The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty
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Dec 18th, 2019

The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty

Looks a Rasputin’s involvement in the fall of the Romanov Dynasty.

This paper explores the role Rasputin the holy man had in the fall of the Romanov Dynasty, and ultimately, the Bolshevik Revolution. The author discusses some of the events leading up to the revolution and examines how Rasputin’s involvement impacted them.
“Rasputin was the holy man whose presence in the Romanov family caused tension and discomfort among the nobility and Russian peasantry. His uneasy presence and claims of supernatural power were heard by many, but none dared to object to his gloating, for he was the direct line to the king and queen, and the supposed lover of Tsarina Alexandra. His connection to the Tsarina was deep, and he often advised her on matters pertaining to the country. When Rasputin first entered the scene in 1911 from Siberia, the country was on the verge of civil war, as the Revolution of 1905 and the ensuing events had left the Russian country demoralized and debilitated.

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The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty
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