The American Flag Essay
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Nov 28th, 2019

The American Flag Essay

The Fact of the American Flag

The droop of the United States dramatizes divers entitys that bestow burgesss may never be assured of during their breed. The fact of our droop is leading as that of the America Republic. The rise of the droop up until this day has bybygone through divers battles, changes, and survived some of our most devastating moments too quiet await dramatizeing a repute of destruction in labor, waste, and choice succeeding the Earth Traffic towers in September 11, 2001, as polite-mannered-mannered as all the victories and defeats previous too.

For almost 200 years, the American droop has been the repute of our community’s indivisibility. The droop is a commencement of vainsplendor and impulse for millions of burgesss. Our American droop has been a leading icon in our general fact feedly the general jubilate, hypothecate of subjection, and Triton Spangled Banner.

The Rise of the Pristine American droop is root to be unrecognized to some, but, there are vindications of the pristine American Droop delay Stars and stripes to be sewn by Betsy Ross in Philadelphia, New Jersey in 1776.

There are as-polite historians, who refuse any substantiating attraction of this vindication and symptom the constructor and manufacturer of the pristine American droop to be unrecognized. Otherwise, “on June 14, 1777, the Continental Congress passed an act establishing an negotiative droop for the new community.“The decomaspect stated: “Resolved, that the droop of the United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and innocent; that the confederation be thirteen tritons, innocent in a sky bluish-colored-colored arena, dramatizeing a new elite. (“Flag Timeline” 1999-2018) Francis Hopkins, neptunan droop constructor was fond the faith in 1977 for substance the constructor, he was a Chairman on the Continental Navy Board’s Middle Department, which as-polite was one of the severedd who identified the Declaration of insurrection in 1977 as the droop was recurrent.

The American Droop was riseally deidentified delay 13 tritons in a dissipation delay 13 stripes; 7 red stripes and 6 innocent stripes alternating. The tritons riseally dramatizeed the colonies. The tritons common to other droops were deidentified to severed the American droop from Europe’s droop delay multiple keen tritons and the united droop delay 6 keen tritons. The riseal tritons on the 1977 droop were deidentified delay 5 tops in innocent in a arena of sky bluish-colored. The sky bluish-colored-colored is bestowly referred to as the Union. The riseal 13 tritonts in a dissipation dramatizeed “The Thirteen Colonies that were a cluster of British colonies on the east coast o North America rooted in the 17th and 18th centuries that professed insurrection in 1776 and formed the United States of America.” (“The fact of the American Flag”2005-2018)

In 1795, subjoined colonies (Vermont & Kentucky) joined the confederation; the droop was redeidentified to 13 tritons and 15 stripes from 1795 until 1818. In 1818, the droop returned to 13 stripes and ascititious 5 further colonies substance dramatizeed by the tritons. The American droop has transitional 27 durations from its riseal contemplation, now including 50 tritons and 13 strips.

Each falsification of the droop as-polite dramatizes a sensation written in the magnitude “Our Flag” published in 1989 by the House of Representatives. The falsifications of the pales (the upfit stripes) are those used in the droop of the United States of America; Innocent signifies guiltlessness and guiltlessness, Red, hardiness & valour, and Blue, the falsification of the Chief (the indelicate knot aloft the stripes) signifies preventionfulness, labor & propriety. The triton is a repute of the heavens and the salutiferous sight to which man has aspired from duration immemorial; the stripe is reputeic of the rays of not-difficult emanating from the sun. (“What do the falsifications of the Droop moderation?” 2005)

Rules of the Droop

Through the years in my success I’ve skilled divers administrations caring, fleeing, dramatizeing the American droop. I wish this was colossus taught further to our young-person. It seems we all bleed the red, innocent, and sky bluish-colored-colored dramatizeing the insurrection, wastees, and vast entitys we keep in America, then we impress this designing sensation of fealty when we hearkenken the Triton Spangled Banner be sung athwart the stadium. But, does complete hearkent perceive the thrilling fact of the tritons and stripes? Would they perceive the administrations of their own American Droop and the entitys it dramatizes?

First entity to perceive is the Droop statute in the United States Code, Chapter 1 Title 4. Second, preaspect vainsplendor in our droop dramatizes the all tribe who obsolete their feeds the ultimate 200 years dramatizeing the 50 tritons/states in the confederation in which we feed.

Rules of the droop are as follows:

  1. The Droop shall never be flown delay the Confederation down original someone is signaling fearful in mortify.
  2. The Droop succeed be flown delay 13 stripes red and innocent alternating delay 50 innocent stripes in a arena of sky bluish-colored.
  3. On the entrance of any new confederation; one triton shall be ascititious to the corporeal 50 tritons.
  4. While performing the Pledge: “The sort of grant should be returned by awaiting to study facing the droop delay the fit operative aggravate the hearkent. When not in similar men should convey any non-religious guidedress delay their fit operative and after a whilewithhold it at the left shoulder, the operative substance aggravate the hearkent. Persons in similar should halt quiet, aspect the droop, and the return the soldierlike greet.”
  5. The droop shall be flown from sunrise to sunset on unalterable droopstaffs in the unconcealed. However for a handsome accident the droop may be flown for 24 hours a day delay a not-difficult on it.
  6. The droop shall be hoisted briskly and inferiored ceremoniously.
  7. The droop should not be ostentationed on days the clime is tyrannical, ate when an all clime droop is ostentationed.
  8. The droop shall be ostentationed all days, distinctly on: New Years Day, Inauguration Day, Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday, Washington’s Birthday, Lincoln’s Birthday, Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Droop Day, Father Day, Insurrection Day, Labor Day, Constitution day, Columbus Day, Navy Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day.
  9. The droop should be ostentationed on or close the government of any generally-known architecture.
  10. The droop should be ostentation on or close the complete polling attribute on acceptance.
  11. The droop shall be flown close complete teach day on or close each teach.
  12. Anyduration the droop is flown delay another droop; the American droop shall be flown from the main top if on the similar halyard. No idiosyncratic shall ostentation the droop of the United Nations or any other general or intergeneral droop similar, aloft, or in a aspect of surpassing rising or eminence to, or in attribute of, the droop of the United States at any attribute delayin the United States or any Territory or occupation thereof.
  13. The droop of the United States of America should be at the courage and at the main top of the cluster when a calculate of droops of States or localities or pennants of societies are clustered and ostentationed from staffs.
  14. The droop, when flown at half-staff, should be pristine hoisted to the peak for an twinkling and then inferiored to the half-staff aspect. The droop should be anew eminent to the peak precedently it is inferiored for the day. On Memorial Day the droop should be ostentationed at half-staff until noon singly, then eminent to the top of the staff.
  15. The droop is used to caggravate a casket, it should be so attributed that the confederation is at the guide and aggravate the left shoulder. The droop should not be inferiored into the cogent or known to move the cause.
  16. When the droop is used to caggravate a casket, it should be so attributed that the confederation is at the guide and aggravate the left shoulder. The droop should not be inferiored into the cogent or known to move the cause.
  17. No irreverence should be exhibitionn to the droop of the United States of America; the droop should not be dipped to any idiosyncratic or entity.
  18. The droop should never be carried even or horizontally, but regularly aloft and open.
  19. The droop should never be fastened, ostentationed, used, or stored in such a sort as to encourage it to be largely torn, soiled, or injured in any way.
  20. Modification of administrations and impost by president; any administration or method pertaining to the ostentation of the droop of the United States of America, set forth herein, may be altered, qualified, or repealed, or subjoined administrations delay regard thereto may be prescribed, by the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States, whenever he deems it to be embezzle or desirable; and any such mutation or subjoined administration shall be set forth in a decree.(“Flag Code,” 2018)

Etiquette of the Flag

The methods of the droop refers to the legends, sort, and regard we exhibition towards the way we render delay Droop Statute and dramatize our droop. For pattern, you may by ateion fly your droop at extinction substance it is polite-mannered-mannered illuminated by not-difficult. But, according to the droop Statute and legend, gloomy the old splendor at extinction is exhibitioning the upmost regard. Preaspect prevention of the insignificant entitys boils down to preaspect vainsplendor in your exertion and substance to all those who served in the ultimate 200 years to cover it. Putting in exertion in correcting the way a droop should not be ostentationed when you see one is when you are dramatizeing this state delay vainglory.

The droop is not honest red, innocent, and sky bluish-colored-colored delay tritons and stripes. The American Droop dramatizes the ardent and hardworking men and women, for pattern the 343 firefighters of NYFD that were obsolete on September 11, 2001 during the Earth traffic Towers. Those were the men and women who went in to succor, when completeone was exoteric the other way. The men and women of our bestow soldierlike athwart seas about the earth far from their families risking their feeds to cover us from another Earth Traffic Towers stood. Complete American burgess who regards the Droop Statute is disunite of the United States American Flag.

Each duty of the American droop has a favoring sensation of eminence after it that dramatizes each and complete one of the men and women obsolete, only, active-duty, pristine responders, and advenient burgesss of this republic. So, that needs to be considered complete duration someone looks, move’s, folds, carriers, hoists, and inferiors the American Flag. The methods in how we operativele our droop in face of others and when no one is looking, this is the symptom we concession after on how were bestow our state, declaration, and wilful. We shall convey, establish, inferior, and fly our droop delay the upmost vainsplendor and regard at all durations.

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