Three cheers for the mighty personalities!
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Dec 16th, 2019

Three cheers for the mighty personalities!

Technology has turned us all into celebrities whose pictures appear everywhere on social media. Even children write messages that travel the world and express intimate details, love stories, preferences and the like. We may wish to be like the great and dream of living in palaces. Yet let us spare a thought or two for the unfortunates who make up perhaps 50% of the world population. Side by side, let us develop the poor people essay and use the social conscience to mitigate their suffering.

Many writing assignments come early in school and continue through at least fifteen years through college. Writing is thought and action, adventure and romance, and we best give it a lot of attention. Beginning with essays and letters, we may be branching out into stories, reviews of books and movies, critical essays, research proposals and papers, reports, and the like. That is a lot of writing indeed. Detailed guidelines are provided regarding formatting, word length and submission date. These must be carefully observed. Something in common relates to all writing. The subject, the audience and purpose should be carefully understood. Planning and researching appropriate valid sources would bring plenty of materials but avoid plagiarism. The outline or draft is first prepared. The different sections or paragraphs are carefully written. The usual formula would be introduction, body and conclusion.

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Three cheers for the mighty personalities!
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An writing an informative essay among the different types like expository, argumentative and narrative, is a rather common assignment. In such writing, you would reveal your knowledge of a subject like wildlife in a carefully planned manner. Important points are necessary and a Google search would throw up immense quantities of material. If wildlife is too broad, conservation of wildlife narrows it down. A thesis sentence reveals at the beginning what the essay would deal with. Maybe the financing for nature conservation plans is the subject. After the evidence is presented in the middle paragraphs, the conclusion restates the thesis and whatever final decisions have been made without introducing new material. Everything should be interesting to the reader and sustain interest throughout, beginning with a bang.

While business and official writing and correspondence may stick entirely to dry facts and statistics, creative essays bring greater freedom and color to the writer and the reader. Creativity can certainly remove the tedium of writing and give the audience a burst of happiness. Ideas from story writing could be injected into the essays to provide additional interest. You need not call a spade a spade each time. Putting everything in black and white like in the newspapers breeds boredom. Creativity brings color and sparkle to turn a boring subject into something entertaining. Humor, dialogue, atmosphere, and character would animate writing. A large industry of creative writing in print and online caters to the human need to be entertained after hard work during the weekends, and movies do just that!

An what is an annotated bibliography is not the norm in the usual reference lists that we commonly see at the end of research papers. The reference list states the sources of materials used in compiling the paper and names books and documents, websites too. The annotated reference list is a separate document that goes one step further and provides write ups of maybe 200 words on each item in the list. The write-up is not merely an abstract or summary, but adopts critical approaches and states the quality of the work. In the case of engineering books, for instance, it would be quite a specialized task for the writer. The writer of the pieces would have to do ample research to arrive at those short write ups.

The whole world is thinking business plans!

Though the idea may be alarming initially, writing a business plan before you take the plunge is crucial. Having a blueprint like a plan of action to pursue over the next five years provides a purpose and direction besides being compulsory for submission to licensing and financing agencies. If it is a new business, everything is being planned and speculative. Yet you know what the products and services are and have sought licensing and funding accordingly. The framing of vision and mission goals assumes great significance. Business premises or the factory where goods are produced, their maintenance, staff, and machinery would all find a place in the business plan. What advertising strategies are being adopted, in which media and for how long? Which are the funding agencies? If it is a bakery, things look overwhelmingly complicated, but should be broken down into segments as learned in the study course. Yet most businesses are run by those without deep business knowledge or skills. In such a case, the internet supplies enough materials to provide confidence and build up skills. Companies offer consultancy services and help set up the business.

We started with the famous people essay that everybody would find interest in because of our homage to celebrities. An essay about famous people at this point of time might deal with Hillary, Angela Merkel, and Cameroon, to talk politically. If it is writers, names like Salman Rushdie and Margaret Atwood come to mind. If we want to include what the famous have contributed to civilization, that would be a mighty success story in terms of religion and government, art and culture. Yet we are aware of infamous people too who waged war or committed serious crimes. Maybe we should include them all if we are interested in history and development, a true picture of society. The famous people essay would be a grand window indeed to view life, just like a film, with many images.

An essay about poor people would highlight what the affluent or the government can do to improve their plight. Insecurity, hunger, malnourishment and poverty plague millions, particularly in Asia and Africa. Their situation could easily be remedied with contributions from the many billionaires, but politics, religion, race and culture become the barriers. The essay could certainly express our innermost feelings and the desire to help that may lead to a shift in thinking.

Practice writing a few essays:

  • Why does the world have inequality between the rich and poor?
  • Describe three deserving famous persons of the 21st century.
  • Mention five ways you could help the poor people.

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