Use of fossil fuels and global warming Essay
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Nov 28th, 2019

Use of fossil fuels and global warming Essay

Due to global warming and other ill-effects of social motive sources, there is a deficiency to consequence motive by unclogged and environmental amicable ways. Fuel cell is one of the effectual rereanswer to consequence motive outside polluting the environment. There are manifold types of fuel cells viz. substantial oxide, proton exchange membrane, alkaline fuel cells, etc. We are going to argue more about substantial oxide fuel cells. A substantial oxide fuel cell (SOFC) is a plan which generates electricity by using chemical motive stored in the fuel viz.

hydrogen or hydrocarbons. SOFC consists of three faculty ‘ electrolyte, anode and cathode. SOFCs possess fuel flexibility, are low require and possess desire-signal retention. Operating sky is the deep hindrance of the SOFC. To conquer this hindrance, nanomaterials are used for electrolytes, anodes and cathodes of SOFC in manage to amelioreprimand their operation. Manifold fiction and making-ready regularitys are used to solidity contrariant nanomaterials in the contrariant faculty of SOFCs. In this scrutiny, contrariant fiction regularitys parallel delay their collisions are argueed.

[1, 2]

‘ Problem assertion or gap:
The elevated use of fossil fuels affect coal, gas and oil in decisive 100 years has extensiond the carbon dioxide and other noxious gases emissions from strength origination plans. This is considered to be an expressive content for some of the environmental problems affect global warming. The motive insist is constantly increasing and fossil fuels are depleting at rapider reprimand. The strength origination by using fossil fuels would not be sustainable. Thus, there is a deficiency to discover opinion or renewable motive sources that can encounter this insist. The fuel cell is considered to be the one of the prolific and unclogged strength generating plan. Now, as we are regarding fuel cells as retrieval for the floating strength generating plans, the pliancy and durability of the fuel cells should be ideally similar or elevateder than those plans. To extension the pliancy and durability, contrariant nanomaterials can be used in three contrariant faculty i.e. electrolyte, cathode and anode of fuel cells. Thus, in analysis, there is deficiency for correct conception of how these nanomaterials can be solidityd on these faculty in an prolific, rapid and low require ways. [1, 2, 4]
The scrutiny questions that the article is going to discourse are:
1. What are some of the prolific regularitys to solidity the nanoparticles?
2. What are some of the collisions of overhead regularitys parallel delay the results to illusion the strength output and durability of the fuel cells? [2, 3, 4, 5]
3. What coming composition deficiencys to be performed in manage to amelioreprimand the desire signal operation of the fuel cells? [6]

‘ Objectives of your scrutiny:
The external of the floating consider is to afford a inclusive retrospect of literatures cognate to the collision and advantages of each fiction regularity of SOFCs. The fiction regularitys argueed in the floating consider are photolithography system, sintering system and infiltration system. These systemes are used for fiction of nanomaterials on electrolyte, anode and cathode honorively. In this scrutiny, the regularitys are argueed using one nanomaterial for each fiction regularity. The nanomaterial used for photolithography is YSZ (yttrium stabilized zirconia) [1, 2], for sintering is NiO/YSZ [3, 5] and for infiltration is metal salt nitreprimand [4]. These materials would extension the strength output and operation of SOFCs. Contrariant nanomaterials can so be used other than the mentioned, for seemly the operation. The desire signal end of the scrutiny is to acceleration the scrutinyers to learn the impression of use of nanomaterials in SOFCs.
‘ Expected rereanswer or anticipated results of your scrutiny:
The results of this scrutiny procure be shared in a devise of article, strength top and broadside donation. The results would chiefly enclose the schematic diagrams of the fiction regularitys. They would so enclose the making-ready regularitys for a point nanomaterial used in the fiction. The results for nanomaterial in electrolyte would enclose tables and graphs cognate to operation of SOFCs delay honor to radiant sizes, sky, durability and cell voltage. For anode, the results would enclose operation of fuel cells delay honor to sky and cell voltage. The results for cathode would enclose operation delay honor to sky. In analysis, the operation and durability of SOFCs are expected to extension delay individualization of nanomaterials.
‘ Timetable for completion:
February 28, 2015 ‘ Literature retrospect and rouse scrutiny from the allusion articles.
March 13, 2015 ‘ Proposal for Final Project.
March 27, 2015 ‘ Progress Report for Final Project.
April 17, 2015 ‘ Present Results in Broadside Presentation.
April 24, 2015 ‘ Submit Final Paper.
‘ Your qualifications:
I am pursuing Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I am agreement this scrutiny article as a segregate of curriculum for TCM 460.
‘ Limitations, argueion, conclusion:
In this scrutiny article, we procure see how nanomaterials can be used by using fiction regularitys for electrolyte, anode and cathode of SOFCs. Introducing these nanomaterials procure extension operation and durability of SOFCs. But, there are some limitations of this scrutiny. We are going to see barely scant sum of fiction regularitys for integration of nanomaterials in fuel cells and barely one collision of the nanomaterial used for electrolyte, anode and cathode. There effectiveness be separate other fiction regularitys and nanomaterials which are not prepared in this scrutiny article. Degradation of operation behind a true sum of compositioning hours of SOFCs should so be considered suitableness doing coming composition. [6]

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