The anatomy of your work experience essay
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Dec 16th, 2019

The anatomy of your work experience essay

Work experience is one of the most crucial characteristics of the applicant in the labor market. As you know, when someone is applying for a certain position, his potential employer looks through his resume and determines whether this particular candidate meets the definite requirements of the vacancy or not. When your potential employer asks you about your work experience, she or he is naturally interested in the first working place of yours, as it’s one of the most important aspects for any employer. Accordingly, a question arises, how you should describe your working experience in order to capture the precious attention of a HR manager. Let’s try to find an answer in this work experience essay.

Many work experience essays tell that the number one thing here is to be very specific and accurate. By the way, a great number of people think that resume writing is a sort of art. However, this shouldn’t scare away. Just keep calm and get down to your essay on work experience, as there’s nothing extraordinary in this writing. You’ll only need to follow several simple rules.

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The anatomy of your work experience essay
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As we’ve just told above, the description of your career path needs to be as specific as possible. Every new company in your track should occupy its separate line, which indicates the whole period of work, the name of this company, to say nothing of its concise description. Don’t forget to illustrate your responsibilities, position, as well as achievements.

Specify up to the last month how long you worked in this particular company. The given information is extremely crucial for your HR manager. It will enable him or her to precisely evaluate how much you worked in that company. Avoid making your recruiter guess how much time you spent in different companies as an employee, otherwise, your resume will find itself in the trashcan.

Clearly specify what you did there. For instance, you might have worked as a chief accountant, sales manager or even a caretaker.

You’d better avoid being too detailed as for the content of the position you’re hunting for. Instead, you should focus on far more essential things. In order to correct accents, you require reading the announcement of your vacancy. Perhaps, you’ll see that in this new position you’re applying for there’s something familiar, the exact thing from your previous working experience. If there are many familiar moments there, then opting for this particular job is getting more and more reasonable.

Perhaps, you made use of special technologies, tools, software programs on your previous workplace. Don’t forget to enumerate all of this. Thus, you’ll let your new employer know that you’re not a newbie, but an experienced, all-round person. In other words, this will give you a great competitive advantage over other candidates. In the worst case, you’ll be able to be on a par with them.

You’re a definitely lucky guy, if you managed to get raised in the previous workplace. Mention this honorable fact in your working experience essay. To be exact, you require writing about this in the abstract. Don’t miss any trifle, as we know trifles don’t exist, especially when it comes to job hunting. Specify the former name of the company, you worked for not so long ago. Write down the list of your responsibilities as well as achievements.

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