The study of Criminology will fulfil a deeper understanding of Essay
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Nov 19th, 2019

The study of Criminology will fulfil a deeper understanding of Essay

The study of Criminology will fulfil a deeper understanding of the causes and consequences of crime and exploring how it affects our society. I want to examine things from more than one perspective; from the criminal, victim and their families and gain a better understanding of the impact, if any, of social order on criminal activity. I would like to take a look internally at the way various prisons work and what they are currently doing to try and rehabilitate prisoners.

Studying how prisons operate currently compared to previous years and why changes have been made will give an insight into the actions of the offenders whilst in incarceration and how that affects the likelihood of them reoffending. The workings of the human mind intrigue me. A-level Law has motivated me to study criminal law further. I have to read more independently and keep up with current affairs through reading newspapers such as The Times and watching news programmes. Visiting the Old Bailey and the Royal Courts of Justice, I had the privilege to sit in courtrooms and listen to real-life cases in progress.

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The study of Criminology will fulfil a deeper understanding of Essay
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On trips to the crown court I experienced the defendants being questioned. This helped me understand how the burden of proof in is used in cases. I have also visited my local prison and been to a crime investigation day. By studying A-level Psychology I am able to learn more about this vast subject. I have a philosophy; a way of thinking; there is always something new to learn and the most important thing is to hold curiosity by simply listening. I wish to enhance my knowledge about the criminal mind, to understand how we conduct ourselves, and research why crime is still such a substantial part of our world. By studying A-level PE, along with being a participant in sport during my life, I have evolved to be dedicated and hardworking and to grow as a person both physically and mentally, realising the commitment needed to progress and be successful. I believe that my personal well-being and good level of fitness will help me be a well-grounded student. I was born in the UK, my father is Dutch and I have family in the Netherlands and also Canada, visiting them frequently alongside visiting other countries has exposed me to different languages and cultures and this has helped me to adapt in various settings. At school I gained my bronze and silver level Duke of Edinburgh award. At college I have started my gold award and I aim to complete this too. I achieved an equestrian scholarship from my former school where I competed regularly representing the school in many competitions alongside completing my GCSEs. I also represented my former school in athletics where I successfully qualified for the county championships at Bath University. I also played hockey, netball and rounders. I have been a member of the Mendip Farmers Pony Club since the age of four and have been fortunate to own and look after my own horses. I have also played football, attending training and matches twice a week since the age of 11. Competing individually and also within a team has massively helped me to become more independent and learn leadership skills whilst also being a huge team player.

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