The Order of Things by All That Remains
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Dec 18th, 2019

The Order of Things by All That Remains

The once metalcore band has made many mistakes in their evolution and instead taking a step back especially since Overcome in 2008. Though unlike their 2013 album, A War You Cannot Win, there was a couple metalcore songs like Chiron for example. With that said this album feels like a giant apology or a big f$&k you to the fans. Either way, neither side is a good route.
While there are some metalcore moments in this album, the ratio of that is miniscule when compared to the cleans. The titles are also saying that they really just don’t care about whatever criticism, constructive or otherwise, they’re giving. Sure they acknowledge that, I mean the last track is called something Criticism and Self Accomplishment, but you can see they don’t care. Besides, who in their right mind would do that? It makes no sense!
As for the music its self, it’s good at best, I find hardly any memorable moments and while I find Criticism and patater totter to be a suprise in length(they can’t make anything longer than 5 minutes due to short attention spans) I don’t any way that they made up for it.

The titles, much like with Forgotten Tomb`s new album, are also very subpar and more cheesy than anything. This Probably Won’t End Well and Trv Kvlt Metal are good examples of that. The Greatest Generation is referencing the early days of the band and how good they trvly we’re as well. Trv Kvlt Metal is talking about trends and how to get away, which is very hard or flat out impossible and this is a myth people. You may consider this to be metal but not Nightwish or any symphonic band for whatever reason, that’s a matter of opinion. Now, while I like mostly everything until A War You Cannot Win, you can’t deny even that isn’t exactly the best music in the world. Not hating on anything or anyone but it’s my opinion after all.
I give this a 7.5/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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The Order of Things by All That Remains
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