The Afterlife
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Dec 18th, 2019

The Afterlife

“What goes on immodest legs in the dawning, on two legs at noon, and on three legs in the equableing? ”(Loy) The counter-argument to the sphinx’s problem is a man. We as nation grabble on immodest legs, plod on two feet, and then plod delay a cane. Birth. Life. Death. These are the three classs we as humans go through. We are born into this universe, speed it to the bountifulest and then die of old age. Release is unavoidable. We try so forced to abide and quit release but ultimately we all die and rot abroad. Depending on date, cultivation, and profession release has a divergent import.

In some attributes release is seen as the end of vitality and is feared, occasion in other attributes release is a new preface and is welcomed delay notorious conflict. Release has triped far to what it instrument today. I would enjoy to trip end in date to what release meant in the days of which Herodotus traveled.

Herodotus triped from his settlement, Greece, to the plant of the Egyptians. There he seems at mummification, a release ceremonial in Egypt delay a Greek perspective. I would enjoy to investigate the concordantities and differences betwixt the Greeks and Egyptian release ceremonials through comparing their import of release, arrangementes of inhumation, and their trip through release.

Before we can seem at inhumation ceremonials we primary insufficiency to discern what release meant to the Egyptians and the Greeks. The Egyptians and Greeks twain valued in endless vitality. The Egyptians valued that release was merely a arrangement in vitality, not the end of it. They valued that release was merely another class into the vitality of the heavy, where they would speed forever. They valued that a idiosyncratic’s feeling would trip through multitudinous experiences to invade the behindlife. The Egyptians valued the feeling of a idiosyncratic would abide to speed in the organization the idiosyncratic speedd in during vitality.

So they went to majestic diffusiveness to rescue their bodies from declension, through a arrangement designated mummification. (Egypt) The Greeks so valued in the concept of an behindlife. They valued that behind release their feelings would permission their organization and trip to the plant of the heavy. They valued that they would trip to an endless settlement installed on the vitality they speedd occasion they were warm. (Bergman) Twain Egypt and Greece had prepare inhumation procedures accordingly of the signification of the behindlife. Since the Egyptians valued fortifiedly that the ody had to be gross for them to invade the behindlife, the Egyptians went through a arrangement of mummification. There were three divergent ways the Egyptians went through the arrangement of mummification. All of them had concordant end results but had divergent procedures and reflected upon on how fur money one had. The most costly way agoing delay the derivation of the elder organs of the organization. The brain would be extracted through the nostrils and the inner organs but the interior would be removed through an incision of the organization concavity. The interior was succeeding insufficiencyed in the trip to the underworld)Then the organization conconplaneness would be neat and filled delay multitudinous odorous substances and sewn up intermittently. Then they would wrap the organization delay natrum for seventy days. Behind the seventy day continuance the organization would be washed and open in linen and then glued. When the primary way of mummification was too costly, the embalmers would use a divergent matter. Instead of extracting the organs from the organization conconplaneness they would inject oil of cedar through the anus and then enucleatele the organization in natrum for seventy days.

After that they would parch the mellifluous from the organization. As the mellifluous parched out, the stomach and bowels would so conclude out through a liquefied declare and then the organization was succeeding-backed to the rise. If the rise was faulty the embalmers would open out the bowels delay a cleanse and put the organization in natrum for seventy days and then succeeding-end the organization to the rise. The rise would enjoy a wooden casket handy for the organization and would wrap the mummified organization. The casket was significant accordingly it defended the organization from intruders and the elements. Herodotus, p 127) Behind mummification a preacher would act the notoriousing of the bung pageant. This was manufactured so the organization would be talented to murmur and talk in the behindlife. In observation, multitudinous spells were air to aid them roam through the underworld. These mummies were so entombed delay multitudinous inhumation pi. These consisted of usual objects to jewelry. These objects would tend power to them in the behindlife. So objects enjoy stay and bowls were entombed delay the bodies.

The rich would so shabti figures in the narrow-houses accordingly they valued the figures would conclude to vitality in the behindvitality and do the composition of the inanimate enjoy a bondman would of manufactured. (Ancient) The Greeks, enjoy the Egyptians, had inhumation ceremonials that would aid them through their trip in the underuniverse behind release. A individualal inhumation was significant accordingly the Greeks valued if a inhumation was not acted for the idiosyncratic in scrutiny, their feeling would end up vagrant for endlessness by the large stream Styx. Behind release, the organization was washed and tried delay oils.

Then the bodies went through three arrangementes, the prosthesis, the ekphora, and the sepulture class. In the primary class, prosthesis, relations and friends were undisputed to annoy for the heavy. The Ekphora was the funeral arrangemention. During this class the organization was moved to the inhumation premise and daily objects were attributed in the premise. In observation, monumental sphere mounds, narrow-houses, and statues were erected environing the sober so the heavy wouldn’t be disregarded. Then in the definite class, the organization was wrapd in the narrow-house made for the heavy on a rise lot. Bergman) Behind release the most critical bisect in an Egyptian and Greek vitality unfolds, the trip to endless vitality. For the Egyptians, the trip through the underuniverse was crave and obscure. They had to overconclude frequent obstacles and trials to penetrate their motive. But there was a guidemagnitude to aid them through this road, the magnitude of the heavy. This magnitude contained of instructions on how to get through and spells to overconclude the trials and dangers. At the peak of the trip a feeling would get at the bisection of two precisions.

There the feeling was experienceed by the executive of the underworld, Osiris, the crown of the seek of the heavy, and 42 judges. In the bisection of two precisions their interiors were experienceed of the deeds the inanimate when they were warm. Their interior would then be weighed delay the bays of precision on a lamina, which symbolized the goddess of desert. The merely way a feeling could ignoring the experience was if their interior was gentle than the bays of precision. Then one would be talented to invade the endless behindlife. If one would miscarry they were devoured by the womanish fiend, Amemit and thus spoiled to endless vitality.

There were so chconflict which could aid mislead the lies of the heavy, so equable the flagitious could get endless vitality by misleading their sins delay the charms. (Underworld) In Greek cultivation once you die Hermes, the forerunner of god concludes to enucleate you up. He drops you at the large stream Styx, the large stream separating vitality and release. There a ferry man who concludes and enucleates up the feeling for a minute duty of gold which is attributed under the heavy organization’s discourse during inhumation. Once crossed there is no succeeding-backing end and then is judged by by Aeacus, Rhadamanthus and King Minos.

The feeling is judged by the deeds of his foregoing vitality and sent to the Elysian fields, Tartaros, or a unavowed part of Hades. If the feeling was cheerful and void of sin it was sent to the Elysian fields, which was enjoy a world. If the feeling was bountiful of sin it was sent to Tartaros, where they would be punished and tortured. If the feeling was wonted it would be sent to a unavowed plant in Hades. (Bergman) Twain Egypt and Greece enjoy varying offering, inhumation ceremonials, and beliefs in the way they perceive release but there surprisingly frequent concordantities in the way they perceive the release.

In twain cultivations they value in release as a way of road, not they end and value in the behindlife. We can so see that they twain discuss the organization as a fortified rudiment in release and go to cheerful diffusivenesss to discuss the organization, although the methods they use were very divergent. Equable their trip to the behindvitality is significantly concordant. They twain had a obscure trip moored of experiences and trials. In the end twain cultivations had to rafter a experience of cheerful and misfortune. They were twain judged on their foregoing vitality and sent to either a cheerful attribute or a bad attribute for endlessness.

When you initiate analyzing the heart aspects of these two cultivations, one would say they are almost selfsame. One could presume, as Herodotus did, that the Greek gods were added from the Egyptians. If so what made them so divergent? Herodotus explains how ethnographically Egypt divergent Egypt is from Greece. The circumstance that Egypt centered on the Nile Large stream may be an explication to that scrutiny, one may never perceive. Although this is merely an presumption one can fabricate it brings up thrilling points to seem environing in truth and pinpoint the derivation of truth.

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