Process of car wash Averaged time for 6 cars of regular size and weight (minutes)
Car registration 1
Payment 2
Queue time 5
Selection of car wash program and prewashing 3
Wash with water containing the detergent 3
Rinse with fresh water 2
Applying wax 3
Drying the car 3
Cycle time for washing one regular sized car 22 minutes

Analysis: Cycle time for washing one regular sized car is 22 minutes average based on 6 cars. Tool used is stop watch to measure each processes. Accuracy made in actual observation and study in a car wash service is 100%.

The times that were gathered from the study were all closely related from one car to the other and there is not big variance in time between the processes of the 6 cars.

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Tellering process deposits of notes only amount considered is $100,000; state of bills considered not mute Averaged time for 6 clients in minutes
Call client number and asking for nature of transaction including greeting and reply of client 2
Receiving deposits and counting bills, notes breakdown and checking for fake bills 5
Sorting bills and checking notes breakdown again 3
Validation of deposit slip 1
Updating of passbook 1
Cycle time spent for counting 12 minutes

Cycle time for counting a $100,000 dollar notes by a teller is 12 minutes.

Study was done observing 3 tellers and 6 clients of same amount and of same classification of notes counted. The variance between the processes of involved is close to the average. This study is 100% accurate based from personal observation and study. Tool used is stop watch.