The Should Drinking Age Be Lowered To 18 essay : where the drinking controversy originates from
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Dec 16th, 2019

The Should Drinking Age Be Lowered To 18 essay : where the drinking controversy originates from

As many social scientists put it, there is a strong connection between alcohol abuse and behavior of the young. According to the most recent data, at least 27 percent of eighth-grade students and 43 percent of students from tenth-grade have tried alcohol beverages. Also, more than 55 percent of high school seniors provided information that they had consumed alcohol much more than once. However, students whose assignment is to provide positive evidence for the tacit question – that is, the Drinking Age Should Be Lowered To 18 essay – must pay attention, predominantly, to the consequences related to the drinking problem among youth. Thus, 15 percent or more of students under 18 were reported to be driving in a state of intoxication during the month before being surveyed. Such statistics, mostly, implies the earnestness with which the issue of the underage mania to consume alcohol is being treated by government regulators and several organizations, such as MADD. Frankly speaking, for many decades, young people experiencing alcohol abuse were not regarded as a problem that requires a solution. Only recently quite a few activists who knowhow to write a reaction paper started a campaign to curb the problem of young drunkards.

If we were to estimate the efficiency with which state governments are trying to establish the regulation of at what age and who could drink, we would see how often laws work in obvious conflict with one another. The conflict is especially acute when two bordering states or provinces support different regulations of this sore subject. Certainly, it is a good point to mention in your Should Drinking Age Be Lowered To 18 essay – how often teenagers were caught racing home intoxicated after driving across the state line to have a big carouse. Still, apart from establishing a uniform regulation regarding the drinking age, little can be done today to address numerous tragedies that happen with young people commuting to border states.

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The Should Drinking Age Be Lowered To 18 essay : where the drinking controversy originates from
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Let us overlook certain facts that have been gleaned from numerous sources including onebook report and onebusiness paper. These products of statistical surveys provide a good example of what information can be included in your essay as an issue for discussion:

  • the recent data collected by NHTSA show that roughly one-third of drivers between the ages of fifteen and twenty who are killed in car crashes were reported to be drinking before driving;
  • according to observational results of the SAMHSA studies, young persons between the age of eighteen and twenty-two who attend colleges are much more likely to drink uncontrollably, than people in that age group who are not students.
  • the FBI provides the statistics, according to which nearly 192,000 young people were arrested for drunken driving in 1979. This should be compared to the year 1967 when fewer than 17,000 persons under the age of twenty-one were arrested for the same crime;
  • the aforementioned MADD organization argues on the basis of statistics that a person who has not drunk strong drinks is 16 times less likely to get involved in a car accident than somebody who manages to reach 0.08 % BAC. That blood alcohol level of 0.02 percent is enough for teenagers to experience the impact of alcohol abuse is even more important issue here;
  • also, a writer of the Should Drinking Age Be Lowered To 18 essay can mention the study conducted by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism that suggest that more than eighty percent of high school students confessed in getting drunk at least once a month.

The Should Drinking Age Be Lowered To 18 essay : the reasons why the age of 21 makes sense

Of course, we are, basically, overloaded with proofs regarding the harm and inappropriateness of alcohol drinks for anybody younger than 21. And what about the opposite view? Primarily, there are two points of view, which advocates are trying to show the artificiality of the ‘21-year old’ border and provide the historical evidence claiming that excessive prohibition may result in an even more uncontrollable situation. You can use these points as a basis for the argument in your Drinking Age Should Not Be Lowered To 18 essay. It is easy to see that adults abuse strong beverages as well, and people in their thirties and forties find lots of harmful ways to use alcohol and their inebriety. Moreover, as the student attains her drinking majority the society expects from her to celebrate the access to a responsible adult life – by drinking unreasonably, which is often the case at student parties.

One need not to know what is athesis definition to understand how differently alcohol affects the mind of an 18-year teenager and a 35-year drinker. Therefore, the main question is, as scientists expertly put it, whether the brain of an adolescent is able to recognize the moment she has drunk too much. Speaking of the adolescent brain, the prefrontal cortex is still under development at the age of eighteen. However, among the functions of the prefrontal cortex is the ability to establish priorities and set behavioral strategies as well as control personal impulses. In other words, which could be more suitable for aliterary essay, that is the part of the brain that keeps asking, ‘Is this or that decision a good idea? Can I cope with such an amount of alcohol?’ Indubitably, if the brain is not fully developed in some of its parts, then the self-awareness is lowered and there may not be correct estimation or self-dispraise as there are no warning signals keeping the drinker on the alert. Definitely, this is one of the most valuable issues the writer of the Should Drinking Age Be Lowered To 18 essay has to bear in mind. It would not be unnecessary to add, that in contrast to many adults who wake up in the morning having a hang-over and feeling guilt and remorse most of the young persons do not have similar feelings. Quite the contrary, the young consider it cool and deserving to be boasted of. Hence, they will, most probably, be looking forward to the next reason to get drunk, thus turning the single instance into an unhealthy and dangerous habit.

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