Trust in You by Lauren Daigle
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Dec 18th, 2019

Trust in You by Lauren Daigle

“I love how God uses songs to speak to my soul” (unknown)! My favoritesong “Trust in You” by Lauren Daigle, Mabury and Michael Farren is one of those songs that uplifts your spirit, and touches your soul. The song was released in Lauren’s first albumHow Can It Be, on April 14, 2015. This song is about letting go of everything and trusting the Lord because His plans are greater and He knows everything before it even happens. Everyone -especially people who need encouragement- should listen to this song because of the theme, lyrics, music, and the background behind this song will cheer you up and bring hope to your broken spirit.
To start off, I highly recommend the song “Trust in You,” because of its theme. The main message of this song is to not loose hope but trust the Lord even through the toughest timesof your life. For example the chorus says:
“When You don’t move the mountains I’m needing You to move
When You don’t part the waters I wish I could walk through
When You don’t give the answers as I cry out to You
I will trust, I will trust, I will trust in You!”
These words in the chorus use figurative language to show that even when the troubles hit your life, don’t give up, but trust the Lord.

Daigle doesn’t literally mean that she wants God to move the mountains, but the difficulties that we all face. Also, by saying parting the waters, she means opening opportunities that are closed. Still, we should trust in Him because all the problems are there for a reason, to make us stronger. In addition, we need to never forget that He is by our side and will help us through the journey of hardship. Therefore, even if you are not a fan of songs but need encouragement, you need to listen to this song.
In addition, everyone should listen to Lauren’s song because of the appropriate lyrics. The lyrics are suitable for all age groups: children, teens, elderly, or adults. The lyrics do not have have any foul language or cuss words like most of the popular songs.It’s something you can listen to in front of little kids or grandparents without worrying about it spilling bad words. You can take a look at look at an of the lyrics and you won’t find a single inappropriate word, as can be seen:
“I’ve tried to win this war I confess
My hands are weary I need Your rest
Mighty Warrior, King of the fight
No matter what I face, You’re by my side”
This part of the lyrics as well as the whole song, reveals that it is appropriate for anyone. Therefore, everyone should listen to “Trust in You” because of the clean lyrics.
Moreover, people need to hear Daigle’s song because of the powerful music. Music is a strong tool. Hans Christian Andersen once said: “Where words fail, music speaks.” This shows that even when the lyrics in the song fail to speak and touch you, the music will. I can confirm this with my own experience. For example, whenever I am in a poor mood I turn this song on, and the music lifts my spirit up.So, even if the words don’t appeal to you, you should still give this song a chance, because the beautiful instrumental music might do its miracle.
Furthermore, people should listen to “Trust in You” because of the context behind the song.Daigle didn’t just write the song because she had nothing to write about, but she wrote it from her heart. Daigle was writing what she was experiencing inher life. Life experience “… often serves to sharpen a songwriter’s edge and provide them with a more colorful palette to draw from when creating images with their music.” Lauren says: “My grandfather had just passed away and he and I were super close… and one of the most influential men in my life…” This shows that she is writing from her life experience where she learned to trust God.
Also, she say’s: “I hope that as these songs hit people’s ears, they don’t hear my voice, they don’t hear really good production…” but “… that people are moved and lives get changed because they get to encounter more about God and see His character.” This shows that she is not writing for her praise but so that the lives of people who hear her songs would be changed and the Lord would be glorified. Clearly, everyone should listen to her song now that they know the purpose behind her songs.
In conclusion, everyone -especially those who are going through tough times in their life- should listen to the song “Trust in You” by Lauren Daigle. First, the meaningful message will remind you to trust the Lord and not lose hope. Second, the lyrics are appropriate for people of all ages. Third, the beautiful instrumental music will comfort you and speak to your soul. Fourth, she wrote this song for other lives to be improved and that the name of God may be exalted. Therefore, I highly recommend this song because God can use it to speak to your soul and lift you up.

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