Three Step in Writing Process Essay
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Dec 14th, 2019

Three Step in Writing Process Essay

Steps in writing

            Any good writing style should comprehend three basic steps. Firstly, planning plays the most fundamental procedure before any writing is comensed.Planning therefore refers to the process of analyzing the context and content to be written by creating, identifying and establishing an understanding of the audience to be addressed. Planning also involves the process of collecting data in order to determine the concerns of a given audience inoder to ensure that the written content consides with their needs.

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Three Step in Writing Process Essay
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It is however, the process of organizing the writing content by highlighting the basic ideas and creating a method of instruction that can deliver your content to the audience (Bovee, Thill, Schatzman, 2008).

            The second step in writing involves writing itself. Writing refers to the process of creating a rapport with the reader by identifying with him or her through choice of words and speech that will draw the interest of the audience to the subject. It is the ability of the writer to capture the audience by establishing strong bonds through projecting his or her credibility by creating a positive image about him or herself.

Writing however entails the good organization and flow of paragraphs encompassed in excellent sentence construction with good diction in grammar (Bovee, Thill, Schatzman, 2008).

            The third and the last step in writing is complementing. Complementing therefore refers to the act of evaluating the credibility of the content by reviewing it through editing and writing for clarity. It is the effective use of elements in writing and appropriate layouts for professional outlook. It is the act of validating the quality of the content by constantly reviewing it on and on in order to eliminate errors in grammar and spellings.Lastly but not least after the document is approved and by use of appropriate medium information is successfully disseminated to public (Bovee, Thill, Schatzman, 2008).


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