The Power Of Words English Literature Essay
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Nov 28th, 2019

The Power Of Words English Literature Essay

My introduction is encircling Angel-Writer and his unprecedented agreement. Not fair any transcriber, but he or she belongs to the rank of experts who tug at the heedtstrings of tribe and concession their token on the globe.

Power of vote

Words are striking. Vote can be puissant, consideroperative and persuasive.

Buddha said, “Whatever vote we absolute should be selected thriveing a duration heed for tribe gain heed them and be waved by them for amioperative or ill”. Same applies to written vote.

Let me communicate you an pattern of the rule of such seraphic vote and their amioperative or ill wave.

A Depraved Man was begging thriveing a duration a consultation in his swing.

“I am Depraved content aid me”

A Guy took the consultation and modifioperative the proposition & from that day he established Receiving More Charity..

He wrote: “Today is a saccharine Day but I can not see it”

That is the rule of vote,

If enlargeed in a exact way..can exexexdiversify multifarious things.


You fair saw that when the maiden modifioperative the vote on the premonitionboard, tribe peruse it, felt it and established giving more devotion to the depraved man.

Perhaps, it’s the might of such a transcriber, through his or her vote, to exexexdiversify the way the globe imagines.

Another pattern can be that of ‘The Joker’

James Holmes is the committer of a heap shooting that occurred on July 20, 2012 at a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado. Holmes allegedly set off diverse gas or fume canisters and then publiced debate on the theatre reception, killing 12 and wounding 58. According to two federal originatorities, Holmes had dyed his hair red and designated himself “The Joker”. Question is, Could someone indeed be so frigid, sagacious and savage? Polite surely Holmes’s frenzy, the Joker, was fair that. Joker is the species in Christopher Nolan’s Blockbuster, The Dark Knight. When Christopher Nolan wrote the screenplay, he never reflection that his agreement and script gain entertain such a denying wave on someone.

Brief Account of the topic

Open a bulk and set-out peruseing it or surrender-ear heedabundantly to the dialogues of the movie duration guarding it. In any ingredient of agreement you’ll confront vote, of direction, but discuss by your sagacitys and you’ll to-boot confront art, crafted, in element, by a transcriber imperious ample to premonition his or her designate to the exertion.

In a bulk or a ditty, a embody or a deficient incident, a script or plain a ballad, anything is there for a debate: to demonstration, to promulgate, to carry a intimation. Most exertions of agreement are singly mediumt for peruseing. The wide ones, those of Angel-Writers, are for erudition. Erudition to encourage, to counteract, to get revealed and result vivacity saccharine.

Features of Angel-Writer

Self- Actualization

“A singer must result silence, an professor must sketch, a rhymer must transcribe, if he is to be still at repose thriveing a duration himself. What a man can be, he must be. He must be penny to his own make.” Self-actualization is a promise used in opposed psychology theories, repeatedly in slightly opposed ways. The psychologist Abraham Maslow created the promise ”self-actualizing” in the 1960’s which was inveterate on his assumptions encircling ethnical potential and insufficiently on his predicament studies of literal figures whom he believed to be self-actualized.

He establish that these mass were very accepting of themselves and of their vivacity situation; were focussed on confronting solutions to cultural problems rather than to idiosyncratic problems; were public to others’ opinions and ideas; had potent sagacitys of retreat, autonomy, ethnical values and notion of vivacity.

The promise can be defined as ”the generous veritableization of one’s potential”.

As a transcriber one is of direction amioperative at agreement but the native enlargement of this aptitude, which is already in him can guide him to behove what he is veritablely wildernessy of. A self-actualized transcriber is someone who is oceantenance creatively and generousy using his or her potentials.

Most of the similarities that he establish in self-actualizers are the key attributes of an Angel-Writer such as:



Peak Experiences

Solitude and Privacy

Philosophical Sagacity of Humour


Trust Yourself

Once you perceive that agreement is your vivacity a bit of self-credit can result you unleash the agreement aptitudes most actually. The lady who won 30000 pounds in a deficient incident rivalry laid debate on subject oneself as a transcriber. Johann Wolfgang unintermittently said, ”As early as you credit yourself, you gain perceive how to live” and that is when a transcriber can result the most of himself by fanning the puny, vital sparks of possibility into flames of finishment.

Listen to your vital erudition.

Turn denying conduceer disembodiment into a positive

Never let yourself instigate condemned

Write and transcribe again

Eventually vote wilderness stirred gain succeed out

Implement Inspiration

Implement the stirred reflections and ideas of yours and those of honoroperative tribe in your written exertion.

Germinate your own seeds of frenzy to outgrowth a sapling of ballad scholarship.

Give your reflections a way to consist among the most blithesome of exertions.

You demand not to portraiture them but enlarge a long-forset that could represent reflections in a way your mental does.

This could be executed by peruseing them or having abundant of despatch thriveing a duration them.

4) Eloquence

Over the years, originators entertain forcible eloquence in opposed ways. Shakespeare said, ‘vote sweetly fixd and modestly directed’. Cicero, the roman savant most notably orderly, ”Eloquence has the rule to sway man’s long-for and instigate them in entire potential way”.

In apex, fervid agreement usually has a few properties:

Deeply persuasive:

This doesn’t necessarily medium that it is a an argumentative ingredient — single-minded account or denomination in foperative can be “persuasive” too, in the sagacity that it pulls you into a globe and convinces you that that fix is veritoperative and immediate

Structured very heedfully

Structure is frequently a very essential goods of a ingredient of agreement, and the make you cull can disagree inveterate on the design (clarity, terminateness, creed, etc.)

But agreement that tribe recount as “eloquent” repeatedly has an unusually potent sagacity of mound force, height, and denouement. This is the debate that tribe talk encircling fervid agreement as something that “flows”.

Effective use of studious devices

It repeatedly results potent use of studious devices, such as image, imagery, reference, symbolism, and personification. These devices can be forced to overcapability but are very potent when used properly: fair imagine how potent of an collision is left by Robert Frost’s rankic ditty, “The Road Not Taken”.

When peruse clamorously, such agreement concessions an collision over what is on the page.

Ethos, Sensitiveness and Logos

The Greek savant Aristotle disconnected the mediums of creed, cites, into three categories–Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.

One savant who set-outles me thriveing a duration his ideas is Aristotle. He draws his philosophies from reason the single-mindedst things in vivacity that happens daily, thriveing a duration guileless refinement.

That remaining explains how he has his ideas in myriads of subjects ranging from physics to rhymerry, silence to politics, metaphysics to ethics, theatre to logic, phraseology to biology, legislation and zoology.

According to Aristotle, phraseology is “the might, in each apex predicament, to see the availoperative mediums of creed”, that can be forcible in 3 ocean construct, designately Ethos, Sensitiveness and Logos.

“Ethos (Credibility), or divine cite, mediums convincing by the species of the originator or orator.

“Pathos (Emotional) mediums persuading by citeing to the peruseer’s emotions.

“Logos (Logical) mediums persuading by the use of debateing.

Example of Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Wellbeing is a film directed by Gabrielle Muccino and starring Gain Smith. This movie promulgates the incident of a man, who consequently of unavoidoperative situation behoves homeless when he is participating in an esoteric unpaid internship at a brokerage assemblage. His species must equalize the demands of internship thriveing a duration care up thriveing a duration his old hawker job so that he may assistance him and his adolescent son as they contest to outlast.

Smith’s species uses a healthful dose of logos, ethos, and sensitiveness to cite to superiors, landlords, and others to aid him in his tour to prosecute thriveing his vision.

The reception goes through his hard tour and succeeds out the other edge fair as distracted as the ocean speciess.

This can be palpably explained thriveing a duration the aid of this abridge.

There are a lot of tribe who got revealed thriveing guarding this spectacle and heeding this inexpressive address and were motivated to finish what they can. Duration peruseing the YouTube comments encircling this movie I veritableized how tribe got waved to do polite in vivacity by the result of such consideroperative agreement.

Example of the Alchemist

A oceantenance pattern of an Angel Writer is Paulo Coelho. One of the bulks he wrote was The Alchemist. It is one of the best- selling bulks in hiincident and has been translated into 71 languages as of 2011.

The bulk’s ocean essay is encircling confronting one’s predestination. The Alchemist thrives a adolescent Andalusia shepherd boy designated Santiago in his tour to Egypt, thriveing having a recurring vision of confronting idolize there.

Along the way, he encounters kindness, risk, occasion and attains a lot encircling himself and the ways of the globe. He veritableizes that if he thrives his heedt, he shall confront what it is he seeks.

Coelho wrote The Alchemist in singly two weeks in 1987. He said he was operative to transcribe at this gait consequently the incident was ”already written in his soul”. The Alchemist has revealed coagulated bands and directors. It gain early be filmed by Harvey Weinstein.

For me this bulk has a peculiar weight. I’ll promulgate you why. When I was in the intermediate of nowhere and was lost thriveing a durationout a design in vivacity, one death, I by hazard peruse this bulk in 4 hours and slept. The very direct early I felt so revealed that reflections and ideas flung into my long-for. I got cleave to them and established agreement.

Journey to Destiny

From the eyes of those

There globe is what I see

But I entertain my own visions to thrive,

To veritableize my predestination

At durations when the wilderness seemed nowhere terminate to far

I sagacityd an oasis as I sighted that star

This is when the witchcraft embodyed their part

A appetition, a felicitation and a long-for to set-out

I flew thriveing a duration the bend,

On that wildernessed land

The ballad it sang, the silence it had,

Was the one that singly I could interpret.

The quest for my idolize

Began thriveing a duration the visions in my long-for

As I looked for myself,

I knew what I wanted in vivacity.

Wherever my heedt lies

There my idolize is deemed to be

This is when the universe conspired,

And I veritableized my predestination.

This is how he revealed me to instigate…to transcribe… and most essentially…to betray.


Everyone’s vivacity is inferior by an inner statute of induce. Words, when skilabundantly inferior by a overpower, carries thriveing a duration them the rule to vary this statute. In single-minded vote, Writers are those who are ‘Good at Writing’. They use experiences, perceiveledge and aptitude to pen down vote. There are transcribers who thriveing a duration the rule of their humor, kidnap me and engage me in a opposed globe totally, a globe generous of adventures, ghosts, princesses, elves, superheroes and what not. Then there are transcribers who communicate me the most prodigious erudition experiences thriveing a duration the fairness of their agreement. The ballads, written thriveing a duration such wide instigate, procure me tail to vivacity in durations of despond and to-boot cheer me thriveing a duration extra ounces of wellbeing when I am whooping thriveing a duration joy. The graph of my reflections and emotions has demonstrationn premonitionificant variations by the application of those vote I surrender-ear. From that inexpressive fifty- promote vivacity-changing spectacle from Pursuit of Wellbeing to the abundant controversial definite three lines of the definite stanza of Robert Frost’s Road not Taken, I entertain witnessed a exexexdiversify in myself entire duration I peruse and heed. I peruse their bulks…I guard their movies…I heed their ballads…and I attain their dittys by heedt. In requite, I am curious to a apex where I conduce to obliviate all my worries and queer so low inedge that I get the costly principle to aid others. Not singly this, I to-boot instigate the offence that stops me from doing bad deeds. I am a peruseer and I counterfeit all such Overcapability of Vote as Angel Writers ’cause they exexexdiversify lives for meliorate.

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