the members of a family play a special role and how they need to keep up with it. Family is the foundation of any political formation. In a family, a father plays the role of a ruler and children are «people». Both, parents and children have to follow some basic rules and norms accepted in a family.
  • Government in early times. When writing an essay on government at early times, you can state how powerful and wealthy men wrote the Constitution, the creation of which was based on the works of John Locke, theories of Montesquieu, and the government of Ancient Rome. You can say that people in those times feared that government was used for control. As an example, you can write about the tyranny in England and how it led to the formation of absolute democracy, monarchy, and Republic.
  • Idealistic government. In the essay in the format of asa paper you can talk about Jefferson and his ideals that he thought should be the basis of government. He believed his standards were in everybody’s interest and they could help to create a strong government. Also, you can mention the ideas of some government representatives about how government should have less power and the control of the country should be given to people.
  • How would the society look like without government? In the topic you can cover the ideas of Thomas Hobbes, who was a political philosopher in the 17th century. He said that if there was no government, then there would not be industry, building, commodities, instruments required for hard work, no arts, knowledge, and society. But instead, there will be fear, danger, and death. If you have difficulties in writing a corporate governance essay on this topic, you can find a freelance writer in our database who will be happy to help you out.
  • Examples of totalitarian governments. By choosing this topic for your essay on government you need to answer such questions as What is a totalitarian government? What methods it uses to reach its goals? How does the totalitarian government influence people? When was this type of government formed? What was the role of Great Depression in the creation of totalitarian government? and so on.

A Short Plan of Your cms paper :

  • Introduction. State the topic of your essay and what issues you want to cover in it. In this part it is also important to set the tone of your project. In order to attract attention of a listener, use some interesting quotes and statements of famous people.
  • The main part. Here you use various methodologies in order to reveal the issue of your essay on government. Make your narration logic, divide the text on paragraphs, and use quotations, while proving your opinion on the certain subject.
  • Conclusion. Sum up the results of your project and make the final summary.

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Variants of Topics for Your Essay on Government:
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