The Critical Role of Classroom Management
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Dec 16th, 2019

The Critical Role of Classroom Management

Implementing role play and discussion into classrooms is important because they provide to have more interesting lesson and put theory into practice. Since the writing lesson is rather difficult and challenging learners are intended to prepare for survival in the real situation, the purpose of the learning should be the same as they are in a real life.

One way to motivate the learners the real world in the classroom has been to use more discussion and role play to expose students to the language.

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The Critical Role of Classroom Management
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Exposure will help them to acquire an effective competence and to bridge the gap between the classroom knowledge and their participation in the real world. In other words, discussion and role play can be used as a bridge to connect the classroom with the real world situation.

In the process of the teaching writing teacher use communicative language teaching method which is based on working with group rather than working individually. By doing that activity teacher use indirect method. It is preferable to organize activities in order to give overall description of the topic and the give explanation.
The main reason of the implementation of indirect method in class is that students must have real imagination what letter is and then they can easily accept the information about the letter writing.

Otherwise, presentation of letter explanation seems very boring for the students without warm-up activity. Besides, after writing the letter role play is done by students which describe conversation between an employer and a referee. This technique is quite suitable for this topic as learners feel real life situation and can act as if they are involved in the process. In reality, they know the importance of the letter and it prepares learners for real situation.

As we know role-play is any speaking activity when you either put your learners into somebody else’s position, or when you stay in his or her situation but put your learners into an imaginary situation. Imaginary people are kind of people who can ‘become’ anyone they like for a short time. The President, the Queen, a millionaire, a pop star and the choice is endless. Students can also take on the opinions of someone else. An imaginary situation is Functional language for multitude of scenarios can be activated and practiced through role-play.

It is widely agreed using role –play is engaging and memorable. Teacher use role-play for the following reasons; it’s fun and motivating. Secondly, quieter students get the chance to express themselves in a more forthright way. The world of the classroom is broadened to include the outside world – thus offering a much wider range of language opportunities.

Help students to understand that there are casual relationships between people’s behavior and the outcomes of events. This understanding is enhanced because the consequences of behaviors can be immediately observed and self-image. Enables students to explore their values and appreciate the consequences of their values based actions Enables students to identify options and solutions.

Enables students to manage conflict. Students who will at some point travel to an English-speaking country are given a chance to rehearse their English in a safe environment. Role playing can be used with students of most ages. The complexity of the role situations must be minimized in using the method with children. But if we keep it simple for their limited attention spans, role playing can be used even in teaching preschoolers.

Role playing allows people to make mistakes in a nonthreatening environment. They can test several solutions to very realistic problems, and the application is immediate. It also fulfills some of the very basic principles of the teaching-learning process such as learner involvement and intrinsic motivation. A positive climate often results in which one can see himself as others see him. The involvement of the role playing participants can create both an emotional and intellectual attachment to the subject matter at hand. Teacher accurately matched the problem situation for my letter explanation to the needs of his group, the solving of realistic life problems were successfully met.

As we now motivation is the most important part in teaching process. Taking this point into consideration teacher tried to motivate my students almost after each activity. First of all, Students are asked questions which they know and one by one the learners gave their answers. This warm –up activity helped learners to be involved in lesson actively before starting the topic. And they are distributed hand out which is considered authentic materials. In the letter there are given professor recommendation about his student.

Students easily started understanding what topic is going to be discussed. They answered all questions and analyzed the letter without teacher’s explanation. They learnt instruction by activity even they do not feel they are learning something. Because authentic (material) sample helped learners to be in real situation. Next, the presentation is shown by teacher and learners asked questions if something is not clear during the explanation and simultaneously teacher gave additional information in order to be understandable.

This process gave chance to learners to overcome the problem about new topic at time. After that theoretical part is put into practice with letting students write recommendation letter part by part. However, in order to make my learners active teacher organized small activity before starting writing. The learners were supposed to choose candidate for recommendation letter among themselves who they think best. It was organized like election and students cheerfully are involved in the process.

They write a letter about their friend and it is interesting for them. Then, as soon as they have finished we discuss each part of the writing and students can correct their mistakes immediately. And finally, students play role in order to show real situation of informing about their friend to the employer and they can feel why they need recommendation letter and its importance in applying for the job.

The most important thing is that teacher must understand who their students are. In class students are aware of the structure of letter type that is why it is not difficult to explain organization of the letter. The learners receive much direct instruction in writing, and they receive much specific response to their writing. After talking to my students, teacher also discover that EFL can easily receive information, summaries, or react fast. Understanding who is sitting in the classroom is essential for tailoring my instruction to fit their needs.

In conclusion, the aim of the project work is achieved, all tasks are done and the lesson is conducted successfully and the researcher achieve desired goal.

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