The Gamblers Last Deal by Kenny Rogers
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Dec 18th, 2019

The Gamblers Last Deal by Kenny Rogers

Age only affects the looks not the vocals. After nearly a 60 year career Kenny Rogers is saying goodbye to his fans. Kenny has recently turned 78 in August. In the last 60 years Kenny has starred in movies, t.v. commercials, and photography. That makes going to see Kenny in concert at the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort that much more.
Rogers came hobbling across the stage to a chair, when he sat down he proclaimed that he had just had a knee surgery “I think they replaced the wrong damn knee!” While Kenny was singing his “favorite” song Lucille he forgot a few lyrics to the song, not only was it with that song but many others. Rogers kept singing along like it was nothing. Kenny went on to say he did it on purpose to save time to have more songs but most of us knew it wasn’t true.
Rogers was sitting in a chair while in the middle of coward of the country he stopped and went on about his fans.

He tells them that it’s more joy than sadness. He’s sad to let down his fan but the time has come to staying home. Kenny tells them how if they never brought or listened to him then he never would have been a country music legend. Kenny reminded them of all the movies he played in by singing the songs from the movies while playing the movie on a screen on the side of the stage.
Now that Kenny is all done with tours, he’s home relaxing with his family beside him. Kenny really appreciates all of his fans and everyone who made his career possible. Yes, we’re talking about the Gambler. He knows when to fold’em so here is goodbye to the road.

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The Gamblers Last Deal by Kenny Rogers
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