The Internet
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Dec 18th, 2019

The Internet

The Internets Development for news reporting MCOM350 Final Project Paper 04/10/12 Today the internet’s effect on news reporting is a prime example that the internet is the greatest revolutionary tool. Reporters have had to become, sometime regular bloggers on top of their normal reporting duties they have had to tweet, to comment and they have had to interact. The internet gives us the ability to have information made available to you in a instant, however did the development help or harm the art of news reporting?

I feel as though the internet’s development on news reporting was in fact a positive. The Internet in known for identifying newsworthy stories, if you were to go on Google or yahoo’s main web page you will see a list of current events and headlines. Today you will even see feeds on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, with the ability to take snapshot of events around the world.

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Even a simple blog or can get you a first hand perspective faster then any print or live new network can.

Although the internet has made it easier for news reporters to attain information at the click of a button,it also hurts the print publications. U. S news & World Report weekly magazine until Bill Hoper Presidant of News Media Group recognized the struggling magazine sales and ultimately went online, “The move allows us to grow online business and take advantage of emerging platforms said Hoper. Amateur blogs and writing sites were ignored by the mainstream media, and then the old media rightly grew threatened by their popularity and growing influence over web users.

There has been a lot of new jobs created just as there were lost when it comes to the revolution of news reporting on the web. Long time web writer Rocky Lewis talks about the difference in writing for the web. Such as more clear straight to the point information versus blocks and teasers for headlines using press release. The Internet is a dynamic news platform, which requires news publishers to produce new content around the clock, seven days a week.

Major news providers have web presence this caused other internet news reporting to grow . People who get daily news from a single source account for a very small amount, according to the report. It also found that only 7 percent of adult Americans rely only on the Internet or local TV for their daily news. Doug Ngo a web editor for CNET says “61 percent of Americans go online once a day to read the news”. Forty-eight percent ages 30 to 59 cite the Internet as their main news source.

In 2007, while television went down from 71% to 63%, though the number of those in the 51 to 64 age group who consider television their main news source . Even though you can get your news from pretty much anywhere it seems as thought the internet seems like the fastest. The Internet has also allowed added features to news reporting. Newspapers are limited to text and perhaps a couple of images, however with the Internet stories can be augmented with video, color photos, slide shows. It acted as a linkage between the mainstream media and the ordinary people.

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