The Alchemist Essay: About the Novel
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Dec 16th, 2019

The Alchemist Essay: About the Novel

The novel initially published in the year 1988. The novel was originally written in the Portuguese language. Apart from this, the novel was also published in more than 67 languages in the following years. The Alchemist essay is a thematic analysis conducted by Paulo Coelho, wherein, the author advises everyone to attain their dreams and should follow their heart. The theme of the essay also elaborated that in order to attain dreams and goals, every person should listen to their heart and live their life. Besides, the novel specifically highlighted about the entire journey of a young boy, belonging to the region of Andalusia. Later on, the journey of the main protagonist within the study portrayed by the author also relates to the journey of the life of every person. The Alchemist essays have been used in the course of personal development study, which mainly acts as a supporting element in the learning phase. Furthermore, with the help of the Alchemist analysis essays, the students will be able to learn about how to make a thesis with the help of essay proofreading techniques.

Recently, there are large numbers of an educational institution that has adopted the Alchemist essays as a case study template for taking proper assistance while studying about the personal development skills. In the Alchemist essays, most of the characters, which have been used, are disappeared within a very small period. The author has elaborated about the transition in characters, which has been significantly designed considering the needs and requirements of the essay. In the essay, the main protagonist of the novel Santiago has met with several persons throughout his journey. The essays on the Alchemist has depicted about the life journey of Santiago, where he met with Melchizedek, king of Salem and presently known as Jerusalem among people. The character Melchizedek has supported Santiago by giving an idea regarding the selling of his sheep for attaining his prime goal of life. Apart from this, the character of Alchemist has been playing an important role behind guiding Santiago throughout his life journey. In relation to the previous statement, the teaching of Alchemist also influences to attain success by achieving his personal legendary. For instance, the teaching and philosophy of Alchemist have been playing as a key element for assisting with respect to motivating Santiago for achieving personal legend during his life journey.

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The use of the Alchemist essays in the case of religious studies will not be appropriate, as it entirely based on personal beliefs of people and their capacity. Additionally, the majority of the people who are analyzing the Alchemist essay for their study are using the mla format paper for enhancing personal developmental skills and the quality of presentation. The Alchemist analysis essays are now been used in the session of personal development studies for enhancing the overall skills as well as the perception of people towards their lifestyle. By using the essays on the Alchemist by several people as a case study template, it has been playing a major role in influencing their personable development skills.

Recently, a large number of essays on the Alchemist elaborates that everyone is having their own psychological strengths, which need to be identified within a certain time frame. The main character of the essay Santiago, who wanted to attain his personal goal in his life, has been highly focused. In this context, he arrived in Egypt for exploring the treasure hunt, where he fell in love with an Arabian girl name Fatima. Recently, most of the students are interested in examining the prime topic of the essay by presenting it in MLA format paper.

Furthermore, students also intended to use this particular essay topic for doing further research on religious studies in future. Every researcher, who wanted to do future research about religious studies by taking the proper assistance of the Alchemist analysis essays are being suggested to learn the techniques of essay proofreading for enhancing the overall qualities of the study. However, the essays on the Alchemist also reflects the least connection with religion, but with the further research, the proper connection between religion and personal beliefs will be established in a systematic manner. For instance, Santiago was spending nights with his sheep folk in an abandoned church of Andalusia, where he saw a dream of achieving his personal legend through a treasure hunt. Being inspired with the dream, he started his journey towards Egypt, wherein he supposed to get treasures in the pyramid.

The Alchemist Essay: The Main Conflict

The main conflict has arisen while Santiago fell in love with Fatima and wanted to marry her. Fatima states that if Santiago wanted to marry her, he have to leave his aim of attaining personal legend. With the help of Alchemist teaching, Santiago learns that true love always plays a major support in the way of people attaining their goal and personal development. Being inspired with the philosophy and learning of Alchemist, Santiago started his journey towards his goal. The essays on the Alchemist provide knowledge to everyone and suggest them to follow their heart while taking decisions. And if you are following your heart then you will never be in problem. Therefore, it’s the main conclusion that the writer wishes to convey through this novel the Alchemist.

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