The Quiet Resistance by Nemesea
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Dec 18th, 2019

The Quiet Resistance by Nemesea

The Netherlands is a country that gave us alot of things to look for, including an amazing band called Nemesea. This band, while not publicly popular…yet, I will want to see where this review will go in terms of making it popular enough. The Quiet Resistance is about two people breaking up in the album then making up in the middle and then breaking up once again, a concept album if you will. Something that MOST of us can relate to. the track list includes thirteen songs, fourteen if you include the bonus track. 1, The Quiet Resistance, it’s only an intro, nothing special. 2, Caught In The Middle, an OK song, I just don’t like this song like the others. It isn’t the weakest song though. 3, Afterlife, take a good guess as to what the songs message here is, just guess. IT’S IN THE TITLE!! I love this song when compared with the previous songs here.

4, Whenever, this song is to to teach us about what happens if you lie to your, ahem, special someone. Listen to this song and you’ll find out. 5, If You Could, OK, I have a fetish for songs that build up even a little bit. This song is no slouch on the build up thing that’s common in metal songs. I forgot to mention That these guys are a Symphonic Metal band, which is awesome. Plus, this song is where they make up, again but then…. 6 High Enough, as happy as this is, just listen to it, this is where they, once again break up. This kind of reminds me of Good Luck Charlie with Teddy and Spencer, I said kind of. 7 Say, first, yes that’s the title, second this is one of the catchiest songs EVER to be released, OK you have no idea yet, but you will once you listen to it. I love this song! 8 It’s Over really tells you that they are never coming back together, ever again. For us that is just a good thing because it makes for a progressing story. This is also an amazing song. Love It! The next song, not so much. 9 I Live, oh boy, this song is abominable to say the least. This song is way too happy for any metal song! Garbage, NEXT! 10 Rush, This song is equally bad, Next! 11, Stay With Me, I actually messed up the order here, this was supposed to be 10 not 11 well, anyways it is good. Well more like Great here and the most epic Symphony track here. 12 Release Me, this song really is fantastic and it shows as Manda sings this well crafted piece of art. It builds up too. 13 2012, OK what is this one about? Simple, the, ahem, Apocalypse of that year, which clearly didn’t happen. It also has a sort of Dubstep style in the song. Doesn’t fit but I like it. (Bonus) 14, Allien, The dynamic duo of Nemesea and Rammstien. I love this song and because it is a bonus this is aloud to have a bad ending to the album, which it does any ways. Think Nightwish but German and a little less epic. I am part German so I’m declined to like this song, just not Hitler. 8.5/10 is my rating for this album. Please check them out, it’ll blow your mind. Buy it too, if you can find it.

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The Quiet Resistance by Nemesea
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