Thinking/thought tracks
I predict that this book will foreshadow the Fever in 1793. I assume there will be a girl at the age of 12, experiencing this fever. The book might portray the ups and downs of the girl’s life in this prolonged period of time.

Maybe one of her family members doesn’t survive throughout the whole book.
– What does the church bell-chiming mean?
– What is Matilda’s father’s name?
– Does Nathaniel have parents?
– Who are the Ludingtons?
– Does the yellow fever plague the whole of USA?
– What is this balloon a symbol of for Mattie?
• Never give up on what you believe
• I compare this book to Number the stars, A night to remember or Wonder.
• You will keep reading from start to finish.
• Yellow Fever is just like the disease Jaundice
• When Matilda is bitten by a mosquito this foreshadows her yellow fever later.
• This book is written from Matilda’s perspective.
Themes that are portrayed in the book
• Mortality
• Suffering
• Family
• Loss
• Perseverance
• Business
• Responsibility
• Confidence
• Determination
• Bravery

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As soon as Matilda recovered from the fever she and her grandfather returned to Philadelphia.
The first night they returned to the coffeehouse it was burglarized. Mattie watched her grandfather get into a fight with a thief looting in their home. Amongst their battle, her grandfather was brutally attacked and Mattie had to witness him get killed during the battle. Who is there to take care of Mattie now?
Climax 2
Yellow fever has stricken the city of Philadelphia and caused most of the residents to flee to the country to reach fresh air. This made the city vacant, only leaving behind the poor who could not afford the trip to the country. Due to most fleeing, that meant the entire food source was gone as well, farmers stayed in the country and did not venture into the contagious city. This caused the food source to be very scarce.
With the absence of Mattie’s mother, there is no one to run the coffeehouse. The end of the epidemic arrived and brought back the city’s residents, along with many of the coffeehouse customers. Mattie is faced with the thought of attempting to run the coffeehouse by her or disappoint her mother and not open their business at all.

Character List
• Matilda Cook
• Nathaniel Benson
• Captain William Farnsworth Cook
• Polly
• Eliza
• Lucille Cook
• Joseph
• Nell
• Matilda’s Father
• Mr. Bowles
• Mr. Brown
• Mr. Carris
• Dr. Deveze
• Mrs. Flagg
• Dr. Kerr
• The Ludington Family
• The Ogilvie family
• The Peale Family
• Polly
• Robert and William
• Mr. Rowley
• Mother Smith

Rising Action

Matilda’s mother is diagnosed with yellow fever
Mattie and her mother were invited to the Ogilvie’s house for tea.
Yellow fever is becoming an epidemic and people are dying constantly
Matilda and Captain Cook are then thrown to the side of the road to fend for themselves.
Mattie is then stricken with Yellow Fever.
Matilda meets a child that has lost her mom and decides to care for her.
Mattie meets Eliza when she is wondering in the streets.
Matilda begins to work in the Free African American Society.
Robert and William are struck with Yellow Fever.

1. Matilda Cook is awakened early in the morning because of the work to be done in the coffee shop downstairs. Her mother’s nagging is droned with the infuriating sound of a mosquito right near her forehead. Matilda vows to herself that when Polly arrives she will run to her favorite place. Finally, she reaches downstairs before her mother flips her lid.
2. Matilda’s family owns their own coffeehouse. Her father created this business. He passed away while building the company accommodation. Matilda’s family consists of Matilda, Mother, Grandfather, and Eliza who works as the family’s cook. Matilda’s mother starts to lecture her about her perfect childhood. We are introduced to the spacious kitchen. We are taken through Matilda’s normal morning routine. Until mother returns with the forlorn news.
3. We start off with Matilda’s reactions about Polly’s death. Mattie tries to remember the last time they frolicked together. Mattie is remembering all the memories of her and Polly together.

On the first of May, we are introduced to Sophie Newman. The only detail we know is that she is talking to her friend, Elle over the phone. Sophie is currently in the coffee shop in San Francisco where she works. She sees 2 men coming out of a car wearing coats. She asks Elle why anyone will where overcoats in the middle of summer? She suspects something is wrong. After another man comes out from the car. Their eyes meet and the fellow’s eyes are glowing! Immediately we change settings and are found in the bookshop where Sophie’s twin brother works. Here he smells a combination of peppermint and rotten eggs. He pokes his head out of the cellar. Keep reading to find out more.

Character List
• Nicholas Flamel
• Sophie Newman
• Perenelle Flamel
• Scathach
• Josh Newman
• Dr. John Dee
• The Witch of Endor
• The Morrigan
• Hekate
• Bastet
• Abraham the Mage
• Aunt Agnes
• Sarah and Richard Newman
• Torc Allta
• Elle
• Jefferson Miller
• Senuhet
• Sphinx
• Pterosaurs
• Golems
• Bernice

Thinking/thought tracks

I predict from the front cover that in this book there is an Alchemist who’s name is Nicholas Flamel. Mr. Flamel must be the main character of this story. In the book, he must be divulging all his secrets of Alchemy that he has encountered. Let’s read on and find out.

Why is Alchemyst spelled wrong throughout the book?
Did Abraham The Mage really exist?

• Nothing is like it seems
• Sophie and Josh have a whole world of magic in front of them but they don’t have a clue.
• For example, the owner of a bookshop is a perpetual alchemyst.
• I compare this book to the Harry Potter series
• Amazing should be a movie
• The Alchemyst just wants to make me read the entire series.
• I was glued to it from start to finish; couldn’t put it down
• This book is written in 3rd person
• The reason it is the 3rd person is that it uses words like he, she, and they.

Rising Action
Nicolas, Sophie, Josh, and Scathach go to Ojai Valley to see Dora the Witch of Endor.
Dr. John Dee track Nicholas, Sophie, Josh, and Scathach then he raises the dead to fight against them.
Nicolas Flamel and Dr. John Dee have a magic battle in the middle of a bookstore.
Perenelle Flamel is kidnapped by Dee and he put a resisting spell to disable her magic use.
Sophie and Josh find out that they are part of a prophecy written thousands of years ago by Abraham the Mage.
Sophie, Josh, Scathach, and Nicholas travel to the Yggdrasill tree to have Sophie and Josh’s powers awakened by Hekate.
Dr. John Dee, Morrigan, and Bastet wage a war on Hekate and her army of Torc Allta (people that turn into boars).


The climax of the story is when Sophie uses her newly awakened powers to defeat Bastet the powerful cat goddess and the Yggdrasill tree is burned down while there is a war going on.
This is the turning point of the story because Dr. John Dee realizes the true power of one of the twins from the prophecy and it scares him away long enough to allow Nicholas, Scathach, Sophie, and Josh to escape.

Themes that are portrayed in the book
• Fantasy
• Awe
• Love
• Family
• Fear
• Victory
• Battle
• Youth
• Destiny
• Magic