Vanessa Carlton – Be Not Nobody
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Dec 18th, 2019

Vanessa Carlton – Be Not Nobody

Vanessa Carlton has been steadily climbing the charts.Her hit “A Thousand Miles” is on her debut album, “Be NotNobody,” which was released last spring. Vanessa has her own way of sharingher thoughts and feelings about love, her wants and needs, and how she sees otherpeople. She wrote every song on the CD except for the Rolling Stones’ “PaintIt Black.”

This CD is not one you would play at a jamming party or toget pumped for a big game. The eleven songs are relaxing and draw your feelingsout from the inside of your soul. They aren’t all slow love songs, though, she attimes sounds angry and tries so hard to get her feelings across, like in”Unsung” and “Paint It Black.” The variety of songs meansthere is never a dull moment.

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Vanessa’s voice conveys so much emotion andenthusiasm. One minute she is singing in a high soothing voice, the next in adeeper, more comforting one.

This helps add to the variety of sounds heardclearly in “Un-sung,” “Paint It Black” and”Wanted.”

Vanessa is so into the song, she captures thelisteners until they realize how involved in the song they actually are. This CDis an awesome change in the right direction from Britney Spears and femalerappers such as Missy Elliot.

Just because the CD is mostly about lovedoesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend your hard-earned money on it. The CD helpslisteners open up to new thoughts you might not have realized werethere.

The quality of Vanessa’s music is great. The instruments range fromthe most often-heard piano and violins in “A Thousand Miles” to arecorder and cymbalon in “Rinse.” The orchestra provides a wide varietyof sounds throughout the whole CD.

Besides being a singer and songwriter,Vanessa plays the piano in many of her songs and is featured playing it in thevideo for “A Thousand Miles.” She is one of the “Top 10 Artists ToWatch In 2002” according to Rolling Stone, so watch out, Britney, there’s ahot new girl sensation who will make her mark at this year’s MTV Music Awards.Vanessa Carlton’s “Be Not Nobody” is a sure thing that everyone willwant to walk “A Thousand Miles” for.

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