The Fame Monster by Lady Gaga
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Dec 18th, 2019

The Fame Monster by Lady Gaga

If you listened to “the Fame Monster”, you must be goo goo for Gaga. Stefani aka Gaga, was raised in New York and raised to overcome any challenge. Lady Gaga originally wanted to show the consequences of fame and fortune. Some well-known producers that worked on this album are Red One and Space Cowboy. My first thought that came up when I heard of “the Fame Monster” was “can it be better than the Fame?”
The album most definitely delivers. There are 8 awesome songs including “Telephone” featuring Beyonce, “Star Struck”, and “Bad Romance”. Each song is longer than 3 minutes which makes the album worth buying. “The Fame Monster” perfectly shows the ups and downs of fame and fortune which wasn’t captured in the original album, “the Fame”. The experiences that Lady Gaga went through took place in the years of 2008-2009 which inspired all of her songs in “the Fame Monster”.

“The Fame Monster” beats “the Fame”. The lyrics are catchier than ever. The album has received many awards and most recently she received 3 glorious Grammys this year. It was nominated for an AMA in 2010. In 2009, the Fame Monster was nominated for the international dance music award for best album. This album will receive more success in the future.
If I were to give this album a rating I would give it 8 out of 10. Madonna move over because there’s a new queen of Pop and her name is Lady Gaga. “Alejandro” received a lot of controversy this year because of its similarities to Madonna but I think she should be allowed to do anything she desires without being told an artistic idea was stolen. She’s continuing to grow so it doesn’t matter if there are a few errors in this album. I recommend this album for anybody who is in love with Gaga’s unpredictable style.

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The Fame Monster by Lady Gaga
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