When writing The Necklace essay you might want to start by stating that the plot is set in old-age France. It revolves around a middle-class woman who has high aspirations, being fueled by her ambition and greed. Her wish is to reach the upper-class society through her husband, who is a government clerk and through her rich friend. When handling such writing assignments, you should focus on the central symbol of the short story, the diamond necklace. This represents many different themes, including high social status and wealth. It also symbolizes the fact that appearances can be deceiving. All these should be incorporated when writing an essay introduction

Guy de Maupassant served in the Franco-Prussian war. Later he studied with the eminent French writer, Gustave Flaubert. He learned from him that the job of a writer is to observe things around them and present them in an original way. He is often associated with Anton Chekhov, but Maupassant has less sympathy for his characters. Mention in your The Necklace essay that the writer started his career by publishing his work, ”Boule de Suif”, focusing on prostitution and hypocrisy in French society. He published around three hundred stories. He worked as a clerk, which helped him write The Necklace.

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If you are writing an essay on The Necklace, start by focusing on the central symbol, the necklace itself. As it has been mentioned before, it symbolizes high social status. Generally speaking, it is supposed to represent beauty, but Maupassant took the idea one step further. The main character, Madame Loisel has a beautiful dress, but she wants a diamond necklace as well as she claims she doesn’t have any jewelry and she finds it humiliating to appear without one, looking like a rich middle-class person.

She looks over several pieces of jewelry, including some bracelets, pearls, and a Venetian cross. The necklace is also a symbol of high social status. The main character claims she needs it because there will be numerous high-class people and she wants to fit in. You should also mention in your The Necklace analysis essay that Mathilde usually goes to parties with important people. She believes that the only way to prove her social class is to wear a diamond necklace, even if the diamonds are only imitations (fact she doesn’t know at the time).

The Necklace essay: Going deeper into the story

One of the most important The Necklace essay topics is the topic of the necklace. The truth is that its meaning is a lot deeper. It is a symbol of vain, greedy, and ambitious people. The most important characteristic of Madame Loisel is her vanity. She believes that it is her birthright to be surrounded by luxury and delicacy and that she is meant to wear the prettiest clothes and the most expensive jewelry. She needs people to praise her. In order to satisfy her greed, she borrows the necklace from Madame Forestier.

Since this necklace isn’t a result of her work, she loses it by the time she gets home, so she has to borrow a large sum of money to buy another one. If you are writing an argumentative essay, you could mention that brings doom to her and her husband as they have to live in poverty for ten years to be able to pay back the debt. As a result, the necklace is also a symbol of doom brought on by ambition.

If you want to address the symbolism in your The Necklace essay, you should also mention that this diamond necklace is also a symbol of deception and appearances. There are two examples that best illustrate this idea. This first example is the necklace itself. During the entire story, all the characters and the reader are under the impression that the diamonds are real. In the end, we find out that in fact it is an imitation. The second example is the main character. The people at the party think that she is rich and of high class. In reality she isn’t rich, she belongs to the middle class and the diamonds belong to Madame Forestier. All in all, we can say that the diamond necklace is meant to represent deceiving appearances. This means that people are trying to become something they’re not.

It’s not only the necklace you should focus on in your The Necklace essay ; Mathilde is just as important. She is born into a family of clerks, she doesn’t know to do anything, and she doesn’t have any expectations. As a result, she doesn’t have any chance of making a change in her situation. Nonetheless, she has a lot of ambition, which makes it impossible for her to accept her place. She is striving for more and it is never enough for her. She struggled all her life to prove she is something she is not and she isn’t capable of understanding that this ambition will bring her doom.

The author doesn’t hide his irony, which reaches its peak in the conclusion. When writing your The Necklace essay, you should make sure to mention the author’s attitude towards the topic. In the end, the readers find out that the main character had to pay the cost of her pride, her losing everything she worked so hard for. Although the conclusion is meant to be a surprise, there are some elements that give a forecast of what is about to happen. For instance, Madame Forestier gives Mathilde the necklace for free (who would just lend a real diamond necklace?). Once she gets it back, she doesn’t even examine it, again, suggesting its lack of value.

In order to do something different for your assignment, you could think about writing a reflective essay, contributing with original ideas. It might be best for this to have an mla essay format to look even more professional and well-thought.