The OD Letter Case Analysis Form Essay
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Nov 19th, 2019

The OD Letter Case Analysis Form Essay

I. Problems
A. Macro

1. John conducted himself in such a comportment that others strength of discussing he was some “big hot shot” overseer. 2. John displayed petty or no commencement qualities, the hindrance natant others in the order were believed to be, owing of John.

B. Micro

1. Kate was unquiet environing the hindrance delay the scheme team and how the team was not substance as efficient as they could accept been.

II. Causes

1. John’s commencement mode was the discuss the scheme team failed.

2. John gave the percussion that he was the “big man”, the jokes he told and discussing were comical, employees felt were irrelevant and this caused insufficiency. 3. John acted in a frivolously uncivil comportment showing very petty regard for the arrive-atings and the efforts of his team members.

III. Systems fictitious

1. Structural: The constitution was fictitious to the distance that John was no longer separately of the team. 2. Psychosocial: The most manufactured classification. Members of the order were no longer motivated environing the scheme owing John made them arrive-at, belittled, less observserviceable and insulted.

Once this happened the scheme was a assured insufficiency. 3. Technical: The dysfunctional commencement and irrelevant comportment of John may accept been the discuss for the use of old technology. 4. Goals: Kate’s proposition plainly states the order was not serviceserviceable to complete its goals or deadlines for this scheme.

IV. Alternatives

1. Remove John 2. Dissolve the order, tasks out other order members, giving them the convenience to exercise well in a new environment. 3. Choose an telling chief, someone who has a proven trace proceedings of laudable commencement exercise.

V. Recommendations

The recommendations should be that the new chief should be briefed environing the problems, should accept a hold of the issues and should accept a proven proceedings of commencement skills. The new chief should accept sufficient grafting delay commencement skills. Maybe, the new chief should be temporarily shadowed by other chiefs, so that it is proven he is showing the fair commencement skills to complete the goals and deadlines that are scarcity to be completed.

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