The Stranger Analysis Paper English Literature Essay
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Nov 28th, 2019

The Stranger Analysis Paper English Literature Essay

In Albert Camus’s “The Stranger”, the paradox of condition from Camus’s eyes are put on evidence through the deep letter Meursault. The import that the significance of condition is in the cosmical experiences and that unnaturalnesss shouldn’t be investigationed is the basis of who Meursault verily is as a idiosyncratic. These idiosyncraticality strokes expose that Meursault is a ripe specimen of an existentialist. From Meursault’s strictly material way of describing the incidents he succeedings into touch succeeding a while, to his stagnation of sensibility and aggravateall succeeding a whiledrawal from undiminishedunnaturalness in his condition subject-matters insides the letteristics of a ripe existentialist.

Level his representation on condition and decease, succeeding a while the representation entity that condition verily isn’t merit food, is a trodden paintal of existentialism. Throughout the upstart Meursault is painted as the weak hero; the letter that not singly doesn’t longing he had another doom, but accepts his judgment and does button environing it. This seemingly loose and at spans frustrating way of thinking is what drives the undiminished upstart.

Therefore, in “The Stranger”, Albert Camus paints the deep letter Meursault as the ripe existentialist, demonstrating that condition is not singly weak but significanceless as well-mannered.

In the upstart, Meursault’s conditions are illustrative in a rare custom in the import that there is no tender affection to any of it; singly the material aspects of undiminished condition are recorded or cogitation by Meursault, which shows the profoundness of his existentialistic idiosyncraticality. Throughout the upstart Meursault’s material name of unnaturalnesss afford the reader succeeding a while not singly the contrive of the fable but a deeper seem into the weakness of condition that Camus judges in. For precedence, upon mental-pain the decquiet of his dowager, whom he refers to as Maman, Meursault takes in the sights of her funeral representationing, such as his the anxietytaker’s raiment entity habituated in “bstagnation succeeding a while pin-striped trousers”, rather that addressing the truth that his dowager is in-truth unconscious (Camus 13). He too narrates the halt avocation his dowager’s casket up for the representationing as “walnut-stained planks”(6).The way Meursault seems to inadvertence his dowager’s decquiet and convergence deeply upon the over paltry and light aspects exposes a key subject-substance in the condition of an existentialist; that cosmical emotions can’t be explained and are consequently not developed at all. Meursault took what seemed to be a traumatic incident in his condition, entity the perishing of a lineage part, and deteriorated it into an emotionless probation that caused him to aggravatelook precious production days. He level goes as far as to narrate the moments when his dowager was entity buried, by maxim that “blood-red earth” spilled aggravate her casket and the “unspotted flesh of the roots” qualified in succeeding a while the sordidness (18). Another span, as Meursault is entity investigationed respecting the murder of the Arab man, he notes the examining magistrate’s “deep-set bluish eyes”, level though the injustice of the condition was plenteous over than Meursault current, and too showing that Meursault verily didn’t anxiety that he was entity expert in affect as a murderer (64). He too narrates the tie his counsel was wearing one day as “odd-looking” and “succeeding a while coarse bstagnation and unspotted stripes” (64). This shows that he verily doesn’t anxiety environing his state at all and that it’s regular another significanceless incident in his condition.

By singly describing the material aspects of condition, Meursault exposes another stroke of the existentialist; that he doesn’t anxiety environing anyone or everything, despising of who or what it is. Meursault merely goes through his day doing whatever occurs and doesn’t do everyunnaturalness environing it to vary what is occuring in his condition. This is the representationsubject-substance that Meursault has throughout the upstart; that unnaturalnesss regular occur the way they occur and they are unconfined by anyone, specially himself. This representation on condition is incontrovertible specially when he is negotiation succeeding a while the decquiet of his dowager. When his boss exposes a diminutive trouble insides Meursault that he is requesting days off for the funeral of his dowager, Meursault replies “It’s not my fault” (1). This emotionless action and aggravateall amalgamation from his dowager’s decquiet shows the reader that Meursault is a gentleman existentialist; that his stagnation of emotions extents to level the most impressible places for most, that entity lineage. Also, when Meursault arrives end at his production from his abrupt concession, his boss investigations him environing his dowager Maman. When asked how old Maman was, Meursault replied “environing sixty”, claiming he responded in the way he did as to encourage that he wasn’t loose in maxim her age (25). The truth that he doesn’t repart his own dowager’s age is yet another specimen of how Meursault is an existentialist in the import that he has no sensibilitys insides anyone, level his lineage. The last undiminished of anxiety or sensibility inside a lineage part would merely be recollecting a birthday or an age, which Meursault plainly doesn’t entertain, so consequently recollecting how old his dowager was wasn’t weighty to him at all. Level succeeding his dowager passes he never unintermittently wonders why his dowager had to die at that span in his condition, or level triton as momentous as why she died. He merely accepts the condition at index and never investigations it, which exposes his existentialism level over. His tender amalgamation during the upstart frustrates manifold letters that Meursault succeedings in touch succeeding a while. They are weak to succeeding to provisions succeeding a while Meursault’s existentialism as a undiminished, and consequently labor succeeding a while him environing this throughout the upstart. A deep specimen of this is Marie, Meursault’s girlfriend or benevolence curiosity-behalf throughout the upstart. Marie falls deeply in benevolence succeeding a while Meursault succeeding consultation him abruptly succeeding the decquiet of Meursault’s dowager. Accordingly of this she proposes wedding to Meursault, to which he replies yes, but not for the reasons Marie was hoping for. Meursault agrees to espouse Marie accordingly it was what she wanted, and not accordingly of a benevolence or level a hanker for her. This is incontrovertible when he says the benevolence in investigation by Marie “didn’t medium everything”, and that he “probably didn’t benevolence her” (41). This shows how diminutive appreciate Meursault verily holds on condition; that level the last unnaturalnesss such as benevolence are not feasible to him.

The gentleman existentialist judges that condition is meritless and essentially button in the aggravateall draft of unnaturalnesss. This idiosyncraticality stroke is too rest in Meursault in the upstart as he communicates succeeding a while manifold aspects of condition and decease. Towards the end of the upstart, when Meursault is hereafter to provisions that he obtain exhaust a sublime communicate of his condition in jail and incidentually die, the underived and showy representation of decquiet that Meursault has is exposeed to the reader. His representation is that his doom doesn’t substance and that decquiet is necessary and obtain occur antecedent or after in his condition. He succeedings to provisions succeeding a while the truth that he obtain in-truth die and is snug proficient this, which is a rather unsettling unnaturalness for bulk of mass. Meursault is at quiet and snug proficient that he obtain die antecedent or after in condition. This is incontrovertible succeeding a while his inspissated denials to be visited by the chaplain of the jail. Succeeding his third denial, his rationalistic was he didn’t “entertain everyunnaturalness to say to him” (108). The denial to see a chaplain not singly reflects on Meursault’s pious representations, but on his representation on condition itself and how he did not judge condition was perpetual. By him refusing to see the chaplain he was voicing the notion that he didn’t judge in God, which stems end to the existentialistic representation that the significance of condition is in the cosmical experiences and not in gods or God. Meursault too had the existentialistic representationsubject-substance of decease, which was that it would succeeding promptly sufficient and that condition truly wasn’t merit plenteous. This is incontrovertible when, upon thinking environing his resort, he says that “everybody knows condition isn’t merit food” (114). This sensibility of twain meritlessness and buttonness stems troddenly end to the existential representation on condition; that there truly was no subject-substance in it. Meursault came to the uniformt that whether a idiosyncratic died at a childish age or an old age it didn’t substance; that condition would stationary hold on and antecedent or after that idiosyncratic would be wholly neglected by undiminishedone, level the mass they determined halt friends or lineage.

Throughout Albert Camus’s upstart “The Stranger”, the notion of existentialism is painted through the deep letter Meursault. His insufficiency to feel emotions and paint them to others is evidenceed as a greater specimen through the upstart.

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