Total Quality Management
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Dec 18th, 2019

Total Quality Management

Hence new ways of doing global concern has to be evolved Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Why TQM ? Is it a adjacent regulate fad …… or a covet regulate strategic destiny ? Palpable Developments …. ….. reshaping our lives …… restructuring organisations …….. redefining accomplishment parameters Alter is a steady ……… ………………getting advance obsreinparticularize ……………….. misapply steadfaster …. accelerating …………………uncertainty ….. multiformity … variforce Managing & Adapting to alter is steadfastidious for organisation operation Slides by : Anjan Ghosh

Coping Successabundantly succeeding a conjuncture Palpable Developments endures on The Organisational Characteristics Palpable Developments Adaptforce for operation Organisational Characteristics proreinparticularize mention prosperity or scarcity TQM succors organisations to compound uniformly to these alters and arrive their exploit by reshaping their strategies , decent the amelioration and decent regularitys and regulatees •Vision & Temporization •Structure & Functions •People & Amelioration •Systems & Processes Slides by : Anjan Ghosh What is Property ? Some despicable parameters covet idiosyncraticality , durforce • reliforce • manifestatlon for use • naught defects • exploit as per biasedations • customer contentment etc • Genichi Taguchi’s biasedation of Property – a revolutionary concept of ”Loss Function” • dropping to communion – advance the dropping , close the misapplyty The Japanese Bullet Train is regarded to be an illustration of praiseworthy Property .

But according to the Taguchi Dropping Function it may not be so as there are numerous droppinges to communion such as farmland depletion , haughty consume , haughty intelligence demand etc that may not abwork-out the possession of duration saving…

Slides by : Anjan Ghosh ISO-9000 biasedation of misapplyty “ grade to which a set of ingrained characteristics fulfils accomplishments” The accomplishments are of customers . There are millions of customers succeeding a conjuncture their singular demands and accomplishments . The advance the accomplishments fulfilled the haughtyer is the sight of misapplyty . Is Property despotic ? It is not despotic . It endures on each idiosyncratic . It endures on kingdom , amelioration , duration etc . What we may relish denominated haughty misapplyty 20 years tail may be low misapplyty now . So it is referring-to .

But there are some despicable factors touching misapplyty that are advance or close steady eg . exploit , durforce , reliforce etc ….. Slides by : Anjan Ghosh What is a Effect ? Effect – ( as per ISO 9000 biasedation ) Services (eg. Transport, hospital) Software (eg. Computer program, wordbook) Hardware (eg. , chair, iota hinder) Processed embodied (eg. Lubricant, bond) Who is a customer ? Customer Uses the effect ( consumers , end-users ) Distributes the effect ( integralsellers , dispenseers ) Influences others environing the effect

Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Who are our interior customers ? The next idiosyncratic / dept. impressioned by our effect or use is our interior customer . Eg effection dept. is the interior customer of stores dept. The Despatch dept. is the interior customer of effection dept. Satisfying interior customers administers to satisfying palpable customers . Interior customer discontentment media that the Products & regulatees are having amounts and not as per biasedations which may be sold to palpable customers accidental to their discontentment Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Dimensions Of Effect Property • Exploit – administering bountiful characteristics • Features – subordinate countenances of exploit • Reliforce – manifestatlon of prosperityful exploit • Conformance – grade to which bountiful characteristics coalesce specified models • Durforce – mete of effect idiosyncraticality • Serviceforce – quiet and consume of restore • Aesthetics – face , relish , fume ….. • Perceived Property – business-post , fiction Slides by : Anjan Ghosh 10 Dimensions of Use Property • Reliforce – compactness of exploit ( endureforce ) • Responsiveness – procureingness, durationliness, readiness…. Competence – skills & enlightenment for performing use • Access – appropinquationforce & quiet of apposition • Courtesy – gentility , sympathy ….. • Communication – counsel , interconnection administration • Credibility – merit , probity , trust ….. • Security – immindivisibility from miss , confidentiality . • Construction customer demands – biased accomplishments • Tangibles – substantial ordealimony of use , facilities, implements ,appearence Slides by : Anjan Ghosh What is TQM ? TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT Involving all Stakeholders (People) Processes Systems Functions Products At all duration

Fullfillment of Requirements Of Customers Planning Implementing Persuasive Reviewing Decent Slides by : Anjan Ghosh What are the goals of TQM ? • regulate advancement • decay diminish • customer contentment • mob involvement • organisational exploit • advancement of teamupshot • fashion jobs jocular & satisfying • decay diminish • Slides by : Anjan Ghosh TQM Concepts & Philosophy Systems & Standards :- Tools & techniques :- illustrations :- illustrations :- illustrations :- Customer orientation Regulate advancement Mob involvement Conducive commencement Empowerment Core Values Win-Win interconnections

ISO 9000 ISO 14001 TS 16949 MIL-105 D BIS / DIN / JIS IEC 65 HACCP 5-S 7 QC Tools SPC QFD FMEA TPM Benchmarking Decay Diminish Stoppage rectify than reinparticularize Bus. Excellence Models OHSAS 18000 BBSC 6 Sigma PDCA Cycle Slides by : Anjan Ghosh 3 Most Excellent Philosophies/ Rendezvous Areas • Customer Orientation Interior , Palpable • Regulate Advancement Kaizen , Breakthrough • Mob Involvement QC? s, SGA? s , Suggestions Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Regulate is the way we do things Inputs •Man •Machine •Material •Method •Money •Info Regulate Outputs feedtail Target •Goods •Services •Info Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Elements of a Process

Controls, Procedures Input Material, Counsel Regulate Mechanisms People, Machines Output Material, Services Counsel Rattle variables causing the regulate to dissimilate or destabilise Slides by : Anjan Ghosh What is a regulate ? A Regulate Is… suppliers cust. suppl. cust. suppl. cust. suppl. customers … a chain of activities transforming input into output by adding scold Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Regulate Construction Deep Regulate Sub-regulate Upshot Regulate Subsistence Processes Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Functions ( in sections . ) vs. Processes Cross-functional regulatees across depts. Dept. 1 Dept. 2 Dept. 3

Vertical hierarchy of warrant in Departments ; Horizontal upshotglide of the regulate that runs across sections Slides by : Anjan Ghosh What is a regularity ? From Regularity 2 P4 P1 P2 P5 P6 P3 Regularity 1 Set of intercognate & interacting regulatees ( P1 , P2 … etc ) is a regularity Slides by : Anjan Ghosh A Regulate Must Be: Characteristics of a cheerful-natured-natured regulate :Effective : Efficient : Robust : Flexible : Contravention Customer Needs , coalesceing organisational concretes Optimum use of media, Meanest Cost, Meanest Duration Mistake-Proofed, does not befit transient succeeding a conjuncture alter of stipulations and idiosyncratics Easy to Alter according to demands of concern & ustomer accomplishments Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Every Regulate has to Be: • owned ( province agricultural) • documented ( written & approved ) • • • • meted ( excellent parameters) prepared ( fixedional & defined) inferior ( made firmly-fixed & desirable ) amendd ( rectifyed ) Illustration : a effection regulate Slides by : Anjan Ghosh The 3 Voices we demand to mete for persuasive & decent organisational exploit By P D C A cycle Supplier Regulate Customer Voice Of Supplier Voice Of Regulate Voice Of Customer Feedtail Voice media parameters of measuring exploit and virtue Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Decent Thru Small Steps & Big Strides ….

Both are reqd . Breakthrough advancement Incremental advancement (Kaizen) Scold Duration • Incremental Triggered by upshot proof No new technology Gradual – Separate in adjacent duration Anyconstruction can add Low media • Breakthrough Triggered by concern temporization Innovation Few in covet couple of duration Claim technical expertise Capacious media Slides by : Anjan Ghosh P-D-C-A Cycle for Advancement ( Deming Wheel ) Unceasing Advancement Reguile new target • Standardize the new regulate succeeding importation alterative exertions A ct P lan • Objectives / targets • Strategies • Activities • Responsibilities • Media • Duration constitute Check / Mete The upshot • If upshots coalesce target go to Act countenance • If not , go tail to Guile C heck Do • Utensil guile • Alter regulate All regulatees demand to go through the P-D-C-A cycle for advancements Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Two commencements of deviation in a regulate ( rattle variables ) • Aimclose creators ( or aimclose creators) – Normal deviation – Amid curb limits – Non-assignable Examples:Small ambient alters Embodied Tolerence Shift operators • Special creators ( or assignable creators ) – Abnormal deviation – Externally curb limits – Assignable Examples:Temp set summit alters Out-of-spec embodieds Unuseful operator

Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Regulate Curb Left to itself a regulate proreinparticularize object from its set-summit due to the aimclose and assignable creators . If the object is too fur the regulate may go following a conjunctureout the tolerance limits or target scolds . So there is a demand for persuasive the regulate by media of faithful feedtail and punishments – either manual or automatic . The force of a regulate to arrive succeeding a conjuncturein the tolerance limits ( and herebehind In curb ) is denominated its stforce The force of a regulate to go adjacent to the target scold is denominated Its capforce Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Requirements of curb enlightenment of what is to be performed – procedures , instructions , models • enlightenment of what is substance performed – feedtail , monitoring & metement • media of adjusting regulate – punishment and alterative exertion Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Model Organisations International Organisation for Standardisation – ISO (Gives all models exclude electronics and electricals) International Electro-technical Commission – IEC (Gives all models environing to electricals and electronics ) American Communion for Testing & Materials – ASTM Deutsches Institut fur Normung – DIN Japanese Industrial Standards – JIS

Bureau of Indian Standards – BIS Slides by : Anjan Ghosh International Organisation for Standardisation – ISO • Apex construction consisting of 161 multiply countries – HQ Geneva • Set up in 1947 to import despicableality in models betwixt countries • ISO upshots succeeding a conjuncture Technical Sub-committees and upshoting groups of experts • Relish plow duration published environing 18,000 models ISO 9000 rotation of models :• Consists of environing 150 experts from 52 countries (multiply bodies) • Consists of Standardisation Bodies, Consultants, Certification Bodies, Property Managers of Industries, Assiduity Representatives, Consumer Bodies, Professors etc. TC-176 set up in 1975 . ISO 9001 – 1st edition 1987 , 1994 , 2000 , 2008 Slides by : Anjan Ghosh QMS RELATED STANDARDS – ISO 9000 Rotation ISO 9000 : 2005 – Property Administration Regularity FUNDAMENTALS AND VOCABULARY ISO 9001 : 2008 – Property Administration Regularity REQUIREMENTS ISO 9004 : 2009 – Property Administration Regularity GUIDELINES ISO 19011 : 2011 – Guidelines on QMS / EMS AUDITING ISO 10012 :2003 – Bulk Administration Regularity REQUIREMENTS Plus 13 other associated models / guidelines …..

Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Naturalized on ISO 9000 rotation other industries relish made their Own models • TL-9000 for Telecom sector • AS-9100 for Aeroquantity • ISO/TS-16949 for Automotive • ISO 22000 for Food Protection • ISO 26000 for Social Accountforce • etc ISO –9000 : 2005 legend down Principles , concepts , wordbook It besides legend down the 8 administration Principles which Every organisation must rendezvous on . Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Property Administration Principle 1 “Customer Focussed Organization”

Organizations endure on their customers and accordingly should comprehend approved and coming customer demands, coalesce customer accomplishments and conordispense to exceed customer expectations. Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Property Administration Principle 2 “Leadership” Leaders inform indivisibility of object and superscription of the construction. They educe the interior environment in which mob can befit abundantly confused in achieving the construction? s concretes. Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Property Administration Principle 3 “Involvement of People”

People at all razes are the entity of an construction and their bountiful involvement enables their abilities to be used for the construction? s boon. Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Property Administration Principle 4 “Process Approach” A desired upshot is achieved advance efficiently when cognate media and activities are managed as a regulate. Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Property Administration Principle 5 “System Appropinquation to Management” Identifying, comprehending and managing a regularity of intercognate regulatees for a consecrated concrete adds to the virtue and aptitude of the construction.

Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Property Administration Principle 6 “Continual Improvement” Unceasing advancement is a burning concrete of the construction. Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Property Administration Principle 7 “Factual appropinquation to determination making” Conducive determinations are probableized on the decomposition of postulates and counsel. Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Property Administration Principle 8 “Mutually profitable supplier interconnections” Mutually profitable interconnections betwixt the organisation and its suppliers augment the force of twain organisations to educe scold.

Slides by : Anjan Ghosh The ISO-9000 : Property Regularity Model Unceasing advancement of the misapplyty administration regularity anticipation & guilening Customers accomplishments Administration Province Customers contentment Recommencement Administration Bulk Decomposition & Advancement Effect Realisation Effect input output Organisation Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Process-naturalized construction of ISO-9001:2008 • Scope ( stipulation 1) • Normative References ( stipulation 2 ) • Terms & Definitions (stipulation 3 ) • Property administration Regularity ( stipulation 4) General accomplishments, documentation accomplishments , Q.

Manual , Curb of documents & registers • Administration province ( stipulation 5 ) Commitment, Customer rendezvous, Policy, Planning, Responsibility, Communication, Criticism • Recommencement administration ( stipulation 6 ) Human media, Infrastructure, Upshot environment • Effect ariserence ( stipulation 7 ) Customer Processes , Design, Purchasing, Operations, Calibration • Measurement, decomposition and advancement ( stipulation 8 ) Customer contentment, Audit, Regulate / effect curb, Non-conforming effect, Postulates decomposition, Advancement Slides by : Anjan Ghosh

Scope ( stipulation 1) ( where ISO-9001 can be applied ) General ( stipulation 1. 1 ) ISO-9001 International Model specifies accomplishments for a misapplyty administration regularity where an construction a) demands to inform its force to suitably furnish effect that coalesces customer and conducive statutory and regulatory accomplishments, and b) present to augment customer contentment through the conducive application of the regularity, including regulatees for unceasing advancement of the regularity and the self-trust of exemplification to customer and conducive statutory and regulatory accomplishments.

Application ( stipulation 1. 2 ) All accomplishments of this International Model are collective and are explaind to be conducive to all constructions, regardclose of expression, bigness and effect furnishd. Where any accomplishment(s) of this International Model cannot be applied due to the creation of an construction and its effect, this can be regarded for alienation. Alienation barely undisputed subordinate stipulation 7 . Slides by : Anjan Ghosh ISO-9001 Liberal Requirements • Property Show to relishness fixed and object of top administration • Setting up of concretes and targets to deeptenance show Planning and utensilation of activities to aim the concretes • Documentation of the regulatees – mapping of deep ,sub. upshot & deeptenance regulatees • Documentation involves – Property manual where liberal countenances of the QMS is defined – Procedures that are reqd to run , curb and amend the regulatees – Upshot instructions and ordispense methods used by bountiful idiosyncratics – apt registers that relishness QMS is substance prospered – apt models , drawings , biasedations etc …… Slides by : Anjan Ghosh ISO-9001 Liberal Requirements ( contd.. ) Mob should be fitted and useful • Misapply infraconstruction and upshot environment for misapplyty should be furnishd • Products should be prepared probableized on customer accomplishments and validated that it coalesces the accomplishments anteriorly the effect is delivered to customer • Measuring instruments to be calibrated opposing a model intimation • All regulatees , including customer contentment , to be meted and analysed • Periodic Internals Audits to be carried out of the QMS and reputed to administration • Administration to determinationically criticism the QMS and capture misapply alterative and counteractive exertions Unceasing advancement shall be a burning concrete and ordealimony informd Slides by : Anjan Ghosh 3 Types of Solutions to Problems • Punishment – Exertion to exclude a detected non-conformity. • Alterative Exertion – Exertion to exclude the creator of a detected non-conformity. • Counteractive Exertion – Exertion to exclude the creator of a implicit non-conformity. Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Types of Postulates Facts Qualitative (Tall, Fair…) Quantitative Variable Attribute (ok, not ok ; colour) Discrete (2,3….. ) Faithful (2. 33, 5. 09……) • Leading Postulates – Serene for biased object straightly from opportunity of enquiries and used by identical idiosyncratic. Subordinate Postulates – Compiled from some other commencement by idiosyncratics who relish not serene the pristine postulates. Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Measures of Central Tendency Mean (Average): Sum divided by no. of observations. Median : Scold of middle-most individual when observations are de- in regulate of majority. : Scold which arises succeeding a conjuncture zenith abundance. Mode Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Measures Of Dispersion ( Spread ) Dispersion Despotic Measures Range Quartile Deviation Mean Deviation Model Deviation Referring-to Measures Coefficient of Deviation Coefficient of Quartile Deviation

Coefficient of Mean Deviation Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Measures of Dispersion • • • Range = Zenith – Minimum Quartile Deviation = Q3 – Q1 2 Mean Deviation = 1/n xi – x • • Model Deviation = Co-efficient = 1/n (xi – x) 2 Model Deviation X 100 Mean The two most excellent succeeding a conjuncture which we upshot are Range & Model Deviation Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Tools / Techniques of Amount Solving 7 Property Curb (QC) Tools • Check shuffle / Tally chart • Pareto Chart • Ishikawa Diagram / Fishbone diagram / Cause-Effect Diagram • Histogram • Scatter diagram • Run chart • Curb chart

Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Check Shuffle (Tally Chart) illustration For a factory making gentle bulbs – the breakup of expression of defects for one week Is there any specimen ? Defect Expression Filament fused Mon 8 Tue 9 Wed 8 Thu 7 Fri 6 Sat 5 Pole hiatus Heat sealing of glass Low wattage Manual Soldering bad 6 5 28 48 16 3 27 37 28 6 25 11 5 2 28 10 17 3 33 10 22 4 28 11 Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Pareto Chart Illustration Important few approx 80% Parameter Substance Measured Illustration : % of Defects Trivial numerous approx 20% A B C D E F G H Expression of Defect Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Creator And Effect Diagram Example

People New joinees Unuseful operator Embodied Too haughty dregs Too dense Cork bifurcation Frequent alter of operator Haughty locomotion Carelessness Recording of defects not performed W. I. Not displayed Alloy not misapply Haughty Fe Content Composure mellifluous rambling Does not prosper P. I. Dilute Heater fused Shelf idiosyncraticality redress Pot temp. low Set summit objects Spraying not misapply Can too Heavy to patronage Prevalent at haughtyer hurry No SPC Circulation of composure inspire Cycle duration inferior Thermo couples not upshoting Subsistence not performed Cutting blade numb Personality redress Low temp. Heater fused Haughty discards at Grid casting

Fouling succeeding a conjuncture pipe Ladle jerking Cam stock worn out Mould misaligned Too fur vibration Setting nuts rambling Method / Regulate Instrument Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Histogram Illustration Histogram relishnessing marks obtained by Students in a ruleatize ordispense Compute 80 60 40 20 10-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41-45 Systematize intermission ( marks ) Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Scatter Diagram Interpreting the Postulates Positive Correlation y 4. 5 4. 0 3. 5 150 400 650 x Practicable Positive Correlation y 4. 5 4. 0 3. 5 150 400 650 x y 4. 5 4. 0 3. 5 150 No Correlation 400 650 x Practicable Negative Correlation y 4. 5 4. 0 3. 5 150 400 650 x 4. 4. 0 3. 5 y Negative Correlation 150 400 650 x Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Line Diagram (Run Chart) Illustration Plotting Postulates (y axis) Average Bulk (x axis) Duration or cheerful-fortuneion Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Ave. Weekly Participant Rating 3. 0 3. 5 4. 0 4. 5 5. 0 R X Wk # 2. 0 1. 8 1. 6 1. 4 1. 2 1. 0 . 8 . 6 . 4 . 2 1. 01 1. 27 0. 48 1. 32 1. 52 1. 03 1. 15 1. 07 0. 70 2. 05 0. 95 0. 99 1. 06 1. 21 1. 33 0. 78 1. 21 1. 23 1. 08 1. 64 1. 20 0. 98 0. 91 1. 19 1. 03 3. 76 4. 21 4. 29 4. 36 4. 13 3. 77 4. 17 4. 21 4. 22 4. 00 4. 30 4. 20 4. 32 4. 18 4. 02 3. 71 4. 08 4. 23 3. 98 4. 46 3. 96 3. 63 4. 48 4. 30 4. 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 X & R Chart X UCL R Curb Charts Illustration LCL LCL UCL . Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Why-why Decomposition :- ask usual questions , at meanest 5 Conveyor girdle sealped Why did m/c seal Why did motor seal Why armature implication burnt Why haughty approved in implication Why stock manifestatlon jammed Why no noncontact oil So Final exertion :Add lubricating summit in Counteractive Subsistence Catalogue Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Driving Motor Replaced (Immediate Action) motor sealped armature implication burnt haughty approved in implication stock manifestatlon jammed no noncontact oil not multiply of counteractive Subsistence Sigma : A Methodology to classify refusal & deviation • The most excellent concrete of any organisation would be to maximise Customer Contentment thru – haughty Property of effects and uses – meanest undivided Consume – on duration Delivery • In numerous cases these are not practicable due to haughty scold of defects , piece and decay in effects and uses due to deficiencies in guile , indesirable or transient regulatees , deviations in embodieds , flimsy metement regularitys , etc . • If the commencement creators can be detected and exertions capturen , the defects can be brought down and besides excluded . Instead of ad-hoc fire-fighting appropinquationes , a constructiond methodology would relish fur advance manifestatlon of prosperity . Slides by : Anjan Ghosh 6 Sigma : A Methodology to classify refusal & deviation • Deviation is probable and aimclose . But when deviation befits too capacious and assignable creators cringe in – defects arise . So defects must be classifyd by eliminating the assignable creators and limiting the effects of the probable ( aimclose ) creators . • Redress the gone-by decades misapplyty engineers relish been trying incongruous implements and techniques to classify deviation . All these implements and techniques , hearty by advance pungent-muscular ones , relish been serene in a basket and consecrated the cunningate “ 6 Sigma “ . It was assumed by Motorola in the 1980? s . • 3 Sigma regulate has 66807 PPM discard raze in the covet run ( Cpk = 1 ) 6 Sigma regulate has 3. 4 PPM discard raze in the covet run ( Cpk = 2 ) Slides by : Anjan Ghosh The Six Sigma Project Methodology – DMAIC Cycle Six Sigma Improvements are performed through 5 – Stage Projects. Define Mete Analyse Amend Control- Mention what demands to amend , excellent parameters , set targets, set up teams , guile exertions – Approved dissecticularize opposing desired dissecticularize.

Gather postulates . – From postulates furnish commencement creators of the gaps by using diverse statistical techniques . – Excellent and utensil best solutions by using diverse implements / techniques – Long-regulate arriveforce and monitoring mechanisms. Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Poka-Yoke – Miscapture Proofing Stoppage is rectify than reinparticularize The antecedent the rectify 85 % of scarcitys arise due to wickedness / scant guile of effect or manufacturing regulate . So to amend misapplyty and anticipate scarcitys / errors it has to be capturen circumspection in guile and not endure on idiosyncratic „s skills or judgement.

Anyconstruction can and should possession poka connect in the upshotplace. Poke connect does not necessarily claim any perplexed discerning or engineering sometimes it commandly demands despicable sensation and the misapply poka connect show – and the proreinparticularize to do naught defects . Poka connect shows should relish the prospering characteristics: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) useable by all ; homely to install; does not claim faithful study from idiosyncratic (ideally, it should upshot well-mannered-mannered-balanced if the idiosyncratic is not certified of it); low-cost; furnishs momentary feedback, anticipateion, or punishment. Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Examples of Poka Connect ) A jig that anticipates a multiply from substance misoriented during galaxy 2) Non-symmetrical seize cavity residuums that would anticipate a compound from substance seizeed down awry 3) Electrical hinders that can barely be inserted into the reform outlets 4) Notches and assymetric pin delineation in computer connectors 5) A flip-expression credress redress a dot that proreinparticularize anticipate the dot from substance accidentally pressed 6) Sounds intimidate and does not rouse car if doors are not locked misapplyly 7) A punching implement upshots barely when operator presses two incongruous switches succeeding a conjuncture two hands and patronages them down 8) A wrapping instrument won’t upshot if serial compute is missing

Slides by : Anjan Ghosh HOUSE KEEPING AND “5-S” Keeping your upshotsettle purified & well-mannered-mannered-mannered organised Organized and spruce upshotsettle classifys errors / discards , amends effectivity • • • A settle for anything, and anything in its settle To eliminate a sensation of modelized operations 5-S is basic to all regulatees and is a pre-requisite for any administration regularity including , QMS , EMS , Bloom & protection Slides by : Anjan Ghosh

Housekeeping & Worksettle Construction • Housekeeping Conjuncture numerous mob may regard housekeeping an unappealing subject, we should acquire that housekeeping is closely tied to numerous excellent countenances of prevalent a world-systematize organisation. For illustration, there is a pungent-muscular linkage betwixt the raze of housekeeping and the raze of piece, instrument breakdowns, accidents, locomotion, register and advancement suggestions. If we comprehend this linkage well-mannered-mannered, rather than importation a face at each consequence inconsequently, each of us should rectify comprehend what exertions are claimd to incrquiet advancement activities.

Housekeeping is everybody’s job. Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Housekeeping & Worksettle Construction • Worksettle Construction Housekeeping is tied closely to rectify upshotsettle construction. The scold of purified soles and instruments is not solely a attractive manifestatlon. Purified surfaces betray amounts such as oil leaks and cracks so that alterative exertion can be capturen as forthcoming as practicable. Similarly, in organizing dies or implements, it does not fashion fur sensation to nicely orient the dies or implements in the persecute if the most frequently used dies are far abroad from the instrument.

Housekeeping and upshotsettle construction relish a certain economic impression. Slides by : Anjan Ghosh 5-S & Housekeeping Some Examples of Bad Housekeeping • Materials untruthful on sole. • Windows & embarrassment exits blocked . • Unremarkable shelves/ persecutes. • Unpurified toilets. • Wickedness implement in implement box. • Dangling wires. • Obsolete documents in approved files. • Oil dripping from leaks. • Embodied succeeding a conjunctureout identification. • Notice consideration not updated. • Inspire stagnating in drains. • Clock slow/ steadfast. • Rejected embodied in ok area. • No remarkable areas for business-post movables. Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Consequences of cardinalclose Housekeeping Capacious total of imperfect effects • Decay of incognizable (lost) embodied • Capacious compute of m/c breakdowns • Inefficient routing of embodied glide • Haughty register razes • Low morale & motivation • Haughty raze of locomotion • Low compute of advancement suggestions • Haughty destruction • Obsolete duration in faceing for implements • Concealed amount area? s • Unaccounted upshot in way and niggardly multiplys • Protection & bloom amounts • Shabby & dirty faces • Low trust of customers & visitors • Slides by : Anjan Ghosh THE FIVE PILLARS OF HOUSEKEEPING ( 5-S ) BUSINESS EXCELLENCE SEIRI SEITON SEISO SEIKETSU SHITSUKE

PRINCIPLES OF BETTER WORKPLACE ORGANISATION Slides by : Anjan Ghosh The 5 Pillars of Housekeeping Seiri (Structurise) – Capture out useclose people and command them abroad. Preserve barely essentials. Seiton (Systematise) – Arrange inevitable people in a misapply regulate so that they can be abundantly located and choice up for use. Seiso (Sanitise ) – Purified the upshotsettle combined using misapply implements & equipment. Seiketsu (Standardise) – Maintain a haughty model of housekeeping at all durations. Check & audit determinationically. Shitsuke (Self-Discipline) – Train and motivate mob to prosper cheerful-natured-natured housekeeping possessions & instruction.

Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Housekeeping What can I execute from 5-S ? • • • • • • • 5-S fashions one’s upshotsettle advance jocular 5-S succors in upshot aptitude 5-S and protection go hand-in-hand 5-S administers to rectify misapplyty & haughtyer effectivity 5-S administers to decay diminish & herebehind inferior consumes 5-S administers to inferior inventories & on-duration deliveries 5-S administers to inferior instrument downtimes Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Lean Manufacturing Lean is environing doing advance succeeding a conjuncture close: such as close duration, register, quantity, drudge, and cardinal. “Lean manufacturing”, present at eliminating decay, simplifying procedures and hurrying up effection.

Also unreserved as Toyota Consequence Regularity (TPS) as its principles were pristine projected and put to use in Toyota by Taiichi Ohno during the 1970? s . This regularity, advance than any other countenance of the guild, is imperative for having made Toyota the respected guild it is today. Toyota has covet been normal as a guide in the automotive manufacturing and effection assiduity. [ By eliminating decay you can do advance succeeding a conjuncture close: Close cardinal equipment Close sole quantity Close operator trial Close trodden drudge Close introdden drudge Close register Close administer duration Slides by : Anjan Ghosh

Lean identifies swell-balanced expressions of decay ( Muda in Japanese ) : 1. Over-Production – A effect that cannot be sold or has to be dumped at a classifyd charge is decayful. Besides pliant effect anteriorly the customer demands it cldonation the multiply to be stored and ties up cardinal in register. 2. Register – Excess Register ties up a excellent dispense of specie, which is decayful. Stockpiling register betwixt regulatees is decayful. 3. Transportation – Unnecessarily relishing a multiply during the effection regulate is decayful. It can besides creator mischief to the multiply, which educes decayful rework. 4.

Correction – Re-work/ restore of defects is a capacious commencement of decay. Additionally, sorting and inspecting multiplys is decayful .. 5. Motion – Useclose or clumsy operator motions put undue force on the construction and creator decay. 6. Processing – Unclear customer accomplishments creator the manufacturer to add useclose regulatees, which add consume to the effect. 7. Waiting duration– Mob and instruments cherishing empty betwixt operations is decayful. Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Total Productive Subsistence ( TPM ) Breakdown of instruments & equipment has to be avoided as it diminishs effectivity , Increases consume and may relish misapplyty .

Therefore deeptenance is important . Breakdown Subsistence (BM) media rectifying succeeding the breakdown has happened . In regulate to preserve instruments bloomy and fit for effection Counteractive Subsistence (PM) besides unreserved as Duration Naturalized Subsistence (TBM) has to be performed as per a fixedional catalogue . In some cases well-mannered-mannered-balanced Counteractive Subsistence is not sufficient. We demand to foreshadow scarcitys by measuring the parameters of the instrument relish vibration , latitude , decay etc . If the dissecticularize of the bloom succeeding the metement is not establish to be OK then deeptenance or alter of multiplys is performed . This is denominated Condition Based

Maintenance ( CBM) Small trite deeptenance can be performed by the operator of the instrument relish lubricating , purifieding , tightening , inspecting etc . The alter of multiplys or CBM or TBM or BM can be performed by specialist deeptenance mob. By doing misapply deeptenance the effectivity and idiosyncraticality of instruments can be enlargementd succeeding a conjuncture Advancement in misapplyty and decrquiet in consume . A lot of luxuriance and involvement of mob are reqd. to determine that misapply deeptenance is performed . Misapply registers of the deeptenance and narrative cards of the instruments has to be kept . For each breakdown and scarcity decomposition demands to be performed to furnish the commencement creator of the scarcity .

These attainmentss proreinparticularize succor in guileing of rectify instruments . This wcavity methodology is denominated as TPM becreator it involves numerous mob & depts. Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Benchmarking – A Regulate of Advancement to Aim the Best • Comparison succeeding a conjuncture gone-by upshots / targets in the identical function/ section. • Comparison succeeding a conjuncture other functions/ depts succeeding a conjuncturein the organisation at identical residuum. • Inter residuum (sister guilets/offices) of identical organisation. • Comparison succeeding a conjuncture other organisations in identical assiduity – national, global. • Comparison succeeding a conjuncture other industries – national, global.

Benchmarking is not barely of upshots but on the regulatees. Often benchmarking would claim intensive studies and recrafty of effects and regulatees. Benchmarking is not spying or blindly coping others . Construction & attainments reqd. In numerous cases there is collaboration betwixt organisations for alternate boon . Benchmarking is a dynamic exertion and not one-duration , becreator by the duration the Improvements are performed the best substance benchremarkable would relish amendd advance. Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Economics Of Property Disposition Consume Claim of curb Consume of behind a conjuncturedrawal of curb (consume of cardinalclose Quality) Stoppage Consume Appraisal consume

Internal Scarcity Consume • Costs associated succeeding a conjuncture imperfect effects & components that lose to coalesce misapplyty accomplishments and creator manufacturing droppinges. • Consume associated succeeding a conjuncture guileing , utensiling, deeptaining and decent the effects, uses and misapplyty regularity. It involves auditing the misapplyty regularity • Costs associated succeeding a conjuncture measuring, evaluating or inspecting effects or components to patronage conformance succeeding a conjuncture misapplyty models and exploit accomplishments Palpable Scarcity Consume •Costs generated by imperfect effects substance sent to customer s Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Economics Of Property WHERE IS THE POINT OF OPTIMUM QUALITY COST ?

Total Consume Claim per cheerful-natured-natured individual of effect Interior + Palpable scarcitys Meanest consume Stoppage + Appraisal 100 % Defectives 0% Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Monitoring Organisation Exploit The Concern Balanced Score Card Accidental indicators (enablers, drivers) Creates and foreshadows coming upshots – herebehind proactive Lagging indicators (results, outcomes) Postmortem of antecedent exertions – herebehind reactive Attainments & Innovation Regulate Administration Customer contentment Financial Results Attainments / Competencies illustration of P. I :• % luxuriance hours • No of SGA teams • Employee Motivation Survey Score • Competency raze • Benchmark projects

Processes illustration of P. I :• Asset utilisation • % Piece • CP, Cpk • Cycle Duration • Duration to negotiate Customers illustration of P. I :• Customer Contentment Index Financials illustration of P. I :• Sales T. O. • PBT / IFO • Specie Glide • Stock Turns • ROCE • Warranty returns • Duration to explain • Delivery reliforce • No of new customers Slides by : Anjan Ghosh The Demand for BBSC • The BBSC enables companies to tpersecute financial upshots, conjuncture contemporaneously monitoring way in edifice the capabilities and acquiring the invisible goods they demand for coming enlargement. The cunningate reflects the redress furnishd betwixt adjacent-and covet-regulate concretes betwixt financial and non-financial metes, betwixt lagging and accidental indicators, and betwixt palpable and interior exploit perspectives. Slides by : Anjan Ghosh Involvement of Mob The bountiful implicit of mob demands to be harnessed and mob motivated to add towards advancements in a discretional way . The aim would be to fashion jobs , jocular and satisfying . Administration demands to furnish luxuriance and eliminatement and furnish deeptenance for ongoing advancements twain for singulars and teams .

Also yield due rewards & memory to preserve motivation haughty . In most cases the rewards are non-monetary . Suggestion Box : Employees can yield suggestions ( dropped in a box ) . Which are evaluated by a committee and if establish competent are utensiled . Kaizens : Small advancements in instruments , regulatees , embodieds etc by singulars or teams Teams go by incongruous cunningates : Property Circles ( QC? s) – where 5-8 non-mgt employees upshot subordinate control of a facilitator (mgt ) and capture up advancement projects in their dept or area of upshot . QC? work-out one Amount succeeding another succeeding a conjuncture identical multiplys and may be upshoting as a team for separate years Small Group Activities (SGA? s) : Upshot relish QC? s but multiplys can be from other depts besides . Succeeding amount is work-outd SGA is disbanded . May involve mgt staff Cross Functional Teams (CFT? s) , Self Directed Teams (SDT? s ) , Task Forces are other expressions of advancement teams Slides by : Anjan Ghosh International Concern Excellence Models • Deming Model – Japan • Malcolm Baldridge Model – USA • European Foundation for Property Administration ( EFQM ) Model All other models are derivatives of these three .

These models are Fur haughtyer than ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 or OHSAS 18001 And faces at Ladership , Temporization , Mob Involvement , Products , Processes , Customer Contentment , Social Province , Financial and non-Financial Results redress a determination of at meanest 3 years The most approved Concern Excellence Model in India is the CII-EXIM Bank Award that is probableized precisely on the EFQM Model. This Is run by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) Slides by : Anjan Ghosh

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