The Great Gatsby and the American Dream
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Dec 18th, 2019

The Great Gatsby and the American Dream

The luxury cars, ritzy parties every week that never seem to be unattended, and breezers’ (a convertible car) that always turns heads as it drives by. What more could a man want? Well the one thing he so desperately desires to have is the most unobtainable request. Gatsby’s American dream is Daisy, Daisy is a fluttery individual and sometimes isn’t the brightest bulb in the box not to mention she is married to Tom. Gatsby knew Daisy before she was married to Tom but back then things were different much, much different. Gatsby back then was a poor individual and Daisy came from money.

Gatsby being a young boy fell head over heals in love with Daisy but daisy coming from money knew she would never marry the man because “rich girls don’t marry poor boys” as stated in the movie. Gatsby was completely oblivious to this fact and then left to go the military, upon returning from duty he expected to find daisy waiting for him but instead daisy was a newlywed.

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Gatsby’s heart was broken, but he did not stop perusing his dream. Tom and Daisy lived a life of luxury in east egg; after Gatsby went off to collage he became rather rich and moved into the house right across the lake from them. Small world wouldn’t you say?! I think not!

Gatsby then tried to do everything in his power to make daisy see that he is well fit for her to come back. The parties every week, the gigantic mansion he lived in, and not to mention he kept creepy memories of Daisy and her successes. Much to Gatsby’s prevail Daisy’s cousin Nick moves in to the little house next door to him. Of course Gatsby is going to take this opportunity to get close to nick so he can finally see Daisy again. Nick finally sees a light in Gatsby and the light is hope. “Delivered suddenly from the womb of his purposeless splendor” This quote explains Nick’s previous view on Gatsby upon trying to get to know him.

Nick had previously thought that Gatsby’s life was purposeless and wasteful much like Tom’s but then he realizes that everything he has done has been aimed at achieving a single goal, winning Daisy’s love. As the story progresses Gatsby gets closer and closer to finally reaching his goal of having daisy back in his life, or as it is portrayed to him. Daisy and Gatsby finally came into contact and the tea gathering Nick had at his house. There the very socially awkward Gatsby sees Daisy for the very first time and he blurts out as Daisy is trying to remember the last time she saw him, “Five years next November”.

Most would think that’s extremely creepy but Gatsby truly meant it in a sentimental way showing that it has been playing on his mind ever since the day he left. When Gatsby least expects it he loses daisy for good. The green light at the end of her dock finally faded into oblivion. “So he gave that up and only the dead dream fought on” Even though Gatsby was so close to obtaining the infamous American dream the idea that the dream has a will of its own and also the suggestion that maybe what makes Gatsby special isn’t his dream but the fact he held on to it for so long while everyone else got on excepting how the world really was.

It’s tragic that all his success in life and making sure he lived a life of glitz a glam was for this one girl, the girl, Daisy but never accomplished what he set out to do. All in all Gatsby didn’t get the girl and in the end he didn’t even make it out with his life but all is fair in love and war. It just goes to show that if a dream is big enough and worth wild enough a person will go to any lengths to make sure they reach it even if it mean the lost of your own life. “The American Dream” as you can see is truly unobtainable.

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