the used by the used
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Dec 18th, 2019

the used by the used

The Used

Everyone listens to music at least once a day. Whether it’s in the elevator, in the car or even in school. I listen to music everyday! I am more of a pop and hip-hop type of girl. I never really was interested in rock music until I heard the band “The Used”. they are an older band they have four band members, there music is a little different, and i would’ve never found them They are a rock, emo-pop and death-love band.
There are four band members that make up “The Used”. The lead singer is Bert McCracken. He also plays piano, trumpet, guitar, keyboard, synthesizer, and programming. The lead guitarist and secondary vocalist is Quinn Allman. James Howard plays the bass guitar and backup vocals. Rounding out the band in percussion is Dan Whitesands. Dan is renowned as a drum god by all that know him.

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the used by the used
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Their music is a little different compared to other bands of their era and genre. They sing very dark love death music, which is a paradox all in itself. Their main influence is rock but you can sense the influences of emo, punk, and screamo. They have released seven albums to date. “The Used” is an american rock band from Orem, Utah. They formed in 2001 and the group signed with Reprise Records the same year. They rose to fame in June 2002 after releasing their self-titled debut album. Out of all of their albums there is one song that is amazing to me. It is titled “The bird and the worm”. This was the song that really peaked my interest in the band.
I was introduced to the song “ The bird and the worm” by my dance coach. The jazz dance team performed to this song in the 2012-2013 season. We didn’t get to hear our song until we learn part of our dance. the movements we were doing were different and creepy and we all looked at our coach like she was crazy. as soon as we heard the music and did the dance to it, it clicked it was amazing and we all loved it. the night i went home and listened to some other of The Used’s songs and i fell in love with the band. I listen to them almost everyday now and can’t wait to get there songs on my phone. They are amazing together as a band.
They say the kind of music you listen to will affect the way you act. to a certain point i believe it but then i don’t. what i mean is i listen to there music and i am funny outgoing girl. Ever second of my day i am around music and i love it a listen to all different types of music and nothing changes the way i am and i will never let it change who i am and you shouldn’t either. Everyone has their type of music and i am a pop rocken, hip hop love death loving girl.

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