Definition of our project

Our project is designed to inform about various issues around the topic “renewable energy” and it’s advantages or disadvantages. We are explaining the positive and the negative aspects about using renewable energy, because it isn’t always environmentally friendly. We also argue that there are ways of producing energy without causing massive damage to our environment.

First, we explain in general what renewable energy is. We define and explain the most common types of renewable energy such as solar energy and geothermal energy. The first part of our project consists of the project introduction and the definition of renewable energy. Our main part consists of the history of renewable energy, why one should use renewable energy, the most common forms of renewable energy, its advantages and disadvantages and the greenhouse effect. Because of the threat of global warming we inform about the greenhouse effect. Our project is focussing on global goal number seven: „affordable and clean energy”

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Definition of renewable energy

Renewable energy are energy sources from naturally regenerating sources, such as the sun and wind. Renewable energy generally does not run out. These natural sources include solar energy, geothermal, water energy, wind energy, tides and various forms of biomass. All these kinds of energy cannot be exhausted and they are constantly renewable. Alternative energy is a term for using energy sources in an new way without using fossil fuels. An other name for renewable energy is also clean energy or green power.

Green power as it does not pollute the air and water. But why don’t we just use clean energy all the time? Unlike natural gas and coal, we can not store up wind, water and the sunlight overtime whenever we want to make and produce more electricity. Because when the sun is behind the clouds, or the wind doesn’t blow, there wouldn’t be enough power for all of us. We all use energy every day, we need energy for electronic devices requiring electricity for power, for vehicles we need gasoline and diesel, and for many other things such as street lighting.

In your home you also need a lot of energy. Homes are fueled with domestic oil for heating. We also need energy for cooking, lighting and for powering our devices like our phones. Everywhere we need energy in shopping malls, airplanes, cars, public transportation, mobile phones, computer and more. When we want to move forward we have to understand and realise that we have to stop producing so much greenhouse gasses. There are so many ways to limiting greenhouse gasses and to reduce the greenhouse effect.

For example you could drive less and drive smart, we would save gasoline and diesel. An alternative way would be that you walk or bike. We not only save our budget with taking the bike or using less hot water to wash our clothes with cold water. Instead of using hot water we would save 500 pounds of carbon dioxide annually in most households with this little change .