If you need to write a quality book analysis essay, be sure to describe the most important information about a particular literature work in addition to your personal conclusions and views. Basically, this english paper has the same structure as other academic assignments, and this means that it should include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. As a student, you need to give a brief overview of a certain book without writing unnecessary details. If you’re assigned by professors to write The Tempest essay, it’s necessary to read this book, create an outline, and write all paragraphs. If this academic task seems a bit difficult for any reasons, you can always find skilled and trained freelance authors online.

  • What is the nature of relationships between Miranda and Prospero? Feel free to discuss specific moments where Miranda is dependent of the father. How does her character change throughout this play?
  • What about the character of Ferdinand? What is the nature of his feelings for Miranda? Is he a positive character? What are his relationships with other characters in this book?
  • Pay attention to those passages that mention sounds, noises, and music. What is their role in The Temple? You should focus on a few characters while discussing this subject.
  • Do all characters express their wish to become the lord of the island? Compare and contrast at least a few of them. How do they envision the potential of this island? How do they envision their rules?
  • Do you agree that Prospero’s magic is different from the one of Sycorax? Why? Be sure to answer these questions in detail when writing your asa paper.
  • Do you think that Prospero’s need for revenge can lead to the tragedy with ease? Compare this play to other Shakespeare’s tragedies, including Hamlet. What revenge elements are present in all of them? Are they different? How is Prospero’s revenge neutralized by love and romance?
  • Compare plots to murder Alonso and Prospero. Does the author intend them to mirror each other? Do they have anything in common? Is a social status important in evaluating both murder plots? You should use the best thesis methodology if you choose this subject for your literary essay.
  • What do you think about Gonzalo’s ideas of the perfect society and people’s commonwealth? Do they have anything in common with Utopia? Do you believe that all utopian dreams are destined to fail? Why?
  • Why does Caliban use both prose and poetry? The author usually uses prose for lower class characters and leaves poetry for the noble ones. Why does this play have such a shift? What can it tell readers about this character? These questions can provide you with interesting and helpful ideas for your writing a rhetorical analysis essay.
  • Does Prospero really undergo any transformation at the end? What evidence can you provide to prove this statement?
  • His character was always fond of learning and studying, so he applied those interests to the book of magic and he uses its power to teach all enemies certain lessons. Does he delight the use of these magical powers?
  • The author often tends to have certain comic characters to lighten his tragedies. What about Trinculo and Caliban? Do they present any comical elements in their scenes?

A List of The Tempest Essay Topics

  • Is it true that Caliban seems unimportant in the end of this play? Why did the author decide to include his character in this story? What is his role? You should use available ideas and facts to support your thesis statement.
  • To what extend can Caliban be civilized? Should Prospero leave him untrained? Do you agree that his rebellion is inevitable? Do his actions represent all colonized people? Are you familiar with the post-colonial theory?
  • Make a comparison of the powers of Ariel, Caliban, and Prospero. Where do they get these powers? How do they use them? When making your coursework definition, can you choose the one who has greater powers? Why?
  • Do you believe that imperialism and colonialism are the most important themes in this famous play? All characters usurp powers throughout its plot, so you need to analyze specific examples. What are their motives for usurpation? What do they want to achieve? How does it relate to colonizing inhabitants on the island? What usurpations are expected? Take into consideration The Tempest essays that discuss the same subject to get a better idea of how to outline your literature analysis.
  • Are you interested in the idea of brotherhood when it comes to such characters as Antonio, Prospero, and Alonso? Do they have the same greed for power? If you choose this topic, it’s advisable to focus on power struggles among them. How does their kingship affect the drive for power that they have?
  • Pick a few characters that can be described as unnatural and natural. You should explore both their differences and similarities. How do their important characteristics affect relationships between them? Be sure to answer these questions in essays on The Tempest.
  • Why is Prospero portrayed with so many characteristics? He is a friend, a father, and a sorcerer. You should discuss his significant roles in this play. What is the role that he will more likely to take on? Why does he have so many roles?
  • What about Prospero and Ariel’s relationship? Why does she ask if he is in love with her? What does it reveal about their feelings?
  • Is it interesting to describe the portrayal of Caliban in the book and in the play? Can you compare the noble man and the natural man?

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