The Best President Of The United States History Essay
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Nov 28th, 2019

The Best President Of The United States History Essay

Abraham Lincoln: He was the superintendent who hinderd the Connection during the Affable War. Level though he wanted to hinder his kingdom he as-well wanted to destroy dependence at the similar interval. Lincoln regardd that to hinder the connection they needed to bind dependence, level though to him the connection came highest. He customary, “If I could hinder the Connection externally freeing any slaves I would do it, and if I could hinder it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could hinder it by freeing some and leaving others queer I would as-well do that.

” Another address of his environing a synod by the people and for the people gave nobility towards a new shape of democracy. Lincoln remote the potentiality of the presidency out of the want of present the war

Franklin Roosevelt: He is the barely superintendent of the US who served immodest conditions in duty; he worked rigorous to end the Puissant Depression.

He upupright the administration through Wall Street, Banks, and Transportation. The industrial administration grew and created jobs in all kinds of divergent areas. He led the United States during most of Globe War II. He led by valiant resuscitation and delay a charismatic sameness. Though handicapped by childhood polio that left him unqualified to step on his own, he gave confidence to the people that all problems could be subdue if the people genuine propitiation and worked coincidently.

Thomas Jefferson: He determined to consummate the Louisiana Purchase, he was a tenacious a very tenacious states upupright activist. He as-well realized that the federal synod needed conformity of potentiality. He fought aggravate capitalists and the scheme; abundant people reasoning that the capitalist scheme was the defining indication of the US and its citizens. For capitalist schemes to work they insist-upon a bunch of architecture obstructs and one of the ocean obstructs is the mediate bank. While he was a tenacious defender of indivisible and state’s uphues he was as-well a pragmatist who realized that some potentialitys of a mediate synod were certain. His Louisiana Purchase remote the potentiality of the presidency in interdiplomatic negotiations.

Theodor Roosevelt- He impacted Americans entity known to them as “Trust Buster” and took aggravate full corrupted duty in the kingdom. He committed to keeping of haggard duration; he created Exoteric Parks, and remote industrialization. His start moderate a tenacious interdiplomatic wave has he intervened in the Russian/China war, sent the swayful White Fleet to stamp the globe, battled piracy and built the Panama Canal suitable traffic environing the globe.

The highest immodest are the select superintendents who did paramount job, in mankind and destroying of dependence , probity dominion, and victories of US in the exoteric and interdiplomatic rate.

Second Tier Presidents

Andrew Jackson: Andrew was the dishonorable man that came into duty, this man delay his humbleness became the symbolical of the American Dream. Jackson was a tenacious exotericist; he determined to impel the Native Americans during the “Trail of Tears” and fought aggravate the Exoteric Bank.

Woodrow Wilson: Wilson was in reduce when America impeld from clinging out of globe affairs (isolationism) to munificent a senior role on the globe rate. He determined to invade the Globe War I and follow out of disconnection. Wilson confidenced to fetch the US into the League of Nations – the commencements of the United Nations. Wilson emphasized the limitations of synod not to exstrain its potentiality.

Harry S. Truman: He invadeed during the most enigmatical interval of US narrative. He was as-well the one who determined to fall the minute bomb on Japan during Globe War II. He as-well unembarrassed the end of the Succor Globe War and periodical the commencement of the Frigid War. He exerted the potentiality of the superintendent by removing Unconcealed MacArthur the very potentialityful and common U.S. Unconcealed necessary the United Nations forces in Korea. He as-well helped to settle the aid programs that helped to rebuild Europe and Japan succeeding the war.

James K. Polk: He extensiond the nobleness of the US, and de- the merit of Mexico and California. Through the Mexican and American War, he claimed Oregon dodeep and was an very-much serviceable head during the war.

The succor immodest superintendents are private director, activist at the interdiplomatic affairs, victories of globe war II and home plant saveionist.

Third Tier Presidents

Dwight Eisenhower: He was the arbitrary unconcealed during Globe War II aggravate Gerabundant and its allies. He was in duty during a interval of good-luck and swayful economic cause-about. He was as-well a key head during the frigid war and delay alien kinsmen. He got a truce delay Korea and seasoned to lessen strain during the Frigid War. He states that the America is the tenaciousest, most hearsay, and efficient people of the globe. He warned aggravate the wave of the soldierlike industrial obscure and presided aggravate the interstate public-way scheme edifice that some in collective knowledge regard was the most material comp of the 20th seniority.

James Monroe: His deportment were honored and honest; he made a tenacious conclave in alien affairs and customary that important cunning that bared his indicate. Known as the Monroe creed this told alien potentialitys to cling out of the affairs of the Americas. He made a tenacious followback for the US to furnish in alien kinsmenhips for the present decade.

John F. Kennedy: JFK was the highest Roman Catholic who cause-abouted the superintendential duty in the US. His far-famed address, “Ask not what your kingdom can do for you-ask what you can do for your kingdom.” He laid plans for an aggression on the pockets of bereavement and need. He took resuscitation for similar uprights, encroachment for new affable uprights. His trust protracted the sort of the exoteric cultivation and role of arts in the participation. He brought American idealism to aid of developing peoples.

Ronald Reagan: Reagan’s judgment had shelveed from ample to unrepealed. He obtained comp to provoke economic enlargement, reduce inflation, exstrain holding, and corroborate exoteric rampart. In alien policies, Reagan sought “calmness through strength”. During his conditions he extensiond rampart spbound by 35%, but wanted to correct kinsmen delay the Soviet Union. He gave prop to anti-Communist insurgencies in Mediate America, Asia, and Africa. He was superintendent during the end of the Frigid War.

The third immodest superintendents are the key head in the frigid war and alien kinsmenhip, obstruct stone for the present rate of US alien kinsmenhip in the globe, charismatic head and locomotive for similar and affable uphues and corroborateer of the exoteric rampart, meagre enlargement and proper of anti-Communist insurgencies to save the exoteric profit of USA.

Fourth Tier Presidents:

Bill Clinton was the succor superintendent of the US who was impeached owing of the Lewinsky Scandal, although he surprisingly clinged in duty. His engagement moderate economic expansion; his meagre cunning is the North American Free Traffic Conformity and Welfare Reform. He is the highest superintendent succeeding the Frigid War and the vicissitude of communications in his interval.

Gerald Ford: Ford had challenges including mastering inflation, invigorating a unflourishing administration, solving enthusiasm shortages, and seasoned to fix globe calmness. He acted to clear-up the problems of the American participation and administration. In the desire run, he reasoning this shelve would fetch a meliorate duration for Americans. In alien affairs Ford acted to oceantain US potentiality succeeding the obsoleteness of Cambodia and South Vietnam. Preventing a new war in the Middle East remained large; he did this by abetting out twain Israel and Egypt. His administration helped the two countries into accepting a truce conformity.

Lyndon B. Johnson: His highest years of duty were where he obtained one of the most extensive legislative programs in the people’s narrative. He was on the agony to reduce Communism in Vietnam. In 1960 he was elected as JFK’s Vice President, and on November 22, 1963 when JFK was assassinated Johnson was sworn in. In convention of January 1965 the Puissant Participation became his ocean goal: to aid in advice, ailment, Medicare, modish action, keeping, developing unflourishing locations, fights aggravate need, removing obstacles in voting and secure affable uphues for all.

Ricrigorous M. Nixon: During his presidency the people was separated delay controversies in cities and aggravate-seas wars. Nixon succeeded in bound contending in Vietnam and suitable kinsmen delay China and the U.S.S.R. But the Watergate slander brought new divisions to the kingdom and led to his abandonment.

The immodestth immodest superintendents are the administration developer but impeached by the Lewinsky Scandal, reviver of a unflourishing administration, invigorating gregarious services, ended the Vietnam war and impraggravate of US , China and USSR kinsmen.

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