The Museum of Fine Arts Houston
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Dec 16th, 2019

The Museum of Fine Arts Houston

The Museum of Fine Arts Houston is placed in the Houston Museum District in Houston. This museum is one of the largest museums in the United States, it was established in 1917 and opened in 1924, it’s the oldest in Texas. I visited this museum on July 12, 2018, when I first got in I had a feeling of excitement to see what the place after reading about it see how the people who are getting out talking about it.

It was more casual than formal, people were with their families and friends. It was crowded in the parking I thought it’s going to be the same inside, but it is a big place, so it wasn’t too crowded, but it still wasn’t too quiet. I was very comfortable when I got in, there were always people from the staff around wherever I go, and I was with my family and there were kids with us and it still was not annoying.

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One of the best artworks I have seen in this museum is “She’s Got the Whole World in her”, a sculpture from 2015. The sculpture is made of Mannequin, wood, horn, paper maché, wax, disco ball, and found objects. “She’s Got the Whole World in her” is a woman who has been through a lot and she’s looking at the world that she is living. The sculpture of this woman is wearing a skirt that looks like a basket and it has been burned and nothing remained from it but the frame, with some personas and animals looking like burned leftovers that were under her skirt while she’s looking at the emaciated world. What I like about it that it represents how is it for the women who were wronged in the different worlds when they caved and how much had fallen with them. It made me think about how much one woman can do to many other creatures.

The size of the sculpture is favorable to the meaning which shows all the details of the artwork without magnification in the size, as well as the color that emphasizes the meaning. The subject of this excellent work matters a lot to the world and the matter is important.

The artwork that I enjoyed the least is the “Bust of a Woman” painting from 1938. This painting is of a woman who Pablo Picasso met and loved in 1938. She became both his lover and muse for the following decade. He drew half the face looking forward and the other half is looking to the left, as a kind of inversion. She has black hair with light ends and she is wearing a pink dress with a padded shoulder and a green hat with a yellow horizontal line on it. According to the museum, she was a strong independent artist on her own right, she was a close of many of the surrealists. All this is from Picasso’s personal life, he is a good artist of course but this doesn’t add anything for the museum, it even takes place of other more important arts. There is no point of it in the museum and it doesn’t have a certain subject or a meaning to express.

The meaning I found in both of the artworks us completely different and this was important to know. The first one is from three years ago and it expresses a history of thousands of years back and has a very strong meaning to show. However, the second one which is done about a ninety years ago by a very famous artist who has done the best artworks, but it has neither a subject nor a meaning. So, both artworks are of females, but they are in a different situation and the artists are imagining these females in different situations. I think the theme is important nowadays as it was in the past because at both times the same subject is situated but in different circumstances.

The Museum of Fine Arts Houston is a great experience which changed something in my life and made me more interested in more kinds of arts. I’ve been in other places which have arts, but this one was much bigger and more organized that all I have seen. I will be returning to this museum in the future to discover more and more about the beautiful art in it. I advise everyone to go because they can discover things about art and about their personalities as well that they never known. I never thought that I would enjoy looking at different kinds of arts that much. I used to be specific about my interests in art, but ever since I have been there, I just want to see more kinds.

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