Tips how to write an essay on a book
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Dec 16th, 2019

Tips how to write an essay on a book

Analyzing a piece of literature and writing an essay on it may be quite overwhelming, especially if this is your first experience in this area of writing. However, there is no need to worry. Try to concentrate, give yourself some time, find a comfortable place for working on your task and you will complete it in the best possible manner. In order to write a good literary analysis, you need to read the assigned piece of literature very attentively, pay considerable attention to the fundamental and most important elements of it and then, to discuss what you have read in your paper, while analyzing it step by step. We have provided here a number of essential steps that you will have to follow when accomplishing your assignment, as well as some tips that will help you include the most essential points into your paper and avoid common mistakes that students tend to commit when writing literature analysis. Keep reading to learn how to write an essay on a book.

As a matter of fact, if you want to know how to write an essay on a book, you need to understand the purpose of this kind of writing assignment first of all. The point is that a good-written analytical paper foresees that you provide it with some kind of argument in regard to the subject of your analysis. You need to break the topic of your paper into sections and include into your paper an evidence from the book directly. However, it is also important to decide exactly what you are going to write about. Read the assignment very carefully and make sure you understand what you are required to do. If there are additional instructions to the assignment, you need to make sure you comprehend them. Otherwise, you should discuss them with your professor and ask for clarifications, if appropriate. If you are already assigned to write a paper on a particular topic, ensure you know and understand what issues this topic has to cover. On the other hand, if choosing of a topic for an analysis paper is a part of your task, you need to provide yourself with some more time in order to come up with a good and interesting idea for your topic.

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Tips how to write an essay on a book
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In addition, there are different methods of analyzing that you should take into consideration when working on your paper. Some of them are exclusively scientific and are usually used for writing research papers, others are used for creative writing. In any case, you need to come up with certain method (or several methods) that would be most suitable for you and could help you cover all the issues that you want to discuss in your analysis paper. Below, we provided some steps to follow when dealing with your writing assignment.

Writing your analysis paper step by step

  • First step is brainstorming, of course. This is what writing of all kinds of papers begins with. There is a probability that you will not know your thesis statement in the very beginning, so you will need to come up with some good ideas. Therefore, find the most repeated symbols, phrases or ideas in the assigned book, figure out what role they play. Consider using the technology of mind-mapping, when it is necessary to start with some main topic and develop a number of subtopics around it.
  • Deal with the thesis statement. It is going to take a sentence or two sentences in the opening paragraph of your paper. Your thesis statement has to let your reader know what you are going to discuss in your essay, what claims and arguments you are going to provide and what your key point in regard to the assigned piece of literature is.
  • Look for appropriate evidences in order to support your arguments and claims. They can be within the whole content of the book. Depending on the requirements of your assignment, you will need to work with the book only or you will have to use additional sources, like review articles.
  • Create a good outline. This step will help you get your paper well-structured and organized appropriately. Also, it will make it easier for you to write your paper. Make sure you are aware of the required length of your essay. While some professors ask for a five paragraph essay, others want it to be seven or even nine paragraphs long.
  • Make an impressive introduction. This part of your paper is meant to provide your potential reader with essential understanding of what you will write your paper about. Also, it will help your reader realize whether he or she wants continue further reading. Thus, this paragraph is very important, as long as it will make the first impression on your reader. On how good this impression will be, depends the success of your paper.
  • Write body paragraphs in accordance with the main ideas and supporting ideas of your analysis. Every paragraph has to begin with certain idea supported by arguments, examples and relevant evidences. Also, every body paragraph has to include an opening sentence, the main content and a little conclusion to end up with.
  • Deal with writing a remarkable conclusion. Although your main ideas are already provided in the body paragraphs of your paper, the last part of your essay is also very important. It will make the last impression on your reader. Therefore, it has to be strong, clear, interesting and provide a summary of your thesis statement.

Learning how to write an analysis essay on a book can only be easy if you concentrate on your assignment and avoid distraction. Apart from explanation of how to write an analytical essay on a book, you can get here the following services:

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