The Green Mile
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Dec 18th, 2019

The Green Mile

Percy Wetmore is every man’s nightmare employee. He doesn’t follow directions, most of the time on purpose. He doesn’t treat anyone with respect, even his own boss, and he antagonizes everyone whenever he gets the chance. He thinks that the Green Mile is a terrible place, “Men under strain can snap. Hurt themselves. Hurt others. That’s why our job is talking, not yelling. You’ll do better to think of this place like an intensive care ward in a hospital. ” “I think of it as a bucket of piss to drown rats in. That’s all. Anybody doesn’t like it can kiss my ass. Wetmore is cynical and sadistic, but yet a coward. Once, while corrections officer assaulted by a prisoner, he just stood there frozen by fear. All of his attitude and swankiness went right out the window. It has been blessed by the fact that her aunt is married to the governor of the state, allowing him to continue his tyrannical behavior.

He never seems to learn his lesson throughout the whole story he never lets up on the inmates. He’s a power hungry maniac and he attacks at any sign of weakness even though he’s weaker and more cowardly still.

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Eduard Delacroix is a very meek and child-like inmate. He doesn’t really do much besides occasionally talking to the guards. The guards call him “Del” for short and they like him because he’s so relaxed and he doesn’t do much. He does get riled sometimes but he’s never aggressive or unkind, he’s just somewhat slow and he becomes excited about trivial things. He doesn’t fully understand what going to happen to him at the end of his stay at Block E, but he does know it’s bad. The one thing that bring him joy is Mr. Jingles. Mr.

Jingles is his pet mouse which he only got to keep because of Percy, “Well well well, looks like you’ve got yourself a new friend there, Dale. That the one I chased? You know what, we oughta find a cigar box, and some paper from the dispensary to line it with. Yeah, yeah, that should do real nice. ” But his real intentions are revealed later in the book. Delacroix doesn’t understand most things but he does understand that Percy is just plain malicious and evil. It was icy and pouring on the day Del was executed. Throughout the novel Percy had developed an irrational hatred of Del.

When this was combined with his fascination with hurting the inmates and is lust for killing, the worst is inevitable to happen. Del had become fixated with his pet mouse, Mr. Jingles, and was worried about where he would go once Del was gone. The guards of course work hard to make him believe that the mouse would be well taken care of to calm Del. The guards are required to go through several rehearsal “executions” so they are able to behave properly during the real thing and since it was Percy’s first time they made absolutely sure to go over everything that is mandatory.

They are also required to do everything is their power to keep the inmates calm but of course Percy doesn’t care about the inmates well-being or anyone else’s, for that matter. So, soon after Del is strapped in he tells him that his mouse isn’t really going to be safe and happy like the other guards told him, “Don’t forgot about Mouseville. ” “Hey. There’s no such place. It’s just a fairytale these guys told you to keep you quiet. Just thought you should know, faggot. ” This causes Del to begin crying, breaking whatever composer he had left.

Usually, the guards placed a sponge, soaking wet with water, on top of the inmates head so it would send the electricity directly to the brain and kill them quickly. Percy decided he’d rather torture him to death. Without the sponge being wet, the electric chair had the effect of burning a man alive. Percy must’ve thought that was the preferred retaliation considering Del burned six people alive. Oh, the irony. Delacroix’s body seared and blackened as he was imprisoned in that chair.

It took a full two minutes for him to finally die; he was alive through most of it. Paul couldn’t stop it to help for fear of prolonging the pain Del was suffering even longer, this fact weighed on his conscious for weeks after. This was all Percy’s fault. Percy was solely responsible for the torture and death of Eduard Delacroix. Since the first day Del came to the Green Mile Percy has been torturing Del with his words and actions. He was the source of any and all discomfort that he experienced throughout his stay at E block.

So therefore, when Percy was being careless and he was walking too close to one of the cells holing one of the most wild and reckless inmates and he got attacked Del thought it was funny. He thought it was even better when it caused Percy to wet his pants, it sent him into a fit of laughter. After all the discomfort he’d put Del through, Del thought it was hilarious that he finally got a taste of his own medicine. This distressed Percy greatly and caused him to despise Del even more deeply than before. So when Del was finally content and he had Mr.

Jingles (who could do a really cute trick by playing fetch with a spool) Percy just saw that as an opportunity to damage him even more than anything he’d done before. Del was worrying about Mr. Jingles to some of the guards and asking what would become of him, as he was throwing the spool and the mouse was retrieving it. Of course they consoled him and told him that Mr. Jingles would be well taken care of and was going to a mouse circus all the way down in Florida! This overjoyed Del and he threw the spool enthusiastically. It was just a bit too hard and when Mr.

Jingles, the mouse, ran out of the cell to retrieve the spool for Delacroix, Percy stomped it to death. Del started bawling and howling in pain like he’d just lost a son. Percy smiled, and then causally strolled away like he hadn’t just destroyed the only meaning in Del’s life. Luckily the mouse survived but it didn’t change the [pain that’d he’d felt because of Percy. Percy tortured Del in more ways than just overlooking getting the sponge during the execution, he tried to take away any comfort or happiness Del would ever hope to have, and he succeeded.

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