The importance of being earnest essay: The theme of the essay
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Dec 16th, 2019

The importance of being earnest essay: The theme of the essay

The importance of being earnest essay primarily revolves around the entire theme of the play ‘the importance of being earnest’, its characters and the thematic elements inherent within the same. The play describes even the most serious matters in an easy go manner, which enables the readers as well as the viewers in understanding its every detailed element in an easier and relaxed environment. This is what makes the play of Oliver Wilde one of the most admirable and lovable works in the entire journey. The revolutionary approach of the writer is evident in several of his writings and is extensively found in this play as well, wherein the writer openly speaks against the hypocritical elements of the Victorian Society. Therefore, all the intricate, but significant aspects of the play have to be properly addressed in the importance of being earnest essay.

The essays on the importance of being earnest are mostly written by the students as a part of their creative writing sessions. Additionally, the essays need to be formatted in the academic styles, where the cms paper style is followed in case of literature-related papers. It is necessary to know because it plays an important role in academics that will later on affect your final grades. The literature-related courses in the universities predominantly provide such writing sessions for their students, which help them immensely in upgrading their analytical knowledge. The students provided with the literary topic of writing the importance of being earnest essays need to be expert in writing a rhetorical analysis essay. This is so because the analysis as well as the writing of the essays will require a perfect dissertation abstracts and the thesis format for being able to hook the readers towards the essay till the end.

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The importance of being earnest essay: The theme of the essay
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The importance of being earnest essay needs to record the funny elements of the play, which clearly implicates the serious and the severe subject matters of the same. The serious elements of the play that needs to be present in the importance of being earnest essay are status, mannerism and marriage amid the decisive ones. The gags in the names of ‘offstage marriage’, the issues of deception and the involvement of hypocrites within the play also adds to the humor, influencing the readers and the viewers to continuing experiencing the play till the end. The essay, as written by the students, must also have the potential to make people identify the issues of their own lives while laughing over the jokes skillfully deciphered in the play. The use of dual meanings throughout the entire play raises its standards to a large extent as this is what makes the readers and the viewers to laugh over the most serious aspect of one’s own life. These must be clearly indicated while working upon analyzing the importance of being earnest essay, when written by the students as well as the researchers at some or the other point of time. The paradoxes, as well as the epithets used in the play must also be put into the essay with great expertise so as to explain their importance to the readers.

The act of writing as well as presenting a play without any citation of positive and/or negative character(s) is a very tough job. Such plays lack the quality to attract the attention and the interests of the people. This concept has also been refuted by Oscar Wilde, as the play completes lacks in possessing positive as well as negative attributes in the forms of antagonist and protagonists within the respective characters. This aspect must also form an imperative part in elaborating the importance of being earnest essay, the omission of which is likely to make the essay much vague and pointless. The portrayals of different characters with their symbolic positions in the play must also contribute to the attractiveness among the readers. It won’t only give a clear vision to the reader about the play and its insight but also convey the social message it has. So, writing this essay needs a lot of conciseness, labor and hard work. Also, you must be attentive that you are not going beyond the particular theme of it will block the natural flow of essay and you will be misled. The farcical attributes used within the play for raising comedy in the minds of the readers at frequent intervals can also be duly considered as a major component of the play, which must not be missed by any chance, being mentioned in the importance of being earnest essay.

The importance of being earnest essay: Focus on Social Hypocrisy

In the play Oscar Wilde, extreme focus has been levied on the aspect of hypocrisy within the society, thereby ridiculing the values of the Victorian era. This must be taken into concern while analyzing the importance of being earnest essay as the focal point so that the readers can get a deeper insight about providing necessary information about the satire and the ridicule. The consistent use of rhetoric in all parts of the play must also be linked with the writings of the essay in simple contexts. The various attributes of the Victorian society, as portrayed in the play like the dearth of compassion, respect, sense of responsibility and improper thoughts related to religion, if put into the essay, then reduction of a gap in the readers’ minds can be witnessed. These might help in elongating the importance of being earnest essay, which will in turn, might support in winning the hearts of the readers at large.

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